Neteller Deposit Method for Casinos

Neteller is one of the most popular E-wallets supported by online casinos worldwide. It allows for instant deposits and withdrawals, supported in hundreds of countries with 17 currencies supported at the time of writing. Owned Optimal Payments PLC, a UK based company, who adhere to strict financial and consumer protection legislations. You will be hard pressed to find an online casino who do not support Neteller as a valid deposit and withdrawal method... Show More

A Brief Description of Neteller

Anybody familiar with E-wallets in general will most likely feel an instant recognition to the functionality of Neteller. Your Neteller will have its own balance that you can freely top up using bank transfers or payment cards, while also being able to withdraw funds back to said balance in instances where you may wish to withdraw your casino winnings for instance. Customers residing in India must however be aware that Neteller will deduct a 550 INR fee for any withdrawals to your bank account that you may wish to make. Furthermore, many Indian banks will outright decline transactions via Neteller, should there be suspect of the funds transferred as a means of gambling activities.

Transactions to and from the wallet

As mentioned, there is some care that needs to be taken for those holding an Indian bank account when using Neteller. While Neteller is completely legal in India, the RBI has mandated that all banks in India are to cease any acceptance of transactions related to gambling. This will therefore impact those who wish to topup or withdraw to and from their Neteller wallet. While this doesn’t affect Neteller and other E-wallets directly, it certainly does impact those who wish to cash out any winnings they have attained via casino gameplay. We therefore strongly recommend you contact your local bank for further clarification on the matter.

Account verification and limits

While setting up your own Neteller account is very easy and only takes a short amount of time, there are still certain restrictions that are applied to your account prior to verification. Topping up your Neteller wallet and getting to spending is available to you upon successfully creating an account, which is great for those who are just looking to get into spending hassle free. You will however be prevented from requesting any withdrawals, as well as accessing additional Neteller features, such as their Net+.

Verifying your Neteller Account

Neteller attempts to make verification as painless as possible, so that customers can enjoy all of their available services to the fullest. The verification process will require you to documentation such as proof of identity and address, which is mandatory for all Neteller customers wishing to use E-wallet to its fullest extent. Connecting your Neteller account to your phone is also necessary for the purposes of verification. Successful verification is usually confirmed within a couple of days and you are always welcome to contact Neteller customer support, should you need any further assistance.

Net+ and Prepaid MasterCard Explained

Neteller have expanded from their original E-wallet services by offering their Net+ and Prepaid MasterCard services for a limited selection of regions. These can be requested by verified customers residing in these regions, which unfortunately does not include India at this moment in time. However, to explain a little more about what these services provide; the Net+ and prepaid MasterCard services allow for eligible customers to use more conventional payment methods in conjunction with their Neteller wallet. This essentially broadens the capabilities that Neteller provides as a payment service. With Neteller being such a hugely popular payment service for online casinos, we can only hope the benefits this entails will soon expand itself to the Indian market soon.