Indian Lottery Operator Vying For a Contract in the UK

The National Lottery has been a part of the UK for a very long time. Currently, Camelot, a Canadian owned company, is the National Lottery Operator, however, the time has come for the UK to entrust the National Lottery to a new operator.

Many companies have put in their bid to receive the responsibility of running the National Lottery. Camelot has thrown their hat into the ring again, but are going up against Sugal & Damani Group, Northern & Shell, Sazka Group and Richard Benson.

Sugal & Damani Group is an Indian founded company and wants to pioneer the lottery industry by stretching their grasp to the English shores.

About Sugal & Damani Group

The company has been at the forefront of operating the Government Licensed Lotteries in India. The growth of the company has provided it an edge in the industry. Expanding its reach into Information Technology, Real estate and even commercial services.

Sugal and Damani Group are committed to providing the best quality and service to the industry. With the experience with the National Lottery, the company could be the perfect fit for expansion and innovation of the UK National Lottery. The company’s vision is to be the most diversified business group with a commitment to global society.

The Vision For the Future

Sugal and Damani Group have shown its interest in the UK National Lottery since 2007 and even back then met all the requirements to be the National Lottery operator. The company was put down as a reserve bidder after Camelot was chosen.

The UK market is large, competitive and a highly reputable institution. The Lottery is a major part of the UK’s culture and has many followers. Sugal and Damani Group are looking to offer these loyal customers a chance to see something new.

The company has endeavored to innovate and improve on what has already been built. Using its extensive resources to grow the National Lottery to new heights.

Naming A New Operator

Camelot is currently still operating the National Lottery in the UK, as its contract has been extended to 2023. Sugal and Damani Group is hopeful that the new contract will be awarded to the company, but only time will tell. When the announcement takes place and if Sugal & Damani is awarded the contract this will provide a 10-year agreement that will give the company time to innovate and impress British society.

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