A Guide to the Best Roulette Online Casinos

A Guide To Finding The Top Sites for Roulette

We bet when you’re at your local casino, there is a ton of excitement and entertainment at the section where the table games are. This is probably due to all the attention that the iconic game of roulette gets. Roulette is by far, one of the most popular table games at any casino. Players are likely to find American, European and French Roulette variants at any land-based casino. Here’s an interesting fact though; other versions can only be found online. Keen to find the traditional roulette games along with other variants? CasinoTop has you covered!

Our team has written a comprehensive guide to find the best online casinos that offer the best roulette games online in the US. We have also added some tips on how to maximize your gaming potential when playing roulette online. We reckon we’ll make you a roulette expert in no time.

The Best Online Casinos for Online Roulette

300% up to $6,000
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100% + 100 Free Spins
1-7 Days Payout
Win Rate
3-7 days Payout
Win Rate
3-7 days Payout
96.18% Win Rate

Play Roulette For Free

If you have never played roulette before or want to try something you have learned to better your odds, then don’t rush to the nearest real money roulette game. Take your time and start playing free roulette online. We have a great collection of free roulette games in all the variants you can think of. The rules and outcomes are exactly what you will find when you play for real money, just without the risk.

Playing free roulette will also help you gain confidence before risking real money at the online casino of your choice. Many players play roulette for free just for the fun of it as well. Try one of our free games below and you will not be disappointed.

Recommended Online Casinos

Blacklisted Online Roulette Casinos

Every online casino we examine is put through its paces by our team of pros. You can be certain that everything is in order when we recommend an online casino and a Roulette game. While there are many excellent online casinos in the United States, there are several that you should avoid if you come across them. If an online casino fails to pass our stringent tests, it will be put on our blacklist. Here are a handful of the online casinos that we have found to be unsuitable for our American players and readers.


Incorrect and misleading marketing relating to safety measures
Confusing wagering requirements
Inferior quality of games displayed


Customer complaints remain unresolved
Unprofessional customer service received
Stalled winnings being paid out


Consumer complaints ignored
Misleading claims to proper international licensing
Improper online casino practices in use

Expectations of the Recommended Online Casinos

Safety and Security

Our first aim is to keep your money and personal information safe at all times. Any online casino we suggest has a high level of encryption, excellent customer service, and is routinely audited by a third party as part of our testing process. As a result, all Roulette games are guaranteed to be completely fair and random.

The Best Welcome Bonuses

All of the recommended online casinos in our guide that provide Roulette have fantastic promotions and welcome bonuses. There are perks developed and supplied expressly for Roulette players in some circumstances, especially when it comes to the live experience with live Roulette games.

Free and Real Money Roulette

Every one of our suggested Roulette casinos will include both free and real money roulette games. All of the variations are accessible, including live Roulette. We make sure that there is always a fantastic range of games available.

The Best Quality Software

Our picks also include games that are both visually appealing and simple to play. With good software, you can have the finest gaming experience imaginable. The graphics are stunning, and the gameplay will be fluid and adaptable to a variety of devices. You can expect to see many types of Roulette on offer from some of the industry's biggest software vendors.

Mobile Roulette Games

When playing at one of our suggested online casinos, selecting a mobile device to play Roulette on is simple. To make it easier for you to choose an online casino, we tested all of the Roulette versions on a variety of mobile devices. Games are accessible on Android, Windows, and iOS, and are simple to play.

Competitive Return To Player Percentages

When you play online Roulette at one of our recommended online casinos, you'll get the best and most competitive odds possible. Assuring that the games are random, fair, and have high payoff rates. Assuring that games are enjoyable and beneficial to players.

Diverse Range of Roulette Variants

Our testing procedure also includes ensuring that the online casinos we suggest feature a diverse range of Roulette games. To be considered one of our best, you must offer a wide variety of Roulette versions. There are numerous online casinos available in the United States, and we aim to identify an online casino that offers all of the varied varieties you require in one convenient location. Classic Roulette as well as more current varieties, like live Roulette, are available at all of our recommended online casinos.

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Reviewing and Rating the Best Online Casinos

The quality of a game is critical, particularly if we intend to promote it to our readers. Our team of professionals has created a comprehensive checklist for not just the online casinos we recommend, but also the online Roulette games that are accessible at those casinos. Games that provide the greatest real money online Roulette gaming experience. Here's how each game works before an online casino with a variety of Roulette games is recommended.

Security of the Platform

All fraud prevention and encryption criteria must be met. Online casinos must use cutting-edge technology to protect player information and gaming. We make sure that the online casinos' IT specifications are followed at all times, and that the platform is tested regularly.

License Check

Online Roulette games must be available at an online casino that has been properly regulated by one of the industry's major authorities. Licensing from regulating agencies like the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission must be prominently displayed.

Regular Auditing

Some regulations must be followed for online casinos to maintain their licensed status, and these must be followed at every recommended online casino. Furthermore, these regulations detail the times when online casinos and their games are subjected to testing.

Fairness and Random Outcomes

We make certain that game fairness is always maintained. We check for an acceptable payout rate and see if the game's Random Number Generators (RNG) are audited regularly.

Latest Encryption Technologies

Safety and security are extremely vital, and an online casino can achieve this by using the most up-to-date encryption technology. Encryption ensures that personal and financial information is kept private at all times unless it is accessed by a specific user.

Online Roulette Variants

While your local casino may offer Roulette, playing Roulette online opens up a whole new universe of possibilities. The classic forms of Roulette will be available in land-based casinos, but not all of the variations will be available to players.

Play free and real money versions of all Roulette types by virtually stepping into one of our suggested online casinos. Classic roulette games, Double Wheel Roulette, and micro roulette, which is more modern and fast-paced. Here's a rundown of the Roulette variations you'll come across if you play at one of our recommended online casinos.

European Roulette

There is one zero on the board and offers players a reasonable edge. The house edge is not set as high as other roulette variants you may have played before and also has the most basic roulette rules.

European Roulette

American Roulette

The fact that the Roulette table features a zero and a double zero, which enhances the house edge, makes it easy to spot. Given the benefit to the casinos, land-based casinos will most likely have this variation set up more frequently than the others.

American Roulette

French Roulette

While the Roulette table is comparable to European Roulette, there are a few differences that set this variety apart. La Partage and En Prison are two distinctive regulations that add to the game's intrigue.

French Roulette

3D Roulette

It makes use of the standard rules used in European Roulette, but with added features. The 3D effects and graphics add a layer of entertainment and immersive gaming to your roulette experience.

3D Roulette

Mini Roulette

It is, as the name implies, a scaled-down version of the conventional game. Mini Roulette only contains 1-12 on the table instead of the regular 1-36. Given the smaller table and wheel, if the ball lands on zero, the player's stake is repaid in full.

Mini Roulette

Live Dealer Roulette

One of the best new varieties for online casinos, it has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Players can play a variety of Roulette games with a live dealer or croupier. This gives you the casino experience you want without having to leave the comfort of your own home or a nearby café.

Live Dealer Roulette

Winning at Roulette: Quick Tips

Watch Your Bankroll

Check Your Bankroll

Play responsibly and always keep an eye on how much you have left to play with. Set limits and only gamble with money that was intended for your gaming session.

Outside Bets are Best

Outside bets will help you acquire confidence and evaluate any methods you've learned if you're a beginner. Outside bets aren't particularly profitable, but they might help you acquire confidence as you progress to greater stakes.

Know Your Roulette Variants

Ensure that you have done your research and read about the different forms of roulette. When you choose a variant to play, find out as much as possible regarding the rules, odds, special features and table layout.

Weigh the Odds

Find out how your bet affects your odds before placing it. Different versions of roulette can offer minor differences in the odds and some may swing these odds in your favor.

Top Tips for Online Roulette

Even while there is no proven strategy for winning at Roulette, there are strategies to improve your game and increase your chances of winning. There is no way to predict where the ball will land, therefore everything is up to chance. Follow these quick guidelines and you'll soon be a regular flier when it comes to online Roulette.


Choose a reputable online casino like the ones we recommend


Do research on the rules


Use a strategy that plays to your strengths


Try playing roulette for free


Watch out for tips to help your odds


Do your research on the odds for roulette

Real Money Vs. Free Roulette

Reasons Why Players Enjoy Free Roulette
There's no need to sign up for a casino to play free Roulette.
Use practice money to place high-stakes bets.
There is no time limit, and you can practice your methods before betting real money.
There is no need to install anything; simply click and play free Roulette right away.
Free Pokies
There are more roulette variants to choose from.
Loyalty programs and VIP benefits may be available with real money deposits.
Only real money deposits are accepted for Live Dealer Roulette.
When real money is deposited at an online casino, more bonuses may be unlocked.

The Latest Popular Online Roulette Variants

With all the different types of online roulette available out there, there are a few favorites. Check out the most popular forms of roulette that players enjoy regularly.
Game Rating Free Games Real Money Mobile Learn more
Live Dealer Roulette⭐5/5✔️✔️Learn more
3D Roulette⭐4.6/5✔️✔️✔️Learn more
French Roulette⭐4.2/5✔️✔️✔️Learn more
American Roulette⭐3.9/5✔️✔️✔️Learn more
European⭐3.9/5✔️✔️✔️Learn more

The Best Online Casinos To Offer Online Roulette

Play at one of our recommended online casinos below and find the best roulette games to enjoy. We promise that each of the online casinos below has been thoroughly tested and will not leave you disappointed.

300% up to $6,000
1-5 days Payout
Win Rate

Online Roulette FAQs

Our team of gambling experts here at CasinoTop love hearing from readers and gamblers in the US. We have put together a few of the most common questions that are asked when it comes to playing roulette online. We have answered the questions to the best of our ability and hope it helps.

What will I need to play online roulette?

You need to have a device that can access the internet such as a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Do your best to connect to a private internet connection and find the online casino and casino game you want to play.

Are there any winners when it comes to playing roulette?

Yes. The game is based mostly on chance and luck, so there is a fair chance that any player will win. Roulette is also the table game that offers players the highest payout percentage.

Do I need additional software to play online roulette?

That is completely your choice given that most online casinos offer you a gaming experience that can be enjoyed directly from your internet browser. If there is software to download then you might have a more immersive and efficient gaming experience when you use it.

Are there any free online roulette games?

Yes. You will find free roulette games on the CasinoTop site as well as any reputable online casino. There are tons of options and you can play the roulette variant of your choice as well.

How does European and American Roulette differ?

The rules of how you play the game remain the same when you switch between the two variants. However, the American variant has a double zero on the table and on the roulette wheel. The presence of the double zero increases the house edge of the game.

How do I find the best online roulette casinos in the US?

Our team of experts have compiled a list of the best online casinos in the country. These online casinos have been specially checked, tested and rated for their roulette games. You are sure to find the variant you enjoy playing and should have tons of fun when you choose from the sites we recommend.

Mobile Casinos