Advika Kochar

Advika Kochar is a valued content writer at CasinoTop and is originally from New Delhi, India. She has a background in Journalism and Communications after receiving her BA Hons in Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of Delhi, India. Once Advika had completed her degree, she started a role as PR Assistant for one of the largest Public Relations and Communications agencies based in Mumbai. She specialized in the Technology sector working with several brands across a selection of industry groups but specializing in the promotion of Tech companies. Advika has a natural flair for writing and that was evident through her work whether she was writing media alerts or new articles, she always found it the most enjoyable aspect of her job. Advika ended up expanding her career and started a blog where she would review her favourite mobile games. This quickly took off and became extremely popular not only in India but also around the world. It was here where she realized she was able to excel at writing as well as create a space for like-minded people to get together and discuss something they all had in common. The guys at CasinoTop saw Advika’s fantastic site and reached out to her to see if she might be interested in working for the company. They figured since she wrote so passionately and authentically about her favourite mobile games, she’d make the perfect content writer with a focus on reviews. Advika loved the idea and has since been living between the island of Malta where CasinoTop is based and flies back to her hometown every few months due to the fantastic flexibility that comes with this line of work. Advika writes incredible content for us and we believe he is a huge asset for our Indian market. We love Advika’s flair for writing, but also her brutally honest opinions which brings a lot of integrity to the reviews she prepares. We are lucky to have her on the team and we believe her articles will bring you great enjoyment - not to mention super helpful!
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