Classic Slots

There’s nothing more nostalgic or retro than classic slots, otherwise known as fruit machines. They feature a relatively simple architecture that means anyone can quickly learn how to play them at online casinos in India, where you’ll find a huge variety of games. Typically comprising three spinning reels that each display three random symbols, they are the easiest type of slot machine to understand, as there are usually only a few pay lines. This contrasts starkly with modern slot games, which can sometimes have many hundreds of paylines and multiple reels.

While seemingly old fashioned nowadays, these three-reel classic slots are still extremely popular among players based in India. And we think that their sheer simplicity and their undeniable fun factor are the reasons for this. Plus the fact that they have changed very little over the last half a century means that they are packed with a nostalgic charm for many players. And while being increasingly hard to find in physical form in land-based casinos, classic slots are nevertheless available in abundance at online casinos. So, for an instant blast from the past, be sure to look out for the Classic Slots category at your online casino of choice.

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Classic 3-reel slot machine features

As mentioned, the most typical classic slot machine features three reels, each showing three symbols. The latter includes cherries, lemons and grapes (hence the name fruit machine), as well as BARs, bells, jokers, 7s and crowns. The most common setup is five pay lines, arranged as three across the top, middle and bottom, and two more across the diagonals. Line up three of the same symbol across these pay lines and you’ll win a prize. See how simple they are?

Fruit machine bonus features

While most fruit machines work exactly as we have laid out above, some of the online versions have tweaked the classic formula to include bonus rounds and gamble features. So, when you win, you’ll have the option to either bank your winnings or to gamble them for a bigger prize. Typically, this means that you have a 50/50 chance of doubling your winnings or losing the lot. Gamble features usually present you with heads or tails, red or black, or something similar. There are even riskier, higher odds bonus features in some classic slots called Supermeters – but with bigger risk comes potentially bigger rewards, so use this feature at your own discretion.

Play classic slots for free

Players based in India can often try out these classic slot machines for free. Most online casinos offer a demo mode called ‘play for free’, as well as the regular ‘play for real money’ version, of course. Choosing the former enables you to try out several games or to perfect your strategy without risking any of your playing funds. However, you’ll really kick yourself if you go on a massive winning streak in demo mode, as none of those prizes will be added to your account. Anyway, we hope you have lots of nostalgic fun on these retro reels – we sure do all the time.