R17m Lottery Jackpot in South Africa

The National Lottery in South Africa can be seen all over the country. You can see it on TV, in supermarkets, on billboards, and you’ll find advertisements displaying bright images catching your attention. These are all attempts at encouraging you to make your way to your local store or betting house to fill in your lucky numbers. Apart from this, you can also sit at home or play on any mobile device.

Speaking of playing online, just recently, a jackpot of more than R17 million was won by one lucky online lottery player. It was reported that the player purchased a R20 ticket and played using the quick pick strategy. This is where the player doesn’t have control over which numbers are selected, but the system picks the numbers randomly. With so little effort, he or she was still able to rake in a life-changing sum.

National Lottery in SA

The National Lottery was started in 2000 and has grown in leaps and bounds ever since. The country now sports 8 lotteries with varying rewards. Studies have shown that out of ten people, seven of them are probably playing the lottery every single day.

Lotteries have become extremely popular, due to the tickets being affordable and there being a range of ways to win your share.

Some Big Winners

Ithuba, the National Lottery Operator, has said that the lucky player had not yet claimed the prize, but hoped that they would do so as soon as possible. To date, players using the online platform have been able to win huge jackpots. With ease of access in mind, players are able to use mobile or banking apps to play the lottery.

A jackpot of R135 million was won in April 2020 and another player walked away with R153 million in July 2020. Just last year in February 2019, one player walked away with a sum upwards of R232 million. Leaving no room for guessing if the prize is worth taking a chance. The operator has said that it is a great feeling knowing that they can bring joy to so many people and help them change their lives.

Responsible Gaming

Even though it seems like the National lottery is encouraging gambling, they are doing so in a responsible way. Ithuba offers trauma counselling and financial advice to big winners all over the country.

No further information has been provided regarding the R17 million big winner, but wherever and whoever it is, Ithuba is waiting to help and see them through the easy claiming process.

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