Progressive Slots at New Zealand Casinos

You may have heard about the massive payouts from progressive jackpots slots at online casinos. But regardless of if you have some knowledge of them or not, it’s well worth exploring these popular and potentially lucrative types of online slot machines. And just to whet your appetite, let us first say that the current world record of €18,910,668 (yes, you read that right – close to 19 million euros, or the equivalent of NZ$33 million) was won in September 2018 on the king of the progressive jackpot slots Mega Moolah.

So, How Do Online Progressive Jackpots Work?

Each time a player wagers money on a progressive jackpot slot, a small proportion of the bet is set aside and stored in a prize pool. Over time – sometimes taking months or years to build up – these jackpots prize pools continue to grow until someone wins the lot with one lucky spin.

The jackpots usually build up into the hundreds of thousands of NZ dollars, but sometimes they grow so astronomically that they reach into the multiple millions before the screen goes ballistic and they spill their virtual coins all over the screen, as demonstrated by the world record mentioned above. And they grow so massive because of the amount of players contributing to the big prize.

You see, all global progressive jackpot slots (as opposed to local or fixed jackpots) are linked in a special all around the world, regardless of where a player is based or at what casino they choose to play that particular game. That means that thousands of players from all over the world are contributing to the progressive jackpot prize pool each and every day of the year.

So, while it is extremely rare for the jackpot to be won – you won’t see them hit more than every few months – it means that a truly life-changing amount of money can be won by whoever is in the right place at the right time. Therefore, some players have strategies to improve their chances of taking the big one and retiring on their own private island complete with somewhere to store their yacht. Or so we imagine – at least that’s what we’d be doing with the money.

Insider Info for Finding Huge Jackpots

Most online casinos for New Zealanders love to highlight the progressive jackpot slots available on their site. After all, they do draw the crowds like no other type of online casino game. That’s why you’ll often see jackpot counters front and centre at the top of the site, or otherwise right next to where the games themselves are displayed on the homepage or Jackpot page.

Keeping an eye on these jackpot totals can give a well-trained eye a rough idea of when a jackpot is about to blow. So, we advise looking up the top 10 biggest wins for the progressive jackpot slots you’re interested in playing, then doubling down on those ones once their totals are getting close to the big numbers you obtained from your research.

In addition, it’s not really worth playing a progressive jackpot slot that has just emptied its coffers, so it’s a great strategy to bookmark the news pages of CasinoTop. We cover all the latest big wins and we’ll also be writing up stories if we think a jackpot slot has gone nuclear.

The Best Progressive Slots to Play

As we mentioned earlier, Microgaming’s Mega Moolah is widely considered as the biggest jackpot slot of them all. However, there are many others to play, each of which also reaches totals of many millions of NZ dollars. We recommend NetEnt’s Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods and Divine Fortune are all worth a punt. Playtech’s Jackpot Giant is also one to keep an eye on.