Indian Man Wins More Than 19 Crore in Jackpot Prizes

Since ages ago, immemorial, raffle-like games have been used by ancient Babylonians, Greeks and civilisations to award communities and individuals alike. It was even mentioned in the Old Testament, where Moses awarded some land near Jordan with results from a raffle or lottery-type game. One such raffle made an IT manager, from Punjab, a multi-millionaire on September 3 in Dubai.

About the Winner

Gurpreet Singh, who works in Sharjah, is a 35-year-old man. He used to collect money from friends and colleagues to buy a raffle ticket. He always dreamt of being able to bring his parents from Punjab, to live with him, but never thought it would be possible, until now.

The IT manager has been buying the Big Ticket raffle tickets for the last two years and never imagined that he would be the winner. Due to the recent global shortcomings, the time slots for the draw changed and since Singh never really followed the live draws, he was not even aware of this. He, therefore initially thought that the call he received to inform him that he was one of the winners, was a prank call. He was busy at work at the time and was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be the truth.

Future Plans

Singh intends to use some of the 10 million dirhams, to buy a house in Sharjah, where his parents will be able to live with his family.

With the threat of the global crisis in 2020 looming over the UAE, the raffle winnings will make it possible for Singh to realise his dream of being reunited with his parent’s sooner. The overjoyed winner said that he would often be driving home after work and dream about how if he got lucky and hit it big, he would bring his parents who are alone in his home country to live with his family for the time being. Gupreet plans to buy a home in Sharjah for the whole family to enjoy once he has completed his working contract in Dubai.

The winning ticket number 067757 was bought on August 12, according to the report.

Winner’s Thoughts

He says that he would encourage everyone to never give up hope, to continue trying their luck at these lucky draws. Singh is just one more name that will be added to a growing list of Indian players who have won raffles of late. This is promising for so many others who believe that one cannot win foreign jackpots or online games.

Singh says “when you dream, dream big”, words to live by according to this very happy winner.

Advika Kochar Photo Advika Kochar

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