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Latest Casino News GifThe iGaming industry moves at such an alarming rate nowadays that it can almost be an impossible task to keep on top of everything, especially with multiple locations for all that information. However, you’ve certainly come to the right place, as the experts and enthusiasts at CasinoTop South Africa pride themselves on knowing everything there is to know about bonuses, promotions and big winners before anyone else, and let you know all about it. All so that you never need to visit an alternative option, as everything is here in one place.

So, if you’re looking for the who, why, where, what and how about every breaking news story relating to online casinos in South Africa, you can trust CasinoTop to keep you bang up to date. Whether you’re after news of a new online casino launching in your country, or the latest updates to the lucrative welcome bonuses and free spins packages, or you’re looking for an exciting competition to win some fabulous prizes, CasinoTop will become your go to resource.

What News Stories Do You Cover?

Everything, but definitely not anything. We filter out the crap or the press releases that come through that just won’t appeal to anyone whatsoever. We only cover the breaking stories that have the potential to shake up the entire industry, in depth pieces on the latest online casino trends and more topical pieces on where you can find the best welcome bonuses, promotions and other fantastic deals at South African online casinos.

As well as these more bread and butter stories that come directly from the online casinos promoting their latest offers, we also look deeper into changes to the regulations around online gambling in South Africa, so you can always stay ahead of the curve. We won’t faff around either, as you’ll get all of the vital information right up top, with additional tidbits and trivia much lower down. We realise that people are busy and they want to get to the good stuff right away.

How Up to Date Are You Guys?

As bang up to the minute as we physically can be while getting the scoop, fact checking it thoroughly and then writing it with the wind in our sails (or at least a fair few pots of coffee). You will find all the latest news stories about online casinos in South Africa right at the top of the page, so be sure to refresh the page and look up there for the up to the minute stories. Then, as you scroll down, you will find the news stories that broke over the last few hours, days and weeks. And if there’s more to add to a story at a later date, we’ll always return to furnish our pieces with the latest and most accurate information – in short, you’re very welcome!

Everything contained on this main news page is organised in chronologically, as we mentioned. Check out the latest by heading up top, but if you fancy catching up on what’s happened in recent months or years, be sure to head back through the archives – it can be fascinating to see how things have changed over time. And once you’ve gotten your fix of news, head over to our online casino reviews, complete guide pages and blog for even more good stuff.

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