Stand a Chance to Win R75 000 and Other Prizes at 21 Dukes Casino

Any online casino can offer generous welcome bonuses, but how you treat existing players is what matters. As it stands, 21 Dukes Casino offers South African players a range of promotions that run throughout the year that will ensure that you enjoy your stay. Their bonuses range from daily casino deposit bonuses to raids and pool parties. Keep reading to find out which one is more suitable for you.

Daily Casino Bonuses

21 Dukes online casino offers deposit bonuses every day of the week, from Sunday to Monday. On any given day you can expect no less than 5 daily bonuses. If it’s your lucky day, then you could even expect 6 or 7 bonuses to choose from.

Essentially, the more money you deposit, the higher the bonus you receive. All you have to do to be eligible for the minimum bonus of 25% is make a deposit of up to R490. And the bonuses range between 25% and 300%. Further to this, you can expect the 300% bonus to be on offer on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Keep in mind that the different bonuses require different deposit amounts. So make sure that you know what you need to deposit in order to qualify for the bonus you’ve got your eye on.


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21 Dukes Casino Norse Raids

For the entire month of July, 21 Dukes is running a promotion called Join the Raid: Vikings. If you have not joined yet, don’t fret. You’re just in time to catch the last couple of days. All you need to do is make a minimum deposit of R250, which will give you access to your daily money bag. However, to gain favor with the gods you have to sacrifice more than just the minimum.

Deposit R500 or more and you will have the pleasure of experiencing the favour of Thor, Odin, and Freya as they guide you towards the treasure chests.There are three treasure chests: bronze, silver and gold. The treasure chests are filled to the brim with free spins and chips, cash prizes and amazon vouchers and reset every day at midnight.

One deposit of R250 provides access to the daily gift of that specific day, as well as the six days thereafter. The prizes can only be claimed once a day, and if you do not claim your prize on the day it was rewarded, you will not be able to at a later stage.
It’s a Pool Party in Vegas!

The Vegas Pool Party is a promotion that runs from the 20thof July until the 2nd of August 2020. Players can join at any time by depositing a minimum amount of R500, as well as playing the slot games Super Sweets, Bamboo Rush, and Dragon Kings from software developer Betsoft.

At the end of the pool party, 5 players will receive cash prizes. The cash prizes are as follows:

  1. R75 000
  2. R40 000
  3. R20 000
  4. R10 000
  5. R5 000

It seems like every day is a good day to join 21 Dukes Casino in South Africa!

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