Everything You Need To Know About Using MasterCard At An Online Casino

Being one of the two dominant financial processing organisations in the world, MasterCard is a common payment method supported by online casinos and offers a fast and secure payment method option for players within South Africa. With only Visa being its main rival on the international stage, MasterCard provides banks with a transaction processing service that powers any credit or debit card that they issue with the MasterCard label. There really is no downsides to using a MasterCard rather than a Visa for topping up your casino balance and acquiring a payment card is definitely worthwhile, if you don’t already own one. So, let’s dig into the hows and whys of using a MasterCard debit or credit at online casinos.

How To Top Up Your Online Casino Balance Using MasterCard

If you’ve made a payment at an online casino using a payment card then chances are you will be instantly familiar with making such a payment at any other casino site. Online casinos go to great lengths to make the process as simple as possible and have inbuilt verifications to ensure that the information you are putting in is correctly formatted. To make a payment at an online casino you’ll need a few details from your card; namely, the 16 digit card number, the card’s expiration date and the CVV code. The card number and expiration date are generally found on the front of the card, while the CVV code is a 3 digit pin, typically found on the back of the card and may be the last 3 digits of a longer number that is found on the white strip.

After having registered at an online casino you will need to head to their deposit page. From there you can either select ‘payment card’ or ‘MasterCard’, depending on how the casino has chosen to present the options available. Selecting one of these will open up a form where you can enter the aforementioned card details, along with the card holder’s name (IE, yours), along with your chosen deposit amount. The funds will be instantly transferred once you have entered the correct details and confirmed your transaction. All that’s left to do from there is start playing with you newly updated casino player balance.

Is Using MasterCard To Fund Online Gambling Safe?

We are going to cover some important tips to maximising your security when making card payments online, however also keep in mind that when making a deposit to an online casino that MasterCard, your bank and the casino itself all perform security checks in an effort to combat fraud and misuse of your card. So, while making card payments are definitely a lot more secure than other payment methods, you can still do your part to covering yourself with these steps:

  • Only ever make transactions at sites that are recognisable and trustworthy - Rogue casinos do exist, but you can always check our on-site casino reviews to get a read on the most trustworthy casinos in the industry.
  • Make sure the site supports SSL - Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption masks your payment details, ensuring that the casino or any other site will only receive confirmation from your payment source and not your actual payment details.
  • Check through the casino’s privacy policy - Casinos care a lot about their reputation and will provide an extensive privacy policy to inform you of how they keep your details safe.
  • Perform regular scans and updates on your antivirus software - It has been known for malicious software to imbed itself in your device and broadcast any payment details you enter on it. Making friends with your antivirus software goes a long way to help prevent this possibility.
  • Whether digitally or in person, never share your card details - This can lead to fraudulent use of your card online, as a pin number is not necessary to make transactions. It is unfortunately not in every case that a bank’s security systems will be able to spot that it's not you using the card.

These guidelines go a long way to keeping your online spending activity that much safer. It is strongly recommended that you contact either the online casino or bank, if you ever feel in doubt of any of the above mentioned points. Never go through with an online transaction unless you feel absolutely at ease with committing to the payment.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using MasterCard At Online Casinos?


  • Making a MasterCard payment is easy, fast and secure, as well as being widely available across a whole host of online casinos available in South Africa.
  • Most online casinos will not ask for transaction fees when you make MasterCard your chosen deposit method.
  • MasterCard’s payment processing services provide the latest technology when it comes to security and anti fraud measures.


  • A great deal of online casinos do not support payment cards as an option for making withdrawal requests. You can however use a bank account in its place, which is required anyway for having a card in the first place.
  • For those with a MasterCard credit card, it is important to keep in mind that you are spending borrowed money, which will need to be paid back with interest. All reputable casinos provide deposit limit options, which is definitely recommended for credit card users.
  • Card transactions will appear on your bank statements, which is not a problem for all, but some may feel uncomfortable with this fact with regards to depositing at an online casino.
  • Some banks may choose to decline any transactions going towards online casino activity.

Additional Tips And Information For Using MasterCard At Online Casinos

While a MasterCard has a lot of advantages in both day to day life and when it comes to enjoying online casinos, it is still really important to be able to establish limits on one’s activity. The ease of use that comes with ownership of any payment card does come with a certain level of responsibility when it comes to spending within one’s means. This goes double for credit cards as well. This is a well known issue within the online casino industry and it is therefore a requirement for them to give players the option  of setting personal deposit and spending limits.

As the online casino industry currently exists in a grey zone within South Africa, some local banks may choose to decline any payments that they can see going towards such activities. For those facing such issues, it may be worth looking into opening up an E-wallet account. Neteller and Skrill are both reputable international E-wallets, which are very widely supported at online casinos and that are also available in South Africa. You can make a payment to top up a balance on your E-wallet, using your MasterCard and then make a payment to the casino from the E-wallet.

Additionally, E-wallets may also work as a good companion to your payment card, as withdrawals can also be actioned to the E-wallet, whereas most casinos do not support withdrawals made to payment cards. You still have your bank account as an alternative withdrawal method though.

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