Instant Play Casinos South Africa

Online casinos can look very different from one another with varying themes, features, and game selections, resulting in a unique player experience at each site. There is another way casinos can differ from one another and it is one that not all players are aware of because it concerns a technical (rather than visual) aspect.

In this guide, we will be exploring the concept of South Africa instant play casinos, what this term actually means and what kind of site is not an instant play casino. Readers will also be able to browse a handful of instant casinos FAQs, answered by the experienced and casino-mad team here at CasinoTop. Read on to find out more.

What Is An Instant Play Casino?

In a nutshell, an instant play casino is one that can be accessed without the need to download some form of software first. Back when the World Wide Web was young and online casinos were just emerging for public use, players would need to download software to their computers in order to play casino games. At that time, poker was the most popular option but other game types soon followed suit.

As computers became more sophisticated and the internet itself became a ubiquitous and reliable household service, things changed in the world of online casinos too. Operators began experimenting with sites that would allow players to gamble without having to download anything to their machines. This also coincided with a greater awareness of nasty things like malware and viruses that could infect computers when downloading software.

So instant play casinos began their journey and in a few short years, they would become the standard in online gambling around the world. Some brands still offer their players downloadable applications but these are often in addition to an instant play option.

A Change in Technology

In time, the software used to build instant play casinos also changed. A few years ago, most casinos used Flash and Java to make their games. Nowadays, HTML5 is the software of choice for developers and has all but made both Flash and Java obsolete. Instant play casinos are also called no download casinos.

Another huge advantage of HTML5 is that it can be displayed within any browser, including mobile ones, while Flash and Java were not compatible. With this software under the hood, instant play casinos can reach a much broader audience with the same site of the same quality.

Instant Play Casinos vs Download Casinos

As we mentioned earlier, it is almost impossible to find an SA online casino that is 100% a download casino. As instant play became the standard for many players, casinos have shifted their focus to this platform and most of today’s top brands do not have a download casino option.

At this point, it is worth pointing out that the phrase ‘download casino’ refers only to computer downloads. Mobile apps are downloaded to mobile devices but these are considered part of a casino’s mobile offering and not a download casino per se.

Where you do find download casinos for computers and laptops, you will notice a few differences between the instant play experience and what you would see on a downloaded program. Up until fairly recently, the instant play and download casino experiences were fairly similar. This is because developers were dedicating the same amount of effort into instant play and download titles as both platforms coexisted.

Today, with instant play taking the lead and download casinos attracting less attention (and less profit), players will see that instant play games are more slick, more visually appealing and greater in number than what is available through a download casino. This is not wholly unexpected. We can confidently say that instant play is the future of online casinos and that eventually, download casinos might fade away entirely.

Instant Play Casinos FAQ

If you started gambling online within the last 5 years, you are most likely already familiar with instant play casinos, even if you have only just learned that term through our guide. Below are the questions we receive most often from our readers.

What is a Flash casino?

The term Flash casino is used to refer to an online casino that offers games built using Flash software. Until recently, flash games were the most easily available games you could find and the platform gave developers the opportunity to do a lot more than they used to in terms of features and visual effects.

Today, the term flash casino is becoming less relevant. Adobe, the company that created and maintained the Flash software, announced that it would be ending support for it by the end of 2020. While gamblers shouldn’t worry about this - all you favourite games will have been ported over to HTML5 by now - we cannot really continue using the phrase ‘Flash casino’.

Instant Play is the term most often used now and it is a lot more inclusive. It covers games made with any software that allows them to be accessed within a web browser.

Can I access an instant play casino on my mobile device?

The majority of online casinos today host games that are built with HTML5, a coding language that translates well in any browser and on any device. This is one of the main advantages of modern instant play casinos, which will provide players with the same level of quality, whether they are playing on a computer or via a mobile device.

What are the differences between HTML5 and Flash games?

Aside from a broader compatibility with desktop and mobile browsers, HTML5 games have a few other advantages over their Flash counterparts. For a start, Flash games often had to be scaled back slightly in terms of visual elements and features because loading times on Flash games were affected by this. As a result, Flash games are often smaller in size on your screen.

HTML5 is less resource-hungry than Flash and so even with a weaker internet connection, HTML5 can deliver a visually rich and dynamic game with better visual quality and more features.

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