Sazka Group Enters Process for UK National Lottery Tender

Publisert October 7, 2020

Sazka Group was founded in October 2012, and it is owned by KKCG, which is an international investment company. The company is respected globally for its trusted approach and brand. It offers 63000 points on a digital level and boasts a customer base of over 79 million users, bringing its net worth to over €17 billion per annum. Further to this, the company is well known for its outstanding and iconic management methods of lotteries in many countries. The company’s vision is to always remain ahead with regards to new and innovative processes within the lottery industry.

The Various Markets

The Group manages and oversees the lotteries in Austria, Greece, Italy and the Czech Republic. Since its establishment in 2012, the group has built a brand that is recognised and trusted by the Gambling Industry across the world. Now the group has set its sights on the UK Lottery and has just completed the tender documents as set out by the Gambling Commission’s Selection criteria. Camelot, the current operator for the UK Lottery, has been managing it since 1994 and its license will be expiring in 2023. This means that other Operators now have the opportunity to tender for this position. Sazka Group, have struck while the iron is still hot, by being the first to complete the application.

The Outstanding Achievements

CEO Robert Chvatal said that if they were to win the tender, that the group would be thrilled to manage the UK Lottery and will remain true to the reputation of being a leader in operating lotteries all across Europe. The group has already started employing people in the UK who will be investigating and establishing connections, with all the relevant parties.Companies and organisations and partners affiliated to the UK Lottery, know the target market and needs to lay a sound foundation when the time comes and if they are the preferred Operator after the selection process has been finalised.

The Future

As with many lotteries, the recipients of returns and revenue, derived from these lotteries are always a priority. With this in mind, the Gambling Commission has embarked on making changes to, firstly the license period, for the incoming Operator, which will be stipulated at a 10-year term, moving forward. The Commission will also give the new operator, broader and more lenient ways to assist with creating more substantial and beneficial assistance to charities. This announcement was made in August 2020, the winner will be announced sometime in September 2021, after all applications have been conceded.

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