Maestro Casino Deposit Method

Maestro is the debit card version of a MasterCard and is a very commonly used debit card in a big number of countries around the world, Canada included. With this card, you can digitally transfer funds from your bank account to merchants as well as over 100 online casinos... Show More

Important information for US players

Maestro is a pretty well-used payment method in the US, and you might be able to use it at online casinos as well. We do recommend however that you reach out to the support team of the casino to check if their processor will accept the deposit. There are several regulations in place in the US that prevents banks from funding online casino accounts, meaning your deposit might not be accepted.

What it is

As with other debit and credit cards, Maestro is a very easy method to use when making a deposit to an online casino. You need a bank account to get a card, and the account needs to be with a bank that offers the Maestro service. To get a card like this one usually has to book a meeting with a bank representative who will review your request and, if approved, you will receive the card within 1-2 weeks via mail.

How to deposit using Maestro

The first thing you’ll want to do before making your deposit is to ensure your bank account has a balance to cover the deposit, as Maestro will not allow you to go into overdraft. Log in to your casino, go to the cashier and enter the deposit amount after choosing the debit card of your choice. After entering your deposit amount you will have to fill in a short form with details such as the card number, expiration date and CVV. Once the form is completed, your funds should be available instantly.

Why you should use these cards

Using a Maestro is quite easy and convenient as you don’t have to bother with third party financiers at all. The deposit is made between you and the casino. A lot of casinos online also remember your card details for you, so there is no need to re-enter your card details every time you want to deposit. Since this is a part of MasterCard, the product itself is very safe, with security features and encryptors. If at any point you run into issues with the card, you can contact the Maestro support department for assistance.

Why Maestro might not be for you

The convenience definitely does not start from when you first set about getting one, as the process of obtaining the card is pretty tedious and extensive in comparison to other services like e-wallets. Since you are unable to request a Maestro card online, the process of meeting with a bank representative and then waiting for the card to arrive in the mail is surely enough to have many opt for other methods. Secondly, Maestro card, unfortunately, does not allow for withdrawals from the casino back to the card, meaning you will need one additional method for withdrawals.