Austria Lotto Worth Over €30k Won by Local Indian Resident

There’s no harder competition which is based on pure luck as the odds are stacked against you than the lottery, choosing numbers at random and waiting for the same numbers to be drawn can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking. An Indian man by the name of C.J managed to claim an impressive €32,161 second-place prize in the Austrian lottery.

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CJ is no stranger to playing international lotteries, he found that he enjoys a variety of them such as the Australian Saturday Lotto, NZ Powerball Lotto, and the Spanish BonoLoto. Claiming that his win in the Austrian lottery came completely by chance when he chose that specific lottery as he regularly switches between the various lotteries he plays. This method of switching between lotteries seems to be working for CJ as he has accumulated thousands in winnings over the course of two years.

Pure Luck

When CJ took second place with his Austrian lottery ticket, he had managed to guess five out of the six numbers which were drawn, to put that into perspective, the odds of that happening are 43 to 2330636 which are terrible odds to go up against.

The surprising part is when CJ was asked about his numbers, he claimed that they were chosen at random, there are no special numbers to him, no dates, or birthdays, he chose five correct numbers at complete random.

The Dreamer

CJ’s dream is to live a more comfortable lifestyle by improving his living situation with his winnings. He plans to keep playing and maybe one day he will win the grand prize, and he also likes to think that by playing he is doing enough and that he is given the chance to dream. It is quite inspirational that this man has gone and won at a game that is designed to make you lose.

Austria Lotto Worth Over €30k Won by Local Indian Resident element02 - CasinoTopHow to Improve your Chances of Winning the Lottery

Play the right games – The lottery isn’t just one game; the state offers a variety of games and that’s why it’s important to read the odds of winning before diving in at random. National lotteries have a wider pool of players than state lotteries; however, you don’t need to be within that state to buy a ticket.

Join a lottery pool – By buying more tickets you boost your chances of winning, in theory, this is correct; however, it will end up costing you much more. Lottery pools allow you to improve your odds without spending additional funds.

Austria Lotto Worth Over €30k Won by Local Indian Resident element03 - CasinoTopCheck your ticket – Always ensure that you keep tabs on your lottery ticket and the draws, the last thing you want is to win and not know it. Keep the dates and numbers of the tickets you’ve played and if possible, get your ticket verified by a store clerk.

Play second-chance games – Don’t toss out your ticket if you didn’t win, sometimes there are second chance draws which take place and there may be colossal cash prizes at stake. So, always enter the second-chance draw.

Someone else’s loss may be your gain – Many people discard their tickets and sometimes they don’t check them properly, and even if it isn’t a winning ticket, perhaps it could be a winner in a second-chance draw.

Secure your winning ticket – The last thing you’d want to happen is to lose your winning ticket, hence, it is vital to take protective measures to ensure that your ticket stays safe. Sign your name at the back of your ticket, and always confirm that you’ve won on your own.

Beware of scams – This is simple but necessary information, never buy tickets from an unauthorized source. If you didn’t enter any lotteries or competitions, the odds of winning are zero, don’t believe otherwise, the lottery doesn’t notify winners, and lastly, you are never required to pay a fee to receive winnings.


The lottery can change your life, but it’s important to be familiar with the rules and the requirements of each game.

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