Online Casino Players Are Winning Big

Publisert January 11, 2020

The rise of the online casino

No matter where you look, Europe, North America, England, in fact, all over the world, online casino’s are increasingly rising in popularity. To be frank, they are actually replacing a lot of the old and more ‘traditional’ land-based casinos that we have all grown up with since players are finding it easier and more convenient to play online. With this in mind, it’s no wonder there are a record number of winnings from online slot machines happening more and more. You’ll be able to find records of these wins in both print and online news, not to mention blogs and casino guides that publish big win records made by online slot players.

Online Casino Players Are Winning Big element01 - CasinoTopMega Moolah Breaks UK slot machine records

2019 records shown on the OCP (Online Casino Partners) guide are a testament to the Mega Moolah slot machines success. A record is kept by the OCP of all the impressive jackpot results that have been won worth millions on some of the most renowned UK online casinos. Although you might find it unbelievable, it really is easy to see why people love these kinds of online casinos since there have been so many big winners to date! Keep reading for an update on these lucky sods!

A record winning that was posted on the OCP guide was also entered into the Guinness World Records back in 2015. The year one very lucky English player betting on came away with a multi-million euro jackpot changing the Brit’s life forever. In saying that, it’s been a few years since 2015 and by 2018 the jackpot was beaten by more than 18 million euros which were won by a Canadian player at Grand Mondial’s online casino.

Slot machines - how do they work?

The likes of Mega Moolah and other online casino games are quite similar to the games found in land-based casinos. One thing to remember is that regardless of whether you’re playing at an online or land-based casino, the progressive slot machines are the ones that can win players the largest jackpots.

Progressive slots are also fueled by a small part of each player’s bet and this is usually around 8%, meaning it increases the jackpot every time. The uniqueness of a progressive slot is that each and every time a player wins, the sum of money (the pot) automatically starts again with what’s known as a minimum base jackpot. However, the reason the jackpots usually get to such a high amount is due to the fact that they’re linked to hundreds of other casinos online all over the world. There are over 150 countries of which players connect to these online games.

However, we’ve our homework and looked into casino forums and consulting guides to find that there really are only a few slot machines online that are really creating a big song and dance out of casino winnings. Out of these few, one, in particular, takes the cake and that’s Mega Moolah. Mega Moolah isn’t the only one on the market, there are also games such as Royal Roulette and Major Millions that seem to pop up quite a bit. Any way you look at it, these slots are making most online casinos successful and are a super fun way for players to win the jackpot.

Online Casino Players Are Winning Big element02 - CasinoTopWhere can I find these slot machines online?

To find these slot machines you need to first locate the online casinos that host them. You can do this by browsing the internet and viewing various news sites or casino guides that solely discuss online casino news. This is a good way to see which ones are being highlighted. One thing’s for certain, we always seem to see Mega Moolah amongst other super popular online slot machines in these reviews. You can also head on over to the OCP website as there are almost 300 casino’s that have online slots not to mention exciting jackpots. It’s really just down to where in the world you’re playing from, what you want to achieve and your particular tastes which will help you decide what to play.

Warning, once you start, you may not be able to stop!

Too much of a good thing can always end up being a bit addictive, right? Like chocolate, coffee, alcohol, lottery, scratch cards. And with all of this, you need to take care and watch for any signs that could take this from being a fun game to one that you can’t stop playing. An online slot game with a huge jackpot certainly makes our eyes twinkle, but just remember they are still a game of chance meaning you can never believe it’s going to be easy to win. We recommend being sensible when gambling and only bet what you can afford to ensure you have a fun, positive experience. Now good luck and go try your luck!

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