Soccer Betting UK: Cristiano Ronaldo To Return To Man United or Face Ban?

Publisert January 4, 2020

In the latest of soccer rumours, star football player Cristiano Ronaldo is rumoured to make a return to Manchester United, and a welcomed one at that. Under the current contract with Juventus, the whispered rumour is saying that Ronaldo may wrap up his campaign with Juventus and walk into the welcoming arms of his former club.

The 34-year-old star player had quite the run with Manchester United and his reasoning for leaving the team hasn’t quite been pinpointed as there are many advantages for the world’s best footballer joining Juventus. Ronaldo had been with Manchester United for just over 5 years when Real Madrid came knocking at his door. It would only seem fitting the player make the move as it was no secret Cristiano had the desire to make the move to his dream team.

However, there have been some recent events that have fans and supporters concerned for the future of Cristiano. Over the course of the past weekend, Ronaldo had a furious reaction to being substituted which has made international headlines. His outburst could see the footballer banned for a period of 2 years, a devastating knock to the 34-year-olds football career.

Soccer Betting UK Cristiano Ronaldo To Return To Man United or Face Ban element01 - CasinoTopIn an apparent report, Cristiano Ronaldo left the stadium in a state of anger after his manager substituted him in the 55th minute of the match which led to the win over AC Milan on Sunday’s intense match. According to rules and regulations set in place to avoid ‘doping’, no footballer is allowed to leave the stadium before a match is over. Antonio Cassano, the former forward for AS Roman, he too had a similar experience where he left the stadium only to return in a hurry due to the possibility of a two-year-long ban.

The latest behavioural incident involving Cristiano Ronaldo only leads fans to believe there is a rivalry involving Maurizio Sarri. Only a few days ago did Ronaldo make headlines about the strained relationship between Juventus player Sarri. Sarri was the player Ronaldo had been substituted with at the end of the match against AC Milan. Ronaldo’s reaction caused quite the scene and caused him to leave the stadium on international television which has only sparked rumours as to why the footballer may be looking to reunite with Manchester United.

If all plays out in favour of Ronaldo, the charges against him will be dropped and the move to Manchester United will be an inevitable one. Manchester United has been said to want Ronaldo back and would welcome him the second Ronaldomade the decision to move. Needless to say, there would be a great many fans in favour of the transfer, as well as those who would be less than happy to see the return of Ronaldo. Only time will tell if the transfer will go according to rumours or if the footballer will, in fact,receive the much-dreaded ban. Whatever the outcome, we can say for certain, Ronaldo is indeed stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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