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Licensing Bodies, Online Gaming Regulators, and Gaming Auditors Across the Globe

Global licensing agencies, regulators, and online auditors all contribute to a safe online gaming experience for you. We ensure to only propose online casino sites that have been reviewed and certified by reputable gaming regulators. Here, we've included all of the major agencies that certify international casinos and work to provide players with complete security.

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Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau

Country: Macau
Region: Asia
State: N/A

Reconstituted in September 2003, the DICJ is a regulatory body that’s at the hub of all gambling activity in Macau. This agency offers various forms of assistance along with guidance for both international and local operators that provide casino games in one of the gambling capitals of the world. This agency also has another responsibility which is to issue licenses to those operating in the region along with ensuring that each organization complies with the current laws and regulations.

Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore

Country: Singapore
Region: Asia
State: N/A

Established in April 2008, this agency has been responsible for making gaming in Singapore significantly safer and much more reliable. The Casino Regulatory Authority ensures that all casinos operating in Singapore are complying with the regulations that are needed to prevent underage gambling, crime, and exploitation. This agency has the authority to hand out financial penalties to casino operators that are within the region that fail to meet any of the regulations that have been implemented.



Country: Denmark
Region: Europe
State: N/A

Also known as the Danish Gambling Authority, this agency was established in the year 2000 and has been operating under the authority of the Danish Ministry of Taxation which ensures that proper regulation is in place for the gaming market of the region. This agency also supervises gambling operators in Denmark with the primary focus to protect players. Companies that provide gaming options in the country need to hold a license or face penalties.

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

Country: Gibraltar
Region: Europe
State: N/A

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA), one of Europe's most dependable regulatory organizations, was established in October 2000 by the Gibraltar Regulatory Act. It is in charge of enforcing different digital communications, which might include gambling, sports betting, and other activities. This autonomous agency establishes and enforces laws throughout the European Union to protect internet customer data.

Gaming Board of Hungary

Country: Hungary
Region: Europe
State: N/A

The Gaming Board of Hungary is made up of many agencies in charge of ensuring a secure and safe gambling sector. If companies want to provide real cash gaming within Hungary's borders, they must first get a license from the National Tax and Customs Administration. The agency regulates legal types of card games, standard gambling, and casino gambling, as well as delisting and prohibiting unregistered businesses.

Malta Gaming Authority

Country: Malta
Region: Europe
State: N/A

The Malta Gambling Authority, perhaps Europe's most popular regulating organization for online gaming, was established in 2001. This was among the first authorities to oversee internet gaming, and it has maintained to do so in numerous nations since then. The MGA, along with other things, regulates online providers, safeguards adolescents from gambling, maintains the protection of player finances, and ensures that gaming alternatives are reasonable.

Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority (Ministry of Culture)

Country: Norway
Region: Europe
State: N/A

The Norwegian Gaming Authority regulates both state-run and commercial lotteries offered to Norwegian participants. It also serves as the gambling control board for casinos and horse racing. Norsk Tipping for gaming and Norsk Rikstoto for racing are the two firms that have countrywide exclusivity. The Foundation Authority monitors the various Norwegian organizations to ensure that they meet the security rules that have been set.

Inspectorate General on Gaming

Country: Portugal
Region: Europe
State: N/A

Betting is regarded as a distinct economic activity within Portugal, and it is rigorously supervised in order to avoid financial fraud and criminal enterprises. The Inspectorate General of Gaming has been the primary body in this regard, and it controls casino businesses. Since online gaming was newly legalized in Portugal, the group's mandate has extended to include monitoring and supervising the nation's gambling websites.

Office for Gaming Supervision (Ministry of Finance)

Country: Slovenia
Region: Europe
State: N/A

The Republic of Slovenia's Office for Gaming Supervision was established in accordance with the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act. These standards guarantee that Slovenia's gambling restrictions are commensurate with those of other nations in Europe that provide highly regulated gambling options. The bureau, which is part of the Ministry of Finance, inhibits illicit gaming operations and creates a safe environment for participants.

National Gaming Board

Country: Sweden
Region: Europe
State: N/A

The Swedish Gambling Authority grants licenses to reputable companies that have passed a stringent screening procedure. To operate within Sweden and provide gaming choices for money, a license is required. Gaming without a permit is forbidden, as is aiding and abetting such actions. The new Gambling Act went into effect in January 2019.

United Kingdom

UK Gambling Commission

Country: United Kingdom
Region: Europe
State: N/A

The UK Gambling Commission has been the primary regulating organization in the United Kingdom for online gambling. It was formed in the aftermath of the Gambling Act of 2005 and obtained complete authority shortly afterward. The UKGC presently supervises several types of gambling in the nation and gives licenses to businesses. Another licensing authority oversees sports wagering in the United Kingdom.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission

Country: United Kingdom
Region: Europe
State: Alderney

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission, which was formed in May 2000, is an autonomous organization that supervises internet gaming in the States of Alderney. Maintaining the highest global gaming criteria necessitates a supervisory and regulatory strategy. Among its responsibilities, the AGCC evaluates and gives licenses to reputable operators, after which it guarantees that they adhere to severe online gaming rules.

Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

Country: United Kingdom
Region: Europe
State: Isle of Man

The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, formerly known as the Gambling Control Commission, is the major gambling regulatory body in the Isle of Man. Because of its tax-friendly legislation, the jurisdiction became quite popular among operators, attracting some of the top names in internet gaming. It is concerned with the accreditation, supervision, and counseling of gambling providers, as well as the facilitation of independent assessment for gambling games and other issues.


British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch

Country: Canada
Region: North America
State: British Columbia

In British Columbia, all types of gambling are controlled if needed to shield players and combat financial fraud. The BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch are in charge of examining applicants and awarding permits. As a consequence, residents of British Columbia can participate in the lotto, a variety of casino games, video slots, horse racing, including charity activities featuring randomized drawings.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Country: Canada
Region: North America
State: Kahnawake

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is North America's largest regulating agency for online poker rooms, online casinos, and online sportsbooks, with over 50 registered operators and over 250 sites in Canada. It was founded in 1996, with its mandate originating from the Kahnawake jurisdiction's aboriginal rights in respect to internet gambling.

Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Authority

Country: Canada
Region: North America
State: Nova Scotia

The Alcohol and Gaming Authority, formerly known as the Nova Scotia Gaming Control Commission, is a government organization in Nova Scotia. It governs the sale of alcoholic drinks and gambling in the Canadian province. The Authority was founded in 1995 with the intention of combining three regulating entities. The AGA, among several other things, operates as a gambling licensing body and conducts research on many elements of gaming with an emphasis on client safety.

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

Country: Canada
Region: North America
State: Ontario

The AGCO is the regulating organization in charge of horse racing, gambling, and the sale of alcohol in Ontario, Canada. Its purpose is to safeguard customers from the negative impacts of gambling and alcohol consumption. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario's functions are based on the Horse Racing License Act of 2015, the Gaming Control Act of 1992, and the Liquor License Act.

Québec Régie des Alcools des Courses et des Jeux

Country: Canada
Region: North America
State: Quebec

The Regie des Alcools, Courses, et Jeux was founded by the Quebec government in 1993 to control and manage alcohol, horse racing, and gambling. It oversees and regulates activity in a variety of industries to ensure safety. The RACJQ licensed gambling operators for video machines, lotteries, bingo, raffles, and other types of gambling. In addition, the agency regulates horse racing betting in designated venues.


Liquor & Gaming NSW

Country: Australia
Region: Oceania
State: New South Wales

The L&GNSW is a branch of the New South Wales Department of Industry that regulates gaming, legal clubs, and liquor in the state. It was founded in February 2016 and offers licensing, policy guidance, operational review, program assessment, and other services. The regulating body's mission is to assist in the development of viable, safe, and ethical gambling and liquor sectors.

Queensland Commission/ Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation

Country: Australia
Region: Oceania
State: Queensland

The Queensland Commission includes the Office of Gaming Regulation. It is in charge of vetting applications and issuing licenses to companies that want to provide real money gaming solutions such as casino games, slots, keno, and others. Each licensed operator is regularly audited to ensure that they are adhering to the requirements required by the safer gambling policies and procedures.

Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation

Country: Australia
Region: Oceania
State: Victoria

The Victorian Commission for Gaming Regulation was founded in February 2012 as an autonomous entity for overseeing the gaming and alcohol businesses in the area of Victoria, Australia. This agency has the authority to issue gaming licenses to operators, to audit their compliance at any moment, and to educate them on the best course of action. The VCGLR is dedicated to limiting the possible harm caused by the gambling business to the community and people.

South Australia Independent Gambling Authority

Country: Australia
Region: Oceania
State: South Australia

The Independent Gambling Authority was replaced by the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner on December 1, 2018. This is currently the licensing body for operators delivering real money online gambling to South Australian citizens. The LGC can award gambling permits and assist racetrack and sports betting companies. It also governs the state's alcohol sector while reducing its impact on the general public.


GLI Australia

Gaming Labs International Australia conducts world-class casino game testing and certification. This agency has three offices in Australia, with headquarters in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide.


In 2003, the eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance was founded. It is currently a globally recognized testing firm in the internet gambling market. Operators can obtain thorough reports on their products' payments.

BMM Compliance Australia

BMM Testlabs is an autonomous test facility founded in 1981. This is multi-accredited and works in authorized gambling areas. Sydney and Melbourne are the locations of the Australian offices.

GLI Europe

This independent third party supports the European and worldwide gambling industry by examining and certifying numerous casino games. This is a component of the core network of businesses that operate on the GLI infrastructure.

BMM Compliance Africa

The gambling industry's first gaming certification laboratory has an office in South Africa. It provides support to operators that want to validate their gaming products and show reputable certificates on their websites.


Gambling Laboratories International LLC, established in 1987, has set its aim to supply comprehensive testing facilities to the internet gambling sector. To protect client safety, it provides advice, checks, safety audits, auditing, and other services.

BMM Compliance Singapore

Through its Singapore office, BMM provides engineering expertise in the area with its team of experienced employees. Under part of its offerings, the organization may provide analysis and consulting for online casino products, among other things.

GLI UK Gaming Ltd

GLI UK, situated in Bangor, Wales, provides expert assessment for both online and land-based alternatives. Platform screening, RNG screening, game screening, and security audits are among the services offered by the group.

BMM Compliance Macau

With operations in Macau, this respected gambling testing facility ensures fair play in the world's gaming capital. BMM can directly help gaming companies that require training, innovation, testing, and licensing.

Gaming Associates

With roots in the gaming business dating back to 1990, Gaming Associates has established a worldwide reputation as a trustworthy accreditation testing institution. The firm offers a comprehensive variety of advisory and testing services for online gambling, betting, and lottery.

BMM Compliance North America

BMM expanded its footprint in North America significantly after establishing an outpost in Las Vegas in 2000. Its testing facility, together with its offices in Canada, guarantees strong coverage of the gambling business in the area, assisting businesses in meeting the industry's rigorous requirements.

iTech Labs

iTech Labs is a world-famous online gaming testing facility. It was created in 2004 and collaborates with some of the most well-known online poker rooms and online gambling businesses to provide a high degree of responsibility and authenticity.

BMM Compliance Spain

The BMM Spain branch is a member of the global BMM Testlabs network, which is committed to making the gambling industry fair, secure, and safe. It offers high-quality tests as well as legislative consulting and other essential services.


Quality Assurance Laboratories, as a worldwide testing institution, is in charge of providing testing facilities to both online and land-based gaming businesses. QALab provides a variety of interactive gaming assessment solutions, including game math and reward computations.

Eclipse Compliance Testing

ECT is a privately owned and operated game test facility situated in the USA. It primarily serves the North American land-based and online gaming markets, offering a broad array of services for unbiased testing, accreditation, and advice.

QUINEL M Limited

QUINEL Ltd is a prominent testing lab that is globally recognized. It has offices in South Africa, the UK, Malta, and Italy, among other places. All forms of testing for online gambling technological compatibility and support for land-based gambling are available.

Trisigma B.V.

Trisigma was founded as a gaming testing facility, and it eventually expanded to develop its own gambling games. Its testing team is internationally qualified and recognized, allowing the organization to collaborate with a variety of industry operators.


SIQ is a recognized educational institution that specializes in a range of gambling equipment such as table games, slot machines, and lotteries. This agency also gives accreditation when the testing procedure is completed to guarantee that gamers always have appropriate alternatives.

SQS Group Limited

SQS Group Limited is a software testing firm based in London that was founded in 1996. This agency has a plethora of resources at its disposal for analyzing, compiling, and displaying high-quality results.

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