Our History

It all began just a few short years ago in 2017, whilst spending an enjoyable time on the tiny island of Malta. To be precise, my colleague and I were having an excellent meal, celebrating the success of a recently launched portal, and the topic of online casinos came up.

It was not the first time our company, Value Marketing, had pondered the possibility of entering the online casino industry, with the expressed aim of creating a safe and secure online environment for our Norwegian players to gamble in. The reason sprung from the fact that in Norway, back in 2003, a ban had been placed on all poker machines which could, up to that point, be easily found in petrol stations, shopping centres, train stations and many other places. The fact that players could no longer have easy access to playing the pokies drove Norwegians to play them online instead.

The Norwegian government had in fact set up its own state gambling organisation, called Norsk Tipping, but their games were not very appealing as the ones they were offering were not very good. The fact was that the government could have regulated online gaming in Norway and could also have been profiting from taxes to the tune of hundreds of millions of euro. In 2017, at the time of our dinner conversation on the subject, the revenue from Norwegian online gamblers was about 350 million euros, and that figure has just kept rising ever since.
Our Core Focus
Many European regions, including other Scandinavian countries, have regulated their gaming industries which have resulted in better conditions that protect its players with safer and more secure rules. The governments also benefit greatly from the enormous revenues which can be passed on for the betterment of the country in general.

These facts were what drove us to further investigate the idea of creating a website that could do just that. Give Norwegian players the benefit of a safety net while gambling in online casinos, which by the way, is completely legal to do in Norway. The more we discussed the details, the surer we became that having a site dedicated to primarily giving real and factual information about everything a player would want to know about online gambling.

The task we were taking on was mammoth, that much we knew. Sifting through the hundreds of online casinos as well as thousands of online games would not happen overnight. Reviewing and testing them to find the star performers and the duds would require a team of experienced and dedicated individuals as well as a lot of time and hard work.

As you can imagine, once our idea started to germinate, we become eager to get to work immediately. Our goal was to write about the top casinos in the industry, and hence the name CasinoTop was born. So, true to our name, we have sought out the slots, games and casinos that are at the top of their game.

One of the things to our advantage is that we are not part of a big corporation or group that may not always offer unbiased information due to their invested interests. CasinoTop may be a smaller operation, but we have the freedom to tell it like it is and deliver only honest and truthful advice and information.
In the Beginning
And so our work began. We already had a very clear idea of where we were headed, we knew the shortfalls of other websites that were doing the same sort of thing as what we wanted to do. We had the benefit of being able to improve on what was already around to create the most researched gambling site in existence with the full force of our motivation and determination behind us.

In order to get it right, we decided to list all the attributes that an online gambling site needs to offer its players in order for them to make the right decision when choosing a place to play. There were many important points to consider:

The trustworthiness of the casino
What gambling licences the casino has
The types of deposit and withdrawal methods the casino offers
What the casino’s customer support team is like
The quality of their game software providers
What their mobile casino facilities are like
The casino’s promotions and bonuses on offer
Fair wagering requirements

We felt sure that once we could address all of the above-mentioned points honestly and in detail, we could then publish the results so our readers could choose a casino, fully-armed with all the information they needed to know. Aside from reviewing each casino, we also offer our readers a wide array of knowledge on everything and anything to do with gaming and gambling. That means the latest industry news, the launch of new games and casinos, blogs on loads of interesting gambling trivia and information that’s sure to keep you entertained for hours.
Honesty is the Best Policy
Here at CasinoTop, we have a no-tolerance policy towards scamming or fraud in online casinos. It’s important for us to always deliver the facts, whether they are good facts or not. We have our reputation to stand by and we know that our readers expect us to be the voice of truth in this industry of online gaming. We pride ourselves on being a voice of reason as well as an authority on casino guides, so we see it as our responsibility to deliver all the facts as we know them. We have a strong commitment to encouraging responsible gaming and to always try to promote the fun aspect of gambling, that can even be enjoyed without using real money. We go to great lengths to ensure our players know all the pitfalls, how to avoid them as well as how to extricate themself from them if they’re unlucky enough to fall victim.

We know our job is done when we’ve helped our players get the best out of their online gaming experience. It’s what CasinoTop is all about, the top casinos that are safe, honest and above-board.
What’s Instore?
In the past two and a half years, we have come a long way. It’s been an eventful time since our launch, and we’ve learned so much in that period. In a relatively short time, we have managed to achieve more than we ever thought possible and our reputation is starting to speak for itself. We are liaising with some of the great casinos out there thanks to the trust they can place in us. The future seems very bright indeed, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what the next two and a half years may bring.

Our success thus far has been, in part, due to our exacting level of quality in our work, our relentless pursuit of excellence which we could not do without our expert group of writers. They come to us with a wide understanding of the industry, particularly the online gaming one, so they are not only great at researching and writing but are also very informative on every level.

As we mentioned, our journey started in Norway, but that was just the very start of what we had in mind. Sweden, Canada, India, New Zealand (that’s you guys of course) Finland, South Korea, UK, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Spain and Australia are all either now up and running or soon about to be. We are now a casino site to contend with, but our heart is still in the right place. Here at CasinoTop, we follow the same philosophy of the late marketing legend Leo Burnett. His agency started as a humble small one in the 1930s and became a giant in the marketing world.
To Quote Leo:
“When you reach for the stars you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.”

It’s really like gambling, you try to aim for the unattainable and although it may not produce exactly what you envisioned, you’ll still get a good return most of the time. Our hope is that all players will enjoy the entertainment factor of gambling within a safe environment. That is something not hard to achieve at all, by simply playing at one of our positively reviewed casinos, you just can’t go wrong!
We’ve Only Just Begun…
One of the things that makes being a part of our website such a good choice is the fact that you can also try any of the games at any of the casinos we recommend for free right here through our website. Playing games without placing real money wagers is a great way of learning how to play the games first, practice them and become an expert so that you have the best chance of winning when you do start to place real bets. It also gives you a much better understanding of which games you’re going to enjoy playing and those that you’re not so keen on.

One thing we promise to keep doing is progressing and improving what we offer. We love giving our readers special promotions and bonuses at particular online casinos that you can only take advantage of through the CasinoTop site.

Every day is a new experience with new rewards and adventures, so stick around for the ride, you won’t be disappointed!

James Mattingley Photo James Mattingley