The Most Popular Progressive Slot Networks

Before 1986, jackpot payouts were limited to whatever the casinos decided it would be. That was until International Gaming Technology (IGT) and slot manufacturers launched progressive jackpot slot machines for South African and global players. Let’s take a look at some of these progressive slot game networks.

Progressive Jackpot Options

IGT changed the face of slot machines, while still making it possible for the casinos to maintain the house edge. This innovation took the gaming world by storm and provided players with the option of maintaining their wagers and still stand a chance to win a larger amount of money. Of course, as we all know the more you bet, the more you can win. With the introduction of these new slot machines came the option of players choosing to play the local-area machines or the wide-area ones.

Local and Wide Area Networks

Megabucks was the first progressive jackpot machine. It was also the first one where the wide-area technology was used. What this means is that the slot is linked to several machines, via the network, this means that it even links up with machines in other casinos and fact in other states as well. The jackpot that is generated, is therefore much bigger than the one in the case of the local-area machines. The local-area slots link up with a limited number of machines, resulting in a maximum jackpot which will not be more than $100 000.

Some Interesting Statistics

Most of the slot machines that are in use presently such as Wheel of Fortune is a wide-area slot, which has quite a few variations, one such is the Wheel of Fortune Quarter, which requires a 75c wager which allows you to play for a jackpot of $200 000, if this jackpot is won, the machine is re-set to another $200 000 again. Other variations offer bigger bets for bigger wins. Saturday Night Live is also a wide-area machine which offers a jackpot which starts at $10 000 but also has other variations for bigger jackpots.

Sex in the City is a popular game which attracts attention because of the series. It also starts with a minimum bet of 50c, if you play all four screens your total bet will be $2, with which you could strike the progressive jackpot. The start-up jackpot for Millionaire 777s is a whopping $1 million and pays out more frequently than other machines. Powerbucks most recent payout was in 2015 when the jackpot was $1.35 million. Quartermania allows for lower bets for higher payouts; the last jackpot which was won was $178 000.

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