UK Betting: CBS Sports Top 20 NBA Players for 2019-20

Publisert January 4, 2020

How can one rank the best NBA players for the season spot on? For those of you who are asking yourself this question, there is no easy answer to that. There is no correct objective method to grade players since all statistical models contain their own favoritisms built-in. But then on the other hand, just because you are unable to faultlessly determine something, it does not indicate that you should not at least try. The top 20 NBA Players catalogued here, is just a combination of lists individuals compiled and submitted to the writing staff of CBS Sports. So, it’s not perfect at all, and you may as well disagree with some of the rankings. However, the argument is, that you must look at the concepts behind the deviations.

More About the Top 20

For those of you who are furious that the players for the Los Angeles Lakers, Kyle Alexander Kuzma do not appear on the list, it must only be for the reason that you are a Lakers supporter or maybe since you like him? Maybe the CBS Sports staff as a group underestimates fresh player that exhibits talent at the expense of veteran players who have demonstrated that they can be part of the cause to take home a win. Then again, it might be that the panel is too strict on all-around players that don’t remove anything off the table, wrongly penalizing those who show more productivity but have some vulnerabilities. It could be that there are occasions where the sports staff of CBS have fallen short to be grateful for a specific player's playoff performance, basketball IQ or defenses. By making it on the CBS Sports' Top 20 NBA players list for 2019-20, forces you to ponder about all of these facts.
Just bear in mind, this list is not at all about who had the greatest NBA season during this last year or shows the player who is on the right track to encounter the most striking career. The panel aimed to set their attention on the 2019-20 season only. Per se, Jusaf Nurkic, Johan Wall and neither Kevin Durant made it on the list. Then again, you will find Klay Thompson on the list. Now let’s take a look at the rankings!

UK Betting CBS Sports Top 20 NBA Players for 2019-20 - CasinoTopTOP 20 NBA PLAYERS

  1. James, LeBron Los Angeles Lakers SF
  2. Leonard, Kawhi Los Angeles Clippers SF
  3. Curry, Stephen Golden State Warriors PG
  4. Antetokounmpo, Giannis Milwaukee Bucks PF
  5. Davis, Anthony Los Angeles Lakers PF
  6. Harden,James Houston Rockets SG
  7. Embiid, Joel Philadelphia 76ers C
  8. George, Paul Los Angeles Clippers SF
  9. Lillard, Damian Portland Trail Blazers PG
  10. Jokic, Nikola Denver Nuggets C
  11. Towns, Karl-Anthony Minnesota Timberwolves C
  12. Green, Draymond Golden State Warriors PF
  13. Beal, Bradley Washington Wizards SG
  14. Butler, Jimmy Miami Heat SF
  15. Irving, Kyrie Brooklyn Nets PG
  16. Walker, Kemba Boston Celtics PG
  17. Gobert, Rudy Utah Jazz C
  18. Griffin, Blake Detroit Pistons PF
  19. Westbrook, Russell Houston Rockets G
  20. Holiday, Jrue New Orleans Pelicans PG
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