Local Indian Farmer Borrows Money Then Wins the Dubai Lottery

Luck is defined as a success brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions, now, if Vilas Rikkala isn’t the physical embodiment of luck, we don’t know who is. What started as a simple loan from his wife ended up changing both of their lives forever.

The Incident

During his journey to find a job in Dubai, local Indian farmer Vilas Rikkala borrowed 20000 INR from his wife to assist him during his stay after numerous failed attempts at finding proper employment. Upon receiving 20000 INR, he proceeded to hand over the money to his friend Ravi who then bought three tickets under Vilas’s name, and he was informed that he’d won the jackpot prize shortly after.

Local Indian Farmer Borrows Money Then Wins the Dubai Lottery element01 - CasinoTopThis huge win will see Vilas returning home with Rs 28-Crore, which is much more than he’d imagined he’d ever return home with, especially after his failed job search in the big city.

Humble Beginnings

Vilas and his wife do farm work in India, which mostly comprises of them tilling rice fields. This humble job sees them with a small annual income of just 300000 INR. Vilas had previously worked as a cab driver in Dubai, he now lives with his wife and two daughters in the village of Jakranpally which is in Nizamabad district, which is in the north-western region of the Indian state of Telangana.

He claims that during his two-year stay in Dubai, he always bought raffle tickets including the Dubai Shopping Festival raffle tickets.

This story is a testament to the amount of luck Vilas has.

Dubai Shopping Festival

An annual celebration which includes fireworks, prizes, the best retail experiences, concerts, and of course raffles
Participants of the raffle may be treated to a massive cash prize and even driving away in a brand-new car, this year it was an Infiniti QX50, which retails at around 3 million INR. There were seven other cars which were given away this year, all sponsored by Nissan.

Local Indian Farmer Borrows Money Then Wins the Dubai Lottery element03 - CasinoTopWednesday Night Discounts

From 6pm to midnight, the Shop the Way event takes place at a variety of malls across the city such as The Dubai Mall, The Outlet Village, Mall of the Emirates, and the Dubai Festival City Mall. This gives shoppers the opportunity to talk to the best editors in the region at in-store style and fashion events.

Shop Outdoors

Visitors are treated to pop-up cinemas, awesome music, drama, and dance performances, as well as good food straight from Dubai’s most well-known and popular food trucks and eateries. Making the most of the great weather, Market Outside the Box at Burj Park is one of the best places for artisan shopping.

This festival is great for anyone hoping to experience the shopping culture of Dubai at its absolute apex, the absurdity and marvel of this event is unlike any other across the world.

Local Indian Farmer Borrows Money Then Wins the Dubai Lottery element02 - CasinoTopOdd Gambling Laws in the UAE

One would assume an Islamic state such as the UAE would prohibit all forms of gambling; however, the existence of raffles says otherwise. The odd part about these raffles are the location of the ticket sales and draws, the airports. Tickets are duty-free and the draws usually offer vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. There are grand cash prizes of up to 7 million INR.

Receiving payment of your winning is relatively simple, it can be done via conventional VISA or MasterCard debit and credit cards, and e-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, and PaySafeCard. Be sure to check with officials about this.


Life is a funny thing, one moment you’re down in the dumps with no pride, and next, you’re one of the richest individuals in the country. This is proof that raffles and other forms of lottery competitions can change your life in a mere instant, all you have to do is try your hand and who knows, maybe you’re one of the lucky few that beats the odds. Remember, you can’t win if you don’t play, so give it a go.

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