Two New UK Female Millionaires Announced

Publisert November 5, 2020

November Premium Bond jackpots have kicked off the month by announcing two new winners. The two ladies who won a cool £1 million each, live in Devon and Sussex. The first winner from Devon, won her prize because she was the owner of bond number 207RY321077, which she purchased in June 2013. The second winner from Sussex won with the bond number (286JH211408), which she bought in November 2016.

Payout Mania

NS&I announced that over £113,712,650,worth of prizes have been paid out during last month, alone. There were a total of over 3.9 million prizes all in all. The first draw that ever took place, happened in June 1957 and since then the ERNIE has handed out prizes to the value of over £21.2 billion and over that period 504 million prizes have been drawn. Jill Waters from NS&I said that they are overjoyed for the two winners. The retail director also indicated that there are going to be changes taking place soon.

Ongoing Surprises

The most fun part of the Premium Bonds magic, is the chance of being surprised over and over again, each month. Like with the two recent winners, chances are that they never expected to win after having purchased their Bonds so long ago. That is not to say that they may not have already won something during the time, leading up to now. Moving forward the payment method for prizes is going to change. Customers will be getting notifications to provide their banking details so that sums of money can be transferred directly to their accounts. This will allow for a smoother and more efficient payment process, not to mention that it will be much safer as well.

Ways To Find Out If You Are A Winner

It has been revealed by National Savings and Investments, the company which manages Premium Bonds, that there are unclaimed prizes to the value of over £64 million, lying in the bank, waiting to be claimed. Customers who want to check and see if they have any money due to them can do so by logging into, by downloading a checker app from Googles App store all they need to have is their Bondholders' account number to access the site and view the information.

Many people may not even know that they are winners until they check. The customers who choose to have their prizes paid directly into their accounts will have to furnish National Saving and Investments with information as to whether they want their money reinvested, or paid out to them.

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