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Comparison of the Gambling Market Size in 4 Top Countries

A recent study commissioned by CasinoTop, a globally recognized market research firm took a look into what the online gambling industry looked like in 2020. Four major regions of the world which play a major role in the global gambling industry were studied and reported on. The report shed some light on the gambling industries in the UK, Germany, Canada and the USA.

There were a range of factors that were studied such as what bettors look for when choosing a gambling operator, how much on average would people in a specific country spend on gambling and the types of gambling activities bettors enjoy in these regions. Find out more about what the research uncovered below.

The State of the Gambling Markets

A Comparison of the Market Size

It can be difficult to picture how big or profitable any gambling industry really is without looking at the figures. Here is what the report found in the four major gambling industries and how they compare to each other looking at key figures.

Germany’s Market Size

In 2020, the overall annual revenue of the country saw a contribution of €13.9 billion just from different forms of gambling.
It is expected that by 2025, Germany’s gambling market value will reach a total of about €21.6 billion.

The UK’s Market Size

The figures for 202 show that gamblers in the UK spent around £1.5 billion playing online slots.
In the same year, the figures showed that there were 20.7 million people in the UK that placed bets weekly.

Canada’s Market Size

Out of the approximately 38 million people in Canada, 19.3 of them are active gamblers.
Every year, gamblers in Canada spend as much as CA$21 billion betting on different types of gambling activities.

The US Market Size

In 2020, it showed that the largest global casino company from the US, Las Vegas Sands, reported annual revenues of about $12.88 billion.
Each year, an approximate total of $137.5 billion made from gambling activities is generated and contributed to the US economy.

The Impact of the Pandemic on the Gambling Industry

The coronavirus pandemic had a major impact on the world and its relative economies. The gambling industry was also struck hard when gaming properties needed to close down operations completely due to lockdown regulations. The same actions were taken in each of the four countries we have researched and we asked the respondents if they had gambled less or more while under lockdown.

The results showed that it depends on the region of the world. However, the overall results did show that gamblers increased their online gambling habits. This was true for bettors and players in the US more than others. Whereas Canadian respondents were equally gambling more and gambling less. When looking at the results, lockdown restrictions played a major role in the increase and decrease of gambling behaviours.

Country Have gambled more Have gambled less

Exposure to Gambling Games

Finding out how gamblers were led to different gambling platforms

Gambling operators depend on their marketing and advertising to drive customers to their websites and casinos. We wanted to know which platforms players interacted with to drive them to different games and gambling platforms. We found that in the US, Germany and Canada gamblers were mostly influenced by advertisements on different social media platforms. On the other hand, in the UK it was TV advertisements that proved to be the most influential.

Country Social Media Other websites TV

The motivations to gamble

Gamblers have different motivations to gamble and when asked about the top three aspects, each region’s results were similar. In each country, playing to win money was the most important factor for players. The main factor was then followed by players looking to have fun or just for excitement. It was players in the UK that led the pack with 54% of respondents playing just to win money. On the other hand, Canadians cited having fun while gambling as the next best motivation after playing to win.

Country To win money To have fun For excitement

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