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Located in the Northern Cape, Upington is a small town that was originally founded in 1873. What began as a small gathering of people, setting up a settlement located on the fringe of the Orange River, has now blossomed into a small town with some of the most spectacular views of starry skies and the incredible wildlife that graces the earth of South Africa.

Upington was once home to an abundance of olive trees which it was originally named after only to be changed a few years later and currently remains the same. The streets are now filled with monumental buildings, architectural designs, and history that remains the culture of the town.

Because Upington is rich with fertile soil, despite the heat of the Northern Cape, it bears some of the trade that reaches international waters and includes A-grade grapes, wines, raisins, and olives.
South Africa is known for its incredible selection of independently owned wine farms and Upington is home to one of them. The import-quality wine is shipped over to the United States of America and is also taken to specific areas in Europe. Orange River Cellars is widely known and as a result, has attracted many foreigners.

In addition to wines and olives, there is also another special attraction and one that tourists, as well as South Africans, would want to know about. The Desert Palace Casino is the ideal location for those travelling through the areas of the Kalahari based town and offers a wide range of casino games, entertainment and accommodation for those seeking a thrilling South African experience.

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The casino is ideally situated at the Upington Golf Course, a massive attraction for those looking for perfect golfing conditions as well as preferably located accommodations with the added benefit of entertainment.

Being located out of the heart of the town centre, the casino provides a serene environment, perfect for those seeking the tranquillity of the Kalahari or for those seeking the complete opposite and preferring the bustle and excitement from the casino. The two entirely different dynamics go hand in hand at Desert Palace Casino and the same could be said about the games on the floor of the casino.

Games Available at Casino Desert Palace

There are currently 169 slots machine games and video poker on the floor as well as 6 table games that include blackjack, American Roulette and poker.

The casino urges new players to seek the guidance of floor staff as they are able to discreetly inform players of the rules and gameplay strategies. High rollers and seasoned players are welcomed to the Prive lounge for a more challenging and rewarding gaming experience, including slots gaming.

On the floor, slots games range from a minimum wagering deposit of 5c but can easily reach a maximum of R5. The progressive slots, which are the highest wagering ones in the casino, have been scattered amongst the classic and modern machines.

The casino gaming floor is thoroughly equipped with trained staff, waiters and waitresses as well as security, all to ensure that each and every player's gaming experience is as good as the casino’s reviews.

The following timetables are according to the games available on the floor:

Weekends, on Friday and Saturday, the slots are available to the public from 10 am until 3 am in the early hours of the following morning.

Sundays the slots are open from 2 pm in the afternoon until 11 pm that same evening.

Weekdays, which are from Monday to Thursday, operate from 10 am in the morning until 2 am the following morning.

Being a remote town located in what many foreigners believe to be the middle of the desert, Desert Palace Casino only operates during peak hours. Seasonal times apply as well as residential hours.

Table games are also limited to the following times:

Weekdays, Monday to Thursday, the tables open at 6 pm in the evening and close at 2 am the following morning.

Weekends, the tables are opened and manned by 6 pm until 2 am, on Fridays and Saturdays.

Sunday’s the tables are only operational from 2 pm until 11 pm in the evenings. During seasonal months, it is recommended that players confirm operational times as the foot traffic is more lively and the casino more boisterous during these seasonal weeks.

Things To Do at Desert Palace Casino

Being located on the golf grounds, the casino is queried often about the golf course. The course is 18 holes, offers a putt-putt course as well as a golf club, attracting many golfing enthusiasts around the world to this Kalahari based golfing grounds.

For the little ones and the family, there is an amusement indoor park. Here is where the kids and the entire family get to explore arcade games, win prizes and indulge in good sporting fun. The EntretengaGames Arcade is especially renowned for its 6 seaters 5D cinema and the gaming arcade delivers over 20 interactive games for the family to enjoy.

Delicia is where visitors can grab almost anything to ease their sweet tooth or potentially get souvenirs for friends and family as this sweet shop holds some of the most incredible candy, candy akin to what one would imagine in the Charlie Chocolate Factory.

There is also a crèche for the little ones so that the parents can explore the Desert Palace Casino lobby while their precious little ones are taken care of by a large staff of trained and professional team to look after young ones. There are designated times so parents are urged to call in advance.

One of the attributes to make Desert Palace really unique is the restaurant’s jungle gym area. Here the little ones are treated to swings, jungle gyms, slides and more while parents can look on providing a pleasant experience for the family all around.

A newly developed Ten Pin Bowling alley has been the latest craze at the casino. It provides players with 4 lanes and offers family excitement to those daring enough to take on their young ones.
Finally, there are mini train rides that have also been recently added to the list of things to do at this Upington Casino and adults can join their kids on an entertaining ride throughout the golf course, admiring the views and the players along the way.

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Desert Palace Casino Events and Amenities

The casino also provides world-class conference facilities which are ideal for business events and functions. These facilities tend to attract businessmen and women all year round leaving the casino to enhance its décor and accommodations. This has granted the hotel and casino a 3.9-star rating but the casino boasts its beauty in what comes across as 4 stars.

Because the casino is ideally located right off Upington CBD, the main attraction of events is held as Desert Palace located in Upington. Currently, there are popular event attractions which have attracted the attention of foreigners

The events hosted by the casino include comical live mic nights, themed events and concerts performed by live bands.

Naturally, in a place as beautiful as Upington, there is an amazing restaurant at the casino; the Bella Roma Restaurant. This local grill and steakhouse, renowned for its food, has also been a highlight in many local magazines, all of which boast the Italian restaurant's cuisine making its reputation in just a few days of it opening its doors within the majestic walls of the Desert Palace and Casino.

Desert Palace Casino Accommodation

There are 60 rooms at the casino, each offering free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, TV installations with access to DSTV and more. There are 24 superior rooms that cater to those looking for the ultimate luxurious place to rest their heads after a hard day’s work on the course or the casino. There are 36 standard rooms that look just as rich but provide more modest accommodations and finally, there is one superior paraplegic room for those looking for easier access to facilities.

There is also a welcoming indoor and outdoor pool. Despite the hot summers of cold winters, Desert Palace accommodation has the perfect water-based fun activities to enjoy by the whole family.
All hotel residents are treated to free parking and room service and there are accommodating rooms for handicapped guests.

Desert Palace Casino FAQs

There are a few questions that have been regularly asked regarding the casino and so we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your perusal.

How do I contact the casino for bookings and reservations?

The casino can be found online where a contact form is available, alternatively, there is a contact phone number: (+27) 054 338 4100. The casino can also be reached via fax or on a 24-hour cell (+27) 072 490 2628 and the email address is reservations@desertpalace.co.za.

Does Desert Palace Casino have a social media account where I can view reviews?

Yes, the casino is available on three different platforms; Facebook, Twitter and email. Here you are offered imagery of the casino, its winners and all the goodies it has to offer potential visitors.

Does Desert Palace Casino support responsible gaming?

The casino does, in fact, support responsible gaming and if any assistance is required there is a floor manager at the casino and the website also provides a ‘problem gambling counsellor’ call line which is accessible around the clock should any player find the need to reach out to a professional.

Is the conference room separate from the casino when trying to make a booking?

Yes, the conference centre is accessible on a separate line and will need to be booked in advance as it is incredibly popular all year round. Bookings can be made at bookings@desertpalace.co.za.

Is the Bella Roma fully licensed?

Because of the restaurant's popularity, it is indeed fully licensed and caters for large bookings during events and any other time of the year.

What is the age restriction of the casino?

As we all know, casinos have age restrictions and youngsters aren’t allowed in the casino or near the games. This is to shield them from gambling according to the laws of the country. In South Africa, a minor is considered to be under 18 years of age and as a result, no under 18’s are allowed in the casino. If you are 18 or older you may be asked to produce some form of identification, but you will be permitted to play.

If I don’t know how to play a specific casino game will someone be able to assist me?

If, for example, you have never played blackjack yet you find yourself drawn to the table and you would like to understand how the game works before proceeding to place real money wagers, you may seek assistance from the information desk as there are staff members specifically trained to teach players how the game works. Alternatively, you may seek out the information area and request a brochure that details the workings of the games and the rules. Finally, you can always utilize the internet using the free Wi-Fi of the casino.

Why has the casino been named desert palace?

If the name of the casino and hotel moves you slightly you may be thinking that this Upington casino is dry, arid and in the middle of a desert. You would be right, to an extent, but the real reason why the casino has been named ‘The Desert Palace Hotel and Casino’ is because though it isn’t overly dry and arid, Upington is in fact located in the Kalahari Desert.

The Desert Palace hotel, however, there is nothing resembling a desert but it does resemble a palace. The casino and the hotel, as well as the conference centre, include air-conditioning which is ideal for the hot summer days in the Northern Cape.

The casino and hotel in Upington are continuously upgrading casino games and its facilities so players and visitors can always look forward to something new all year round, no matter how many times they have already frequented the casino.

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