ABC Poker
A predictable and basic style of poker.
A craps term for betting that the following roll of the dice will reveal a two.
Across the Board
A horse betting term for a method of betting on a horse to show, place, and win.
1. The total amount of money put into play or the play itself at the casino. 
2. Something a dealer says to a player letting them know that it’s his/her turn to act. 
3. A sports betting term for the number of bets placed on a certain event.
Ada from Decatur
In craps, this is a hard eight. Sometimes known as an ‘Eighter from Decatur’ or ‘Square Pair’.
In poker, this is an additional number of chips players can buy during a tournament at a specific point.
Admissive Packet
The minimum number of cards you can purchase in bingo.
Advantage Player
A player that has an advantage over the casino. Traditionally, this was used for card counters in blackjack games, but it can also apply to those who use bonuses from online casinos to gain an advantage.
Neutral publisher or advertiser for one or multiple casinos.
Alderney Gambling Control Commission.
Against the Spread (ATS)
1. The act of taking points in sports betting instead of betting with the spread or “laying” points. 
2. A way of referring to the result of a sports betting event that takes the point spread into consideration.
Aggregate Payout Limit
A payout limit that can be made on some table games.
A poker player who chooses to raise frequently.
All or Nothing
A bingo ticket that will pay out if none of the picked numbers are drawn in a round or all selected numbers are drawn.
An action while betting where the player bets all of their remaining chips.
American Roulette
A type of roulette where the wheel has 38 pockets, the extra pocket being a double zero.
See the term ‘Third Base’.
This is when a lottery jackpot is too high and needs to be paid out in instalments over a long period.
1. The initial mandatory bet that needed to take part in some poker and table games. 
2. This is the commission that is placed on every hand wagered on blackjack in some countries.
Any Craps
Making a bet that the next roll will be a two, three, or twelve.
Any Double
In craps, a bet that two of the three die will have the same number without needing to specify the actual number.
Any Seven
In a game of craps; betting that the next roll will be a seven.
Any Triple
A bet in craps that all three of the dice will have the same number without needing to identify the number.
Where a variation in odds allows a player to back both sides and guarantee a win.


Also called Punto Banco, this is a card game that can come in various versions but the gist of it is that players wager on whether the dealer or player has the winning hand. This is from a two or three-card hand. The way that winning hands are determined is by achieving points closest to nine.
Back Door
A hand in poker that is made using the last two cards dealt.
Back Hand
The first hand in poker. This hand is made up of five cards and needs to be the strongest of the player’s three hands.
During sports betting when a team has had many bets placed on it.
Bad Bet
A losing hand in poker that was previously favoured to win.
1. In baccarat, this is the “house” or the “bank”, as well as, the bet that’s placed on them winning. 
2. In roulette, this is when a player places all of their money on one bet.
The person that bets against all other players at a table. This position normally has to rotate every round or every other turn.
The amount of money a player has to make bets with.
This is to bet into a pot on multiple streets in poker.
Casino jargon for big blind or bad beat.
When an acquaintance is used to make bets in place of a concealed true bettor.
Beginner’s Luck
When a newbie player experiences a ‘winning streak’.
During poker, when a player holds a hand that is not likely to beat another player’s hand.
A wager placed during a game.
Betting Limit
The maximum and minimum amounts that a player is allowed to bet.
Betting Right
Making a bet that’s with the shooter in craps.
Betting Table
Where the wagers are placed in a game of craps.
Betting Wrong
In craps, this is betting against the shooter.
Big 6
In craps, when a player bets that a six will be rolled before a seven.
Big 8
When a player bets that an eight will be rolled before a seven in a game of craps.
Big Bet
In Sic Bo, this can either mean a bet that predicts that the total amount rolled will be between 11 and 17, the payout for this being 1:1. Another definition of the term is when it is relevant in fixed-limit games, it means to double the betting limit of the first round.
Big Blind
A forced bet from the dealer or the player sitting to the left in poker.
Big Red
The action of betting on the number seven in craps.
This is a game and a term within the game. The game can be won by matching a column, row, or another designated pattern on the card. The columns are assigned the letters that spell out the victory – B, I, N, G, and O.
Bingo Board
The display in the game of bingo that shows each number as it’s called out.
Bingo Book
Bingo cards that are bound together, one is used for each player for each round of bingo.
Bingo Card
A ticket that features a 5x5 grid with 24 randomly numbered spaces and one empty (free) space that you play that game bingo on.
When dealt two-card hands is revealed to total 21.
A pattern on a bingo card that means that the entire thing must be blacked out in order to win. This is also known as a coverall.
A board card in poker that doesn’t seem to change the value of the hands.
A bet that’s forced before a player sees the dealt hand.
Blind Bet
A bet in poker that is placed without knowing which card comes next.
A poker player that has the cards that another player needs.
1. A special feature for casino games. 
2. Additional money or credits issued to players by an online casino. These offers come with their own terms and conditions.
Bonus Abuse
A term that is used in conjunction with any questionable or foul play when it comes to any bonuses that have been awarded by casinos.
Bonus Ban
When a player gets blacklisted due to being suspected of engaging in bonus abuse.
Bonus Bet
An additional bet played that is more than the standard bet.
Box Cars
While playing craps, when two sets of sixes are rolled.
1. When your monetary limit has been exceeded. 
2. When you get over 21 when playing a game of blackjack or any other game that uses the number 21.


In poker, this is an action taken to match the current bet.
The limit placed on the number of raises permitted in a round of betting.
Capping A Bet
In blackjack, this is adding extra chips to your wager secretly after the deal has begun.
Card Shark
An expert card game player.
Withdrawing winnings from an online casino.
A type of bonus that’s cashable.
A bonus that rewards players with a percentage return calculated on their overall losses.
The section of a casino where you access depositing and withdrawing actions for the purpose of transacting into and out of your casino account.
Originally a public dance or music hall venue that has now been deemed an establishment (online or offline) that offers gambling services.
Casino Advantage
The mathematical advantage that the casino has over its players. This is also known as the house edge.
Casino Rewards
There are many online casinos that offer rewards like cash, gift cards, vacations, etc. to players based on how much they play and their overall loyalty to the casino.
Typically, the result of a disputed payment, a chargeback is usually fraudulent in nature when it’s in conjunction with casino gambling.
Chip Tray
The tray used by a croupier or dealer to hold house chips. More often seen in real-life casinos or during live dealer casino games.
Tokens that are used when gambling in certain games to represent real money – these can come in various denominations.
Cold Streak
An extended losing run.
Cold Table
When players that are betting right keep losing.
Colour Up
The act of exchanging smaller chips for bigger ones.
Comp Points
Typically, these are part of a loyalty or rewards program, these are points distributed to players as rewards and can be redeemed for bonuses.
The portion of the bets that goes toward the wagering requirement. These percentages are different depending on the game and are stipulated within the casino terms and conditions.
The French word for a casino dealer, a term commonly used in other languages, too. For instance, a roulette dealer is more often referred to as the croupier.
Cut Card
In some card games, this refers to a plastic card that’s used to cut the deck.
The average number of hands that pass between top payout wins in video poker, usually through the use of the royal flush.


The act of distributing the cards.
A casino employee who has the responsibility of dealing the cards.
Degenerate Gambler
Someone that has a habit of gamblingexcessively and frequently.
A payment made to an online casino in exchange for playing casino games for real money.
Deposit Bonus
Free money that is offered to new players that deposit at a virtual casino for the first time.
Slang term for the casino game craps.
Double Up
1. This is when a value can be doubled, typically on an even-money bet for a fair chance. 
2. This is also an uncommon option that means bets can be doubled during the initial wager in a game of blackjack.
Download Casino
A type of virtual casino that requires you to first download its software in order to play the games.
Drop Percentage
This is the portion of a player’s cash that the casino wins thanks to the house edge.


The advantage held in a casino game over an opponent. Most of the time, it’s the casino that has the edge.
Eight-Sixed (86’d)
Being banned from a casino as a result of foul play.
En Prison
A rule in French Roulette that gives players a second chance after an even-money bet was made that they lost to a zero or double zero. In such a case, the bet is left on the table for the next spin.
A way to secure online transactions and casino software through the use of complex codes that are nearly impossible to decipher.
European Roulette
A version of roulette where the game’s wheel has 37 pockets and the double zero that some versions feature isn’t present.
Even Money
This is when the odds for a game are 1:1.
The amount, on average, that a player can expect to win. This is based on the probability that a given hand typically wins – can be negative or positive.
The most that a sportsbook stands to lose a game.
A banking option that stores and uses funds that are already online. These options are typically the fastest in terms of depositing and withdrawing.
Eye in the Sky
A term for overhead cameras that are used in casinos to monitor the games.


When a player rolls a two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven, or twelve in craps.
Fixed Odds
Predetermined odds – often heard of in sports betting results.
When there is a change in the odds information.
Flash Casino
A type of online casino software that allows you to play games directly from your browser using Flash technology. There is no need to download the casino software.
Full House
This is when you are holding any three cards of the same number or face value, plus any additional two cards that have the same face or number in a game of poker.
1. This is switching off the processing period when it comes to withdrawing. 
2. When you have five cards with the same suit in poker.
Free Chip
A type of bonus or reward that players are offered without needing to make a deposit first in order to qualify.
Free Spin
This is when a player is permitted to spin the slot reels for real money without paying to pay for it essentially. This type of bonus is dependent on its own terms.
Free entry into a tournament.
Fruit Machine
UK term for a slot machine.
For the win.


Gambler’s Fallacy
The myth that the outcome of a random event has come about thanks to previous events.
Good Game.
Good luck all.
Something that shows all possible sports bets. Online bettors click on the grid to place, withdraw, or confirm a bet.
In poker, this is to play a large amount of smaller wagered poker games, over a period of time, regularly in an attempt to make a steady profit. Someone that does this is known as a grinder.


The cards that a player is using or holding in order to make the best card combinations. This is also known as the play between each card shuffle.
When engaging in a sports bet, this is the total amount spent on an event or group of events.
Refer to the blackjack term “soft”, this is the contrast of that term.
Hard Ways
This is a double two, three, four and five rolled in craps.
This is casino jargon that is referring to the poker game Texas Hold’em.
In sports betting, this is the action of placing bets on the opposite side to cut losses or guarantee a small amount of winnings.
High Bet
A roulette bet placed on all numbers between 19 and 36.
High Hand
A five-card hand in poker.
High Poker
A version of poker where the highest hand wins.
High Roller
A player who places large bets and plays at high stakes.
1. In blackjack, this is the term used to request another card. 
2. Spinning a winning payline combination on a slot game.
Hole Card
The first card dealt face down, that belongs to the dealer.
Hot Streak
An extended win streak.
Hot table
When players betting right are experiencing frequent wins.
The casino is often referred to as the house.
House Edge
A percentage that refers to a casino’s expected winnings from your bet.
House Rules
Rules specific to a casino.


Inside Bet
In roulette, this is a wager placed on a specific number.
Instant Casino
A type of online casino that doesn’t require any software downloads to run.
An option that’s offered to players when playing blackjack when the dealer is holding an ace.


A casino game’s biggest cash prize.
A group of high rollers that are flown in by a casino.


A lottery-style game that involves players making wagers on numbers 1-80. This is a very popular game in Canada.
In poker, this is the name given to a card that doesn’t take part in determining the strength of the hand but may get used to break ties between hands that have the same values.


The surface of a gaming table where players can place bets. The real-world layout is virtually reproduced at online casinos.
A game that has a fixed limit when it comes to the size of the bet players can make per round.
Live Chat
A chat function that allows players to communicate with customer support and vice versa.
Live Dealer Games
Types of online casino games that are played against real dealers online using live video streaming technology. These games allow players to participate in an open live chat with the dealer.
In online casinos, this is where you will find the available game titles available on the site.
An easy winner.
An unlikely win.
In poker, this is when a player plays many hands, including hands that are of lower quality.
Low Bet
A roulette bet that is placed on all of the first eight numbers.
Low Hand
A two-card hand in poker.
Low Poker
A version of poker where the lowest hand wins.
Loyalty Scheme/Programme
A programme that is offered by online casinos as a way to reward loyal players for their wagering activities.


An IOU that comes from a player getting credit at a casino.
A betting strategy that is used on even-money bets. You double your stake after each loss until you eventually score a win.
Match Bonus
A kind of bonus that determines the value of the bonus in accordance with a deposit made by a player, typically in the form of a percentage.
Max Cashout
The most that you can withdraw during a specific activity such as bonus play or a specified game.
Maximum Bet
The highest bet set by the casino or software developer that can be placed in a casino game.
Microgaming, the casino software developer.
Minimum Bet
The lowest bet decreed by the casino or software developer that can be placed in a casino game.
In draw and video poker when you want to get rid of cards.
Multi-Hand Games
Casino games that involve a player being able to play more than one hand at a time.
Playing more than one table of online poker at a time.
Multiplayer Games
Online games that involve playing against or with other real players rather than just on your own against the casino.


Nice one.
See the term “no deposit bonus”.
Nice hand.
No limit.
Network Progressive
See ‘Wide-area progressive’.
No Deposit Bonus
A kind of bonus that allows players to join a casino and play the bonus amount without first needing to make a deposit.
No Action
A sports wager where no money is won or lost.
No Limit
A game that doesn’t have a limit when it comes to the size of a bet that players can make each round.
Non-Sticky Bonus
A type of bonus that is offered by online casinos and can be withdrawn once the bonus terms such as the wagering requirements have been met.


A wager’s total winnings. 2. The probability that a bet has in terms of its result. 3. In craps; a 0-edge bet.
Online Casino
An online version of a real, physical casino.


A slang term for face cards.
Adding winnings to a bet that’s still active.
A slots term for a line of symbols on a reel that pays out when a successful combination is made. The number of paylines and slot features can range anywhere between three and 100.
Payout Percentage
The approximate return that's given to players by a casino over time is expressed as this percentage which has been calculated from overall player wagers placed. This rate can be applied to individual games or to the casino overall.
Payout Table
A grid that displays the relevant rewards that players can get for every bet on table games. Alternatively, this will also reveal the payout for each successful combination on slot and video poker games.
The portion of a deck of cards that's dealt prior to the deck being shuffled.
Phantom Bonus
A kind of bonus that is offered by online casinos that’s removed from a player’s account when it comes time to withdraw winnings.
See “Wagering requirement”.
Australian and New Zealand term for slot games.
The order in which a player acts during a round. Early position players are the first to act and late position players are the ones that play after the others have acted.
A poker term for the amount of chips/cash from antes, bets, and blinds that accumulate during every round and gets paid out to the winner of that hand.
Pot Limit
A game that has a fixed bet size each round which is the size of the current pot.
Pot Odds
In poker, this is the ratio of the amount of cash in the post in comparison to how much is needed to call a bet.
Press A Bet
The act of adding winnings from the previous bet to the current bet.
Progressive Jackpot
A type of jackpot that increases with each bet placed until a player wins it. These jackpots are more common in slot games than in any other casino games.
Playtech, the casino software developer.
This refers to the player in baccarat, as well as, the bet made on the player winning and the hand that is opposite to the Banco hand.
Punto Banco
Another name for the game baccarat.
A tied result in casino games when neither the house nor the player wins or loses.


A hand made up of four cards all of the same rank in poker.
Quarter Bet
A roulette bet that is placed on four numbers with a single bet. This is similar to a corner bet.


To merely observe rather than participate in a casino game.
This is when a poker room or casino receives a percentage of each hand played.
The rotating elements in slot games that are covered by symbols.
Reload Bonus
Contrasting with the definition of a ‘welcome bonus’, this deposit bonus is offered to existing players instead of just new players.
The total winnings a payer earns on a bet.
Right Bettor
In craps, this is the person that is betting with the shooter.
A Random Number Generator, this is a mathematical programme that calculates the results in casino games to provide unbiased and unpredictable results. Mostly found in slot games.
Real Time Gaming, casino software developer.
Slang term for ‘Bankroll’.
See ‘Wagering requirement’.
Roulette Wheel
The rotating mechanism that determines which bets win or lose. This wheel contains either 37 or 38 distinct pockets.
Someone in poker that players well and successfully makes a living from playing poker.
Royal Flush
The highest valued hand in most poker games - a poker hand made up of a ten, jack, queen, king, and ace,all belonging to the same suit.
Return to Player, a percentage of wagers can be expected to be won back in the long run. This is the opposite of the house edge.


Scared Money
A player’s bankroll that they can’t afford to lose or a bet limit that’s too high for a player’s bankroll.
A slot symbol that is categorised as a bonus symbol that can cause action and will affect that slot’s bonus or payout. The scatter symbol often unlocks bonus rounds and features.
Scratch Card
A type of lottery ticket where the player reveals whether they’re lucky or not.
When a casino member requests that they be prevented from accessing the casino. This includes logging in, playing, and transacting at a particular casino. This has to do with practicing responsible gambling and is a personal choice.
An expert poker card player.
The box that holds the cards to be dealt in casinos.
The person that rolls the dice in craps.
Short Stack
In poker, this is the term given when a play has a smaller number of chips compared to other players or in comparison to the maximum buy-in amount (typically 100 times the big blind).
Side Bet
A secondary bet that players place that is separate from the initial wager made.
Slot Machine
A gambling machine that features three or more spinning reels that activates with the touch of a button.
Small Blind
A forced bet from the player seated directly to the left of the dealer in poker.
Snake Eyes
When a double one is rolled in craps.
When receiving an ace in blackjack means receiving an 11.
During a game of 21, this refers to the action of separating two cards belonging to the same rank into separate hands. 2. A bet that covers two numbers that are beside each other on a roulette grid.
The person, shop, or website that accepts sports bets.
1. The amounts wagered on the outcome of a casino game. 
2. In poker, this is the limit made on a table’s betting and raising, as well as, the maximum value of the blinds in blind games.
Sticky Bonus
A type of bonus that won’t be converted into real cash once the terms of the bonus have been met. This bonus can only be wagered with.
Straight Flush
Most versions of the game poker reveal a straight flush to be a set of five cards that belong to the same suit. This poker hand is more valuable than a four of a kind and less valuable than a royal flush.
In roulette, this is when you make a bet on a single number.
When three numbers are covered within the same column in roulette.
Sucker Bet
When a large bet has a large house edge attached.
One of the four black and redcoloured categories that cards are divided into: red hearts, black clubs, black spades, and red diamonds. Then, there are some online card decks that offer four colours: black spades, green clubs, blue diamonds, and red hearts.
Stand / Stick
This term is usually used in blackjack. It means signalling the dealer or the other players to the fact that one player has stopped asking for more cards.


T&Cs/Terms and Conditions
A set of rules defined and laid out in the form of an agreement between the casino and its players.
In poker, this is the action of turning cards face up at showdown.
Taking the time to think through a decision before an action is made.
Tapped Out
A player that’s completely out of money.
Theoretical Hold
Refer to ‘House Edge’.
Third Base
In table games such as blackjack, this refers to the player that makes a wager last or is the last to do anything for that matter.
When a sports wager does not make or lose money because the teams’ scores were equal.
When a player has hit a losing streak.
A gratuity for the dealer as a thanks for their service.
A slang word for tournament.
When a bonus feature or round is activated - mostly seen in slot games.
A slang term for when a player gets three of a kind during a game of poker or in a poker-related game.
In games that have the goal of reaching 21, this is another way other than ‘hit’ to ask for another card.


A hand made up of four cards all of the same rank in poker.


A high-value player that usually receives special treatment from a casino.
Video Poker
Five-card draw poker in the style of a slot machine or online slot game.
A number combination in bingo that’s never before been drawn.
Virtual Casino Games
Online casino games that can be played anywhere, at any time, and have results that are determined by RNG programming.


Any bet that is made in an online or land-based casino.
Wagering Requirements
This is a bonus multiple that players need to wager prior to gaining access to any winnings. This is a bonus term that is displayed as a multiple value of the bonus or deposit amount, or both.
Wide-area Progressive/WAP
This refers to a progressive jackpot that gets offered by more than one casino where the game can be played.
Welcome Bonus
See ‘Sign-up Bonus’.
Another term for a high-value player that plays for big stakes.
In poker, this is a five-card straight from an ace to a five.
A slot bonus symbol that has the ability to substitute any other symbol on the grid aside from other bonus symbols in the game. This increases a player’s chance to achieve winning combinations and earn increased cash prizes.
'Wagering Requirements'
Wrong Bettor
The person betting against the shooter in craps.


Eleven in a game of craps.
This means “your hand sucks”
This refers to “you’re welcome or you are welcome.”
In poker, this is when a player raises after other players make a bet.
In poker, In poker, this is when a player raises after other players make a 3bet.