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No matter where you find yourself in the world, here at CasinoTop we work tirelessly to find the best land-based and online casinos in the world. Our team of gambling experts have made sure that we find all the information you need to choose the method, location and website that fits your gambling needs wherever you are in the world. In this guide, we have put together a wealth of knowledge to help you navigate the world of gambling in your jurisdiction.

Our team of experts take what they do seriously and want to provide the most accurate and up to date information possible. We have even included information on how we review and select the best casinos near you. Our process includes research into the best security, games, licensing, bonuses and promotions and in-depth reviews on what you will find in terms of gambling and what is accessible to you.

Our Expectations for Great Casinos

We have made it our mission to find the best real-money casinos in as many parts of the world as possible. Through our journey of discovery, we check to see that casinos possess certain aspects and find out more about what they can offer players. Here are some of the key aspects we look for through our reviews:

Efficiency and Ease of Use

Through our reviews, we want to see that croupiers and staff at land-based casinos are hospitable and that online casinos function efficiently. Whether it is land-based or online, these casinos need to meet high standards when it comes to entertainment and accessibility. Features need to be user friendly so that players don’t spend time trying to figure something out, which takes away from the pleasure of the experience.

Free Games on Offer

Some land-based casinos around the world offer an opportunity for you to learn and practice certain games. However, there are free games available online and there are tons of options. When we review online casinos, there should be plenty of these games such as online slots, blackjack, poker, baccarat and more.

Awesome Promotions and Bonuses

A player’s gambling experience can be enhanced when they are equipped with promotions and bonuses. These offers need to have and add value to the players' gaming. The bonuses need to give players a chance to turn the bonus cash into real money and give them a chance to enjoy some of the games with little to no risk.

A Diverse Selection of Games

Our search takes a look at the type and the number of games available at land-based and online casinos. We want to see a huge selection of slots and table games. Table games such as the different variants of roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack, lotteries and so much more. The games on offer should offer players a fair chance of winning with great RTP percentages and graphics that keep players entertained.

Casinos for All Players

We recommend online and land-based casinos for a range of players. No matter what you are looking for, players will have no trouble finding games that are entertaining, easy to access and available close by or on a range of mobile devices. The CasinoTop team will keep you up to date with the best casinos around the world.

A Reliable Source or a Selection of Free Games

We want players to get a taste of what they will experience at online and land-based casinos. It’s for that reason we have a range of free games available and ready to play. There is no sign-up required, just click and enjoy.

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Reviewing and Rating Casinos

When it comes to casinos, we want players to enjoy only the best the world has to offer. We thoroughly research different aspects of an online casino before completing our review. The checklist that exists is there to ensure that only the best casinos are presented to players for them to enjoy the highest standard of gaming. Here are the topics we pay special attention to:

Identifying Promotions, Loyalty Programs and Bonuses

We do an in-depth analysis of what casinos have to offer in terms of promotions, bonuses and IP or Loyalty programs. Our main focus is to find offers that have fair and reasonable wagering requirements. We also take a look at what the casino offers as a welcome bonus, what promotions are available to returning players and the structure and value of the loyalty programs.

Promotions and welcome bonuses new icon

Assess the Selection and Quality of Games

Our team of experts try as many games as possible when it comes to online casinos and rely on the research and experience of these experts to give an analysis of the games offered at land-based casinos. There should be a diverse selection of games that offers different variants of some games as well as high-quality games. Players should be able to find traditional casino games as well as state of the art games easily.

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Careful Inspection of Safety, Security and Services

The CasinoTop team takes its time to check and ensure that the latest encryption technology is used to keep players’ information safe at all times. The casinos we review also need to prove that they are regularly audited to keep the games fair and random. The inspection goes even further as we contact the customer service department and see how well issues are dealt with and how efficient the support team is.

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Investigate Regulation and Licensing

Any reputable casino, like the ones we recommend, needs to be licensed by one of the leading gaming authorities in the world. We ensure that the license is valid and that the operator and its games are regularly audited by external auditors to ensure that all processes are fair and the games are always random.

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Review Banking Processes and RTP

Players need to know their chances of winning, so the RTP of the games on offer at any casino needs to be favourable. The games and their software needs to be regularly audited to ensure that games are kept fair at all times. We also check and test the various payment options to see how well they work for deposits and withdrawals. A good selection of payment options is often the deciding factor for most players.

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Approval and Final Rating

The casinos we review have to pass the criteria above with flying colours. That is the only way that land-based and online casinos make it onto our recommended casino lists. We will also rate these categories to come up with an overall rating for the casino which is how the casinos are listed. Only the best of the lot make it onto our list and that means that players can choose from the highest quality gaming experiences out there.


Reviewing Casinos in Your Region

Our team of gambling experts at CasinoTop have a wealth of knowledge and collectively can identify the best gaming experiences with ease. The knowledge covers topics such as game assessment, management of casinos, different forms of gambling and even customer service to name a few. Each member of the team brings something unique to the table and something that makes it all work effectively.

Casino Security and Banking

This member of the team has tons of knowledge related to banking and online security. In a world where almost anything is available online, this member of the team plays an important role in the safety of players around the world.

David Jones

Bonus and Promotion Assessment

Here we have someone that loves to find offers to make your budget go further. Just like shopping for the best deals in a store, this member of the team hunts down the best offers that casinos have to offer. They make sure that offers are reasonable and help bolster your bankroll, which ensures that claiming a bonus is always worth it.

Sally Johnson

Quality Assurance

All the review information is completed and compiled, then sent to the quality assurance department. The main member of this team double and triple checks the information to ensure that everything is accurate. This step of the process is also crucial because the end result needs to be near-perfect before presenting it to players around the world.

Howard Frank

You Can Trust Our Evaluation

Here at CasinoTop, we are serious about trust and finding not only entertaining gambling options but also safe and fair options. Whether it is online or land-based casinos, we ensure that everything is up to scratch. The casinos we present to players can all be trusted and here’s why. Each casino is:

Secure and use the latest encryption technology to keep your information safe
Filled with a diverse and large collection of casino games
Regulated and fully licensed by legitimate and trustworthy gaming authorities
Regularly audited by independent companies such as eCOGRA
Trusted to have helpful, professional and efficient customer support teams
Fully equipped with easily accessible and trusted payment options for deposits and withdrawals

CasinoTop Worldwide FAQs

To put your mind at ease when you are looking for casino gaming, our team of experts have also given answers to some common questions asked by players. We want to ensure that you have as much information as possible before placing your bets. Remember to check the laws your jurisdiction has for gambling before jumping in.

How can I find casinos near me?

Whether it is land-based or online casinos you are looking for, check for your region as listed in our guide above. You will be taken to the resources you need that will tell you exactly where to find land-based casinos and which online casinos are allowed in your part of the world.

Can I experience live gaming from home?

Yes! Most of our recommended online casinos offer live casinos. Here, you have access to live casino games that even have an actual person at a gaming table. Many of these live dealer games also offer players a chance to interact with the other players at the table or with the dealer.

Is online gambling safe?

It is when the online casino is trustworthy and that can be found by looking at the online casinos we recommend. We also have a list of blacklisted casinos that have not passed our rigorous testing, that you should avoid. We only present online casinos that have the best and latest online security available to their players.

Who or what is CasinoTop?

We are a team of gambling industry professionals that have been put together to produce content that gives insight and unbiased reviews about the gambling industry. It is our mission to provide accurate, well-researched, reviewed and fully assessed content that makes your gambling journey easier and safer.

Are there more promotions at online casinos than at land-based casinos?

Yes. It takes more money to run a land-based casino than an online casino. That is the main reason why you will find great bonuses and ongoing promotions at an online casino. Land-based casinos may offer complementary services for the amenities they offer on-site. Online casinos also need to get people interested and keep them coming back for more and promotions and bonuses do that job with ease.

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