Gaming Software Developers Cater To South Africans

Incentive Games was established in Edinburgh, and formally known as the “Premier Punt Group”, which was renamed and completely rebranded in late 2018. Since then, they have managed to continue on an upward spiral, going from strength to strength. Intelligent Gaming Systems Limited is a part of the gaming industry and is located in the United Kingdom.

Incentive Games

John Gordon, Incentive Games’ CEO, said that he was very excited about the partnership between Intelligent Gaming and themselves, as it affords them the opportunity to compile a platform to cater to the specific South African operators, to service its thriving online market. Gordon stated that Incentive Games together with Intelligent Gaming, aim to develop games that will assist operators, in remote areas, where live sports are not readily available.
The strategy is also directed at drawing in players who do not enjoy going to land-based casinos. Gordon said that the company's innovation and graphics are beyond any other, in his opinion and therefore, he says that their record speaks for itself and will prove to be just as effective as Intelligent Gaming’s games are for its players.

How The Partnership Will Work

The companies will work together to create 12 games, which will work on a pay-to-play basis. The compilation of games will be customised to satisfy players across the board, in South Africa. Whether they want to engage in fantasy or predatory themed games. Incentive Games, will develop and build the games on their patented technology program and then make it available to operator partners of Intelligent Gaming, such as Supabets.

Future Plans

Intelligent Gaming’s Glenn Marcus said that the company prides itself on providing the best content available on the market to all its players and operating partners alike. This partnership will allow them to continue to provide the targeted market with content and games. The games will hit the spot for its South African market. The partnership will be a long-standing one, it will theallow South African market to compete, world-wide and also set them apart from other markets. Making the relationship a valued addition to the industry.
The partnership between these two companies will prove to be mutually beneficial and also serve the South African players by providing them with all that will be needed to make the experience uniquely South African. South Africans believe in the local ability of its residents and the partnership will surely allow them to prosper.

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