World Match Casinos

World Match have been developing games for online casinos since 2003 and has come a long way in producing innovative and customisable software. By focusing their attention on analysing actual player’s wants and needs they have been able to develop their games from the ground up to provide the most immersive and enticing experiences that their very capable teams can strive for. This eventually led to the formation of the World Match Casino Games Suite, which encapsulates all of their games developments into a complete package. Furthermore, their Cloud Gaming Centre, which is a platform that handles business management of their games for casinos to benefit from by taking away the strain of infrastructure management, allowing for more focus to be spent on customer care.

While the primary focus has been on developing high quality slot games, World Match offer entertainment for all types of gamers. They have gone so far as to providing all of their games in a widescreen 1280x720 HD resolution, which allows for sharp graphical elements and an overall deeper immersive experience. The slot games also have crisp and satisfying sound effects, which adds a nice satisfying crunch on every spin.

You can see this in effect with such games as; Maximum HD with its detailed gladiatorial symbols, smooth animations, thematic music and really satisfying effects whenever you land on a winning combination. The same can be said for Dragon’s Reels, which adds in some awesome flame effects into the mix. World Match also offers some rather interesting 3 and 4 reel slots with a single row and payline. With almost 100 HD slot games provided by World Match, there’s sure to be something to captivate you. Most, if not all, of World Match’s slots can also be played in Free Mode, meaning that you have the opportunity to test them out without having to make a deposit.

The choice of almost 100 hundred games isn’t enough for you? Well, how about a slew of table and Video Poker games to add on top of that. World Match offers players plenty more with Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Poker and more, each with the same level of polish they have mastered in their slot game developments. Video Poker also comes in over a dozen variants.

What gives World Match even more of an edge over its competitors, is the customisable features integrated into its games engine. The engine allows operators to add their own special twist with graphics that can be custom made and added on top of already developed games. The above mentioned Maximus slot game could therefore, in theory, turn medieval if one desired.This level of customisation provides limitless options for operators to provide truly unique experiences for its customers.

Initially starting games development on Adobe Flash, which is still currently the industry standard, World Match has since moved on to the more mobile friendly HTML5 format. They are still in that transitional period, as HTML5 is a relatively new concept and World Match has a large back catalogue to update. However, all of their newest and future releases have been exclusively developed using HTML5. This provides a more lightweight alternative to Flash, which creates a higher degree of accessibility and smoothness of gameplay when playing on mobile or tablet devices.

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