UK People's Post Lottery Winner Scoops £30,000

Publisert October 2, 2020

Chloe Webster, a 29-year-old mother of a one-year-old, was pleasantly surprised when she received a call to inform her that she was one of 5 winners in the Postcode Lottery. Chloe, who is on a family holiday in Greece, presently. She was in shock, she said and can't even begin to think what she would be doing with her winnings. The total jackpot was a whopping £150,000 and each winner walked away with a decent £30,000 in their back pockets. A piece of the pie is still a significant bite.

Future Plans

Chloe said that she had no idea what she was going to do with her winnings, but thought that the bulk of it would probably be going to her one-year-old daughter's future. The rest she said she was probably going to use to bring about some home improvements, upon her return from her family holiday. Chloe intends to celebrate her good fortune, by having cocktails with her family, while enjoying the beautiful weather in Greece. After winning this kind of money, Chloe said that she felt a bit sick from the excitement.

Yet Another Winner

Lisa Borrie is one of the other winners, who will also be getting her share of the big lottery winnings. Lisa has two kids and has also recently moved into a new house that she says was still bare, so the money would come in handy to fulfil her interior decorating dreams at last. The 39-year old mom said that she too was surprised and that it was amazing to receive the call from Judie McCourt, informing her that she was one of 5 neighbours to win this amazing amount of money.

Other Benefits of Postcode Lottery

The Postcode Lottery costs £10 per month and generates daily winners. Players enter with their relevant postcode and are then entered into all the draws. 32% of ticket sales go toward different charities. The Postcode players have assisted the Lottery operator with raising over £ 600 million for charity across the UK and internationally, to date.
The latest draw was initiated with the British Red Cross in mind. This initiative has assisted in raising over £6.7 million towards an array of organisations in the UK. The two winners who have been named, both wished the rest of the winners well and have encouraged them to enjoy their winnings to their hearts’ content.

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