The Most Popular Casino Games in South Africa

South Africa’s gambling industry has gone to great lengths to ensure that the options in the country are nothing less than international standards. The country has a thriving tourism sector and as such, the government has aimed to create a gambling atmosphere that offers the most popular casino games. South African players benefit greatly from this, which is why the industry is such a success in the country. Here are three of the most popular casino games you can enjoy in SA.


Slot machines have risen to international fame over the last century. It only makes sense then, that this game will be the most popular in South Africa. As a rule, residents are usually very social and have a strong culture of “togetherness.” Slot machines are not only fun, exciting, and easy to use but also offer players the freedom to view other players as comrades instead of competition.

This key aspect of slot machines is one of the many that have led to it becoming a global favourite. The ease with which slots can be grasped, and played, makes it perfect for casual gaming. To add to the allure of this gaming genre, South Africans tend to go big, foregoing smaller machines and heading straight for progressive ones to maximize their luck.


Often referred to as the King of card games, it is not surprising to find this game on the list. As South African players strive to stay relevant and enjoy the internationally famous offerings, poker has become the second most popular game played at casinos in South Africa. The country has yet to yield a title-winning professional poker player but has been done proud by the likes of Raymond Rahme and Warren Zackey.

Perhaps is the allure of playing the game often seen in major motion pictures or read about in stories, either way, South Africans are enthralled by the game. The most commonly played poker variant in the country is Texas Hold ‘em, closely followed by Omaha, Caribbean Hold ‘em, and Pai Gow Poker.


Coming in at a close third is blackjack. This game combines all the best elements and finesse of playing an intense card game while being simple enough for new players to learn at the table. The cherry on top for many players is that this game doesn’t favour the house like poker does. In some parts of the country, blackjack is even more popular than poker because of the exciting bets and various ways to play.

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