William Hill and CBS Finalise Digital Alliance

Publisert October 2, 2020

Digital President for William Hill US, Ken Fuchs, released a statement proclaiming that the merger between themselves and CBS will allow both the fantasy players and sports fans the chance to explore and experience the future what online sports-betting will be like. This ground-breaking partnership focuses on expanding and offering a better understanding of the sports-betting markets across the platform.

William Hill Spreads Their Wings

William Hill US, a branch of the British bookie organisation has offered a press release, from Las Vegas at one of its branches, that outlines their exclusive rights to introduce their signature label of a new free-play parlay and mobile app. This app strives to educate the bettors on ways to use the betting calculators and propositions optimally. These apps have already been in use at the Iowa, Colorado, and New Jersey casinos. This alliance sees William Hill acquiring an array of educational and content tools available inside the programming videos offered by CBS, to assist bettors with access to easier ways of completing betting transactions as well as familiarizing themselves with the betting markets.

Expanding Knowledge

Executive Vice President of CBS, Jeffery Gerttula explained that the union between these two giant companies will afford them the opportunity to equip sports fans with the knowledge as to how they can place bets on the different sports-betting platforms offered in their casinos. This can be achieved by providing their customers access to user-friendly and relevant content to assist them through the processes.

Gerttula added that the partnership has afforded the users, in fact, the entire sports-betting industry with a more enjoyable encounter of online sports betting. This is further amplified, with the companies writing of a completely new playbook, which will be available to increase the entertainment for the entire sports media and gaming community. This manual will expose all to new and exciting methods of approaching and participating in all future events.

The Future

This partnership will bring about dual benefits for both firms. For William Hill, it means that more customers will be encouraged to visit their sites and for CBS, the chance to make its presence known in the sports-betting arena of Digital Sports, according to Fuchs. The team is looking forward to the fantasy football season’s kick-off and are extremely keen to introduce their fans to the future, while simultaneously taking their efforts to greater heights.

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