Established in 2015, Gambino Slots burst onto the scene with the sole intention of providing players with a risk-free platform where they could enjoy some of the best slots. While it strays from the norm where you’re required to sign-up and deposit real money into your casino account, here you’ll start off with 100,000 coins and 200 free spins to enjoy a series of great slots.

What makes Gambino Slots special is that it focuses on social gaming where you can share coins with other players via Facebook and there is a range of outstanding bonuses that make it easy for you to keep going. Just because it’s risk-free doesn’t make it less exciting, there are plenty of games with excellent graphics and features.

Because this is a social casino, you won’t need to worry about banking and other financial aspects that are generally associated with online casinos. Instead, you can focus on finding the perfect game and play to your heart’s content.

Software and Game Range

The games that are featured on Gambino Slots are provided by Spiral Interactive and most of them are original titles with HD graphics and a similar design that features a 5x3 grid. What makes this social casino so much fun is that you’ll need to unlock games as you keep playing and the more G-Coins you bet, the more progress you’ll make.

This is done by earning experience points and along with the games, you’ll also unlock more bonuses. The gaming portfolio might seem small compared to traditional online casinos, but each slot has a different theme and design. Some of the best slots include titles such as Big 5 Africa, Enchanted Orb, Jackpot City, and Luxury Living.

Other themes can eventually be explored such as Ancient Egypt, the Wild West, mythology, and many more. Gambino Slots will allow you to familiarize yourself with the thrill of winning large sums of cash and accessing exciting bonuses and features.

Gambino Slots Mobile Casino Review

The Gambino Slots team has provided a mobile app to make it easier for you to access the platform without the need to signin online. The app will be linked to your Facebook profile if you have one, and this will allow you to connect with other players. Nothing about the gameplay is sacrificed when using the mobile app and you’re able to enjoy the complete portfolio of Gambino Slots.

The app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows and it’s also supported by Amazon, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger. While you’ll still require a decent internet connection to get the best gaming experience, all you’ll need to really worry about is playing as much as possible. The app can also be acquired via the Google Play Store, which is a testament to its legitimacy.

Fair Play and Security

Safety and fairness are something that concerns most players, while others will ignore them, and Gambino Slots has ensured that you have full control of the permissions when it wants to link to your Facebook profile. Nothing will be posted to your wall and you have complete control over what’s shared on your profile.

If you want the complete social gaming experience, then you’ll need to link your account to Facebook, but if you’re a casual gamer looking to have solo fun then the mobile app is perfect for you. There are plenty of promotional offers and benefits that will allow you to play for a long time without the need to buy more G-Coins, but if you’d like to spend real money on the game, you’ll be able to do so safely with in-app purchases as you’re protected by Google and Apple.

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Bonuses and Promotions

It’s always nice to start off your online gaming journey with a meaty bonus and Gambino Slots provides you with exactly that. As a newcomer, you’ll receive 100,000 G-Coins and 200 Free Spins on a slot machine of your choice. This will keep you busy for a long time and there are no wagering requirements as you can’t withdraw your winnings.

Gambino Slots also provides you with a daily free spin on the Mega Bonus Wheel. This will award you with a variety of prizes such as G-Coins, XP Blasts, and Contest Boosters. If you choose to play on Facebook, you can gain access to a variety of social features such as the Gift Exchange. If you keep playing at Gambino Slots, you’ll earn loyalty points.

Complimentary Points

The loyalty point system will be provided to you as you keep playing and it will help you to progress through nine VIP levels. Each level on the loyalty program is named after a gemstone, so you’ll start at topaz and attempt to make your way to the emerald level. The benefits include high-stakes gaming in the High Roller Room.

Other rewards include free spins, G-Coin packages, and various prize packages that will be provided via exclusive events. These events include Gambino Albums and Cash in Vegas, among many others. This is a social casino that will continue to reward you as you play.


One of the main reasons for playing at Gambino Slots is the sense of community that you get with it. The site has a large following with over 650,000 people tracking the Facebook page and there are many tips and information on the Twitter page. You’ll be able to share your success on your Facebook wall, which is a great way of applying pressure on other players that you might be competing with.

If you invite your Facebook friends to join Gambino Slots, you’ll receive 1,000 G-Coins as a form of commission for each person that accepts the invitation. If you’re using the app, you can create a profile, set your avatar, and allow others to view your status. Gambino Slots also encourages friendly competition with a buy-in progressive jackpot.

Gambino Slots puts a lot of effort into providing players with as much entertainment as possible and this is something that you won’t usually find with other social casinos.

Customer Support

There’s no dedicated team that will provide you with support, but if you run into any issues, the answer will likely be in the FAQ section. This section is quite thorough with various beginner questions answered, this includes:

  • What are slots?
  • What are online slots?
  • How to play slots?
  • What are slot lines?
  • What is a Wild symbol?
  • What is Scatter?
  • How to start playing slots?
  • How many paylines should I bet on?

If you need to contact someone, there’s an online form that you can fill out with your name, email address, and comment. However, we feel that there shouldn’t be any issues as everything is straightforward.


Not everyone wants to put their hard-earned money on the line for a bit of fun, some people simply feel that there’s a sense of enjoyment in playing online slots. Gambino Slots is a platform that allows you to enjoy the perks of online gaming without any of the risks. With a decent selection of high-quality slots, promotional offers, bonuses, and a VIP tier system to work towards, Gambino Slots provides you with plenty of opportunities to have an unforgettable gaming experience.

The social element of the platform makes it a social casino that many players, especially those that have never played a slots game before, will love. The friendly competition and being able to connect with other players are something that we don’t see very often unless it’s in a tournament setting. Ultimately, Gambino Slots is worth trying if real money betting isn’t for you.

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