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Online slots (as casinos tend to refer to them), or online pokies (as we prefer to call them) are released all the time, adding to the hundreds if not thousands already out there in the wild. That’s why the experts at CasinoTop have compiled an exhaustive list of reviews covering the latest video pokies, the best jackpot slots and the time-honoured classics of the genre. That means if you’re looking for a new pokie to try out in New Zealand, a quick visit to this page every now and then will allow you to read detailed reviews and to try the games for free – all so you don’t have to risk your hard earned New Zealand Dollars before finding the perfect pokie.

Slot Machine Animation | CasinoTop New ZealandHow Many Online Video Pokies Are There?

Well, it’s hard to put an exact number on it, and more are being released on a weekly basis, but seeing as some online casinos in New Zealand offer up to 4,000 games sometimes, we’d estimate the final figure to be in the many multiple thousands. That means you have a tough choice to make when deciding to play a new game. Luckily, you don’t have to search too hard, as CasinoTop features the very best ones in existence so that you can more easily decide.

Online video pokies make up the vast majority of the games offered by near enough any online casino in New Zealand. So, if you’re after the latest in interactive graphics, superb soundtracks, fantastic bonus rounds, innovative game mechanics and themes bound only by the limits of the human imagination, you’re in the right place. And with our thorough reviews of all the latest online video pokies, as well as the progressive jackpot slots that carry prizes worth millions of New Zealand Dollars, you can quickly find the exact games that will interest you the most.

Which Kinds of Games Do You Guys Review?

With such a large number of possible choices out there, each filled with a large amount of different variations, you’re bound to find many games that appeal to your individual tastes. However, to make things a little easier to navigate (helping you zone in on the particular type of online pokie that you have in mind), we’ve divided our reviews into certain categories. Therefore, you’ll find everything neatly categorised into: Classic Pokies, Video Pokies and Progressive Pokies. So, let’s take a brief look at each one so you can get on to the good stuff:

Classic Pokies

Classic pokies, or fruit machines as they are sometimes referred to, are based on the old one arm bandits from yesteryear. They are in many ways the purest form of online pokies, featuring simple game mechanics, retro graphics and a manageable amount of paylines. Therefore, you’ll find three (or a maximum of five) reels containing all of the old school symbols such as BAR, 777, Bells, Lemons, Grapes, Cherries and so on – hence the name, fruit machines. There will be one main payline across the middle, where if you manage to line up any three of the same symbol, you’ll be a winner, but many classic pokies also feature paylines across the top and bottom rows, as well as diagonal payline across the three reels. You’ll also notice a ‘wild’ symbol on most of them, which will substitute for any other symbol to give you even more chances to win. Look out for simple 50/50 bonus rounds for the chance to double your money, too.

Video Slot Machine Animation | CasinoTop New ZealandVideo Pokies

In terms of sheer popularity and levels of innovation, modern video pokies have largely replaced the much older classic style of slot machine. And, as we mentioned above, there are quite literally thousands of them from which to choose. The major differences, however, are that video pokies have a minimum of five reels, multiple bonus features and paylines sometimes numbering into the hundreds in every imaginable combination across the spinning reels. There may be more than one type of ‘wild’ too, giving you more options for scooping a big win. In addition, other symbols such as ‘walking wilds’, ‘sticky wilds’ and ‘expanding wilds’ will dramatically change the layout of the game and unlock bonus round features that can sometimes be as involved as playing a video game on your PC or games console. This is adds up to a super exciting experience with free spins and bonus rounds both adding to the fun.

Progressive Jackpot Pokies

Playing on a progressive jackpot pokie means that you are competing with players around the world, who are all contributing towards the massive, sometimes multi-million-dollar prize. They are much the same as normal video pokies in many other respects, but because the jackpot keeps growing until a lucky son of a gun takes the lot with a single spin. If you don’t believe us, watch a few videos of jackpots being won on games like Mega Moolah or Major Millions. It’s so exciting to see the bonus rounds and free spins stack up until the whole thing goes bananas and virtual coins spill out across the screen. Who doesn’t dream of winning the big one?

Play Online Pokies for Free

It can be very confusing when you’re searching for a new game to play, and while we’d bet that it's impossible to track down and play them all, there are some fantastic options for giving a few of them a go before risking your NZDs. That’s where play for free or demo mode pokies come in. Best of all, you can try many of them out right here at CasinoTop. In this way, you can perfect you strategy, work out how best to play the bonus rounds and find a game that gels with your style before you go for that big win. Don’t spend too long in free to play mode, however, as we’d hate to see you go on a hot streak but not actually win any money. So, see it as an opportunity to spin the reels and work things out, before going on to wager real money for real prizes.

Picking the Right One

There is such a mesmerizingly long list of online video pokies out there that settling on just one can sometimes be a headache. Therefore, we recommend that you first choose a theme. So, do you want a sci-fi adventure in space, a real battle from history, myths and legends of the past, sports themes or something completely crazy? After that, you can narrow down your choices by picking one of the categories mentioned above. Do you want simple and straightforward? Pick a classic pokie. Do you want innovative game rounds and exciting sights and sounds? Pick a video pokie. Or do you want nothing else than to win that life changing amount of money that comes hand in hand with a jackpot win? Pick a progressive jackpot pokie. Also, it’s well worth checking out the volatility of each online pokie. Low volatility means that you will win very often but the prizes will be relatively small. High volatility, on the other hand, means you might go for ages without a single win of any note and the machine will go supernova on you and your wins.

Best Online Pokies Reviews List

For the very latest reviews on pokies of all descriptions, simply bookmark this page and come back on the regular to see what’s new. Most of all, have fun when playing pokies online and know we will have our fingers and toes crossed for you!

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