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Police Call Analysis in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, similar to several major towns, has a robust local populace, but the town also attracts millions of visitors each year with nearly 42 million in 2017, and to appreciate the wonders and resonances of the Vegas Strip. This might not appear as a surprise, then, that numerous emergency calls are being put around the town and its neighboring territories.

We examined Las Vegas emergency phone call statistics from the month of July 2017 to July 2018 and plotted each call location on a chart of the town to see if we could see any trends. A handful instantly appeared, although some of the findings may not shock everybody, much of the data we obtained may.

Let's take a closer look at the city of Las Vegas and see where the hubs for distress calls were discovered over the period of an entire year.

911 Call Hotspots in Las Vegas


The most well-known roadway in Las Vegas is identified as the Las Vegas Strip; however, if you take a closer glance at a map, you will learn that it's really named Las Vegas Boulevard. Whatever you name it, the Vegas Strip, which routes virtually alongside Interstate 15, has become a popular tourist attraction. It is surrounded by fancy hotels, extravagant casinos, eating establishments, concert halls, and plenty of shopping possibilities, and it has a very high tenancy rate (90 percent in 2017), indicating that the economy is flourishing.

However, despite its glamour and gloss, the neighborhood is not deprived of its troubles. In fact, once we compared the quantity of disaster summons from July 15, 2017, to the next year, we found that they increased nearer to the Vegas Strip.

Take note of the gold contour around the center of the most eventful emergency request area; this is a survey zone that encompasses the majority of the Vegas Strip. The region received the most distress calls in the Las Vegas region by far - 4,680 over the time period we analyzed.

As with many major cities - as previously said, the city has a sizable population and attracts a huge number of visitors - the city has a crime problem, even if compared to other parts of the region. Violent crime and property misconduct remain greater in Vegas than in the rest of Nevada, and lawbreaking is more intense inside the town than in the remainder of the area. In reality, Las Vegas has 179 crimes taking place per square mile.

But it's not all terrible news. When directly associated with other municipalities with comparable populations, the rate of crime within Las Vegas is lesser compared to the national average.79 offenses per square mile, compared to 23 for the entire state of Nevada.

Big City, Bright Lights, and Emergencies


We developed an interactive map of distress calls in the city, and it's clear that the Vegas Strip is a distinct hot area - not just in one spot, but all the way down the street. What is the importance of this particular location?

Alcohol, it turns out, may be a key element in crime. Indeed, the council responsible for monitoring alcohol and drug dependence reports that it is an issue at a rate of 40 percent of all vicious misconducts. And because the city's alcohol rules are relatively permissive, Las Vegas, particularly the Vegas Strip, ensures that it is quite simple to drink. In Las Vegas, there are no open container restrictions, thus you may walkabout with an exposed bottle of liquor and drink it publicly (provided that you're not near specified facilities, such as schools, hospitals, and churches). So, when you combine the easy availability of alcohol with a likely densely populated area, you have a possible danger for misconduct to happen.

Busy Mondays


Weekends are typically the busiest periods for trauma calls; but, in Las Vegas, Monday saw the highest 911 calls, slightly edging out Tuesday. Sunday had the fewest calls, while Saturday received the second-fewest. Perhaps this is due to the Vegas environment and how it can induce a 24-hour party, or perhaps it is due to the fact that the city is inundated with millions of tourists each year who are on vacation or looking for a good time, no matter what day of the week it is. The most common types of emergency calls on Mondays were for burglary, stolen autos, and deliberate property damage.

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" has become a popular phrase, particularly since the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority launched an advertising campaign with a similar slogan ("What happens here, stays here") more than a decade ago, and it's cemented into one of Vegas' top marketing initiatives to date. While this does not imply that individuals are urged to visit LV and conduct crimes, visitors may have lesser inhibitions and so be more vulnerable to crimes such as assault or burglary. Guests may be more inclined to relax and do things they would not typically do.

Viva Las Vegas!

While it might be frightening to imagine Las Vegas as a crime-infested, liquor-soaked lair full of terrible characters throughout the span of a year, crime figures do not reflect that image. By these statistics, most tourists in Las Vegas may appreciate the views, tastes, noises, and sensations of a town brimming with nightlife while never phoning 9-1-1 – or even considering it. Las Vegas is brave, beautiful, adventurous, and filled with escapades, and though urgent calls may seem to cluster in particular areas, this is most likely due to higher population density.

How We Did It

The heat chart color for the city Las Vegas and the surrounding area was on a calibrated measure with a parametric distribution. A tract might be classified into one of six categories. Each container reflects an equitable split of 16.7 percent of the total areas.


Since Las Vegas, the entire Las Vegas Strip, and the larger Las Vegas region are popular tourist attractions, the number of those who reside there may vary.