The Ultimate Guide to the Best Basketball Betting Sites

Finding a reputable basketball betting site shouldn't be difficult. And with CasinoTop, you can get all the information you need to expand your knowledge and assist you through this process of getting you ready to place bets with online basketball betting.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports on the planet, and despite the NBA's dominance in terms of popularity and profitability, the games are always entertaining to watch. In general, online sportsbooks will offer a wide range of exciting betting markets and an exciting overall betting experience.

Top-Rated Basketball Betting Sites

If you want to place a bet on your favorite basketball league, then you have to do it with the best online sportsbook out there. Luckily, all you need to do is look below at our comprehensive list of the best sports betting sites for basketball bets.
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What is Online Basketball Betting?

Much like land-based sports betting, online sportsbooks provide a comparable experience as all you’re required to do is select the betting market you're interested in by weighing the best odds and then placing your bet. Over the last few years, basketball's popularity has increased tremendously. This is primarily due to how simple the scoring system is and that there are multiple quarters in a game, which will provide you with an adequate amount of time to place another bet.

How to Place Wagers on Basketball 

Follow the steps below and you will see that you can start placing basketball bets in no time!

Choose a site that interests you and fill out the registration form.
Create a unique username and password for your account, and if your account allows it, add a security question.
If a promotional code is available, make sure you apply it to receive your welcome offer.
Read and accept the site's terms.
Learn everything there is to know about the site, take a look around, and see what appeals to you the most.
Choose basketball, the betting market and don’t forget the league you want to bet on.

The Biggest Leagues 

All sports have a hierarchy and many athletes work hard their whole lives to move up in rank and change leagues to be part of the best of the best.



The most prestigious basketball organization and league in the world and the apex of basketball, the National Basketball Association is known for having the best players and it’s also the highest paying league. This league attracts millions of fans globally and is home to the greatest basketball players in the world, with players such as LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Dwight Howard, Stephen Curry and many more.

This league hosts 30 teams with 82 games in a season, the current champions are the Los Angeles Lakers, with the Boston Celtics being the most successful team with 17 NBA titles. There are a range of tournaments that are associated with this league such as the All-Star Weekend, the NBA Finals, the Eastern and Western Conferences, and the Play-Offs.


The NCAA collegiate league is where you should be looking for budding talents who will ultimately make their way to the NBA. This is one of the most competitive leagues in the country, with three divisions and a total of 100 teams. For basketball aficionados, the NCAA offers a variety of betting options.

Virginia is the current NCAA champion, although UCLA is the most successful team. The First Four, March Madness, and Division tournaments are all associated with NCAA basketball.


If you're searching for something new, the EuroLeague is the place to go. The EuroLeague pits the greatest European basketball leagues against one another. This league is extremely popular, with attendance records second only to the NBA.

This league has 18 clubs competing in 34 games per season. CSKA Moscow is the most recent champion, with Real Madrid having won the most EuroLeague titles. The final four, regular season and playoffs make up the tournament's framework.


The NBA's Oceania franchise was founded in the 1970s and is now the region's highest level of basketball. The NBL has also grown in popularity in the United States as a result of a partnership with Facebook, which allows millions of people to watch the games live on Facebook.

The Perth Wildcats are the title holders and have the most titles, with 28 games played every season. The season is divided into three parts: the regular season, playoffs, and the NBL finals.

The Best Basketball Betting Tips

It's critical to have a thorough comprehension of the game as well as information on the teams and players if you want to put winning bets. The result of a basketball game or tournament can be influenced by a variety of things. Here are our four best basketball betting tips to get you started.

Keep an eye on the schedule

Keep an eye out for teams that have back-to-back games scheduled. If the club is in good form, they could be a good bet to win their upcoming game based on their momentum. If they are on a winless streak, the swift turnaround may indicate that they will suffer once more.

Check the schedule

Slow Games have Value

When it comes to total point bets, the majority of basketball fans want to see thrilling, high-scoring games and will bet accordingly. That means the sportsbook's notional point total could be overly high. Going under is a good bet if you think the game will be close and low-scoring.

Don’t dismiss slower games

Stick to the “four factors’

Basketball gurus feel that a thorough examination of four criteria — shooting, turnovers, rebounding, and free throws – will help you build a solid betting model. This may take some time and effort, but it will help you estimate game point spreads and place bets accordingly.

Follow the “four factors

Know your distances

If a team has to travel a great distance for a match – especially in the NBA if they had just played on the opposite side of the country – weariness could be a problem. Even if teams fly 1st class, the physical toll of traveling such a long distance may be a disadvantage on the court.

Know your distances

Check reports for any injuries

It's crucial to maintain track of injuries. If a team's star players are unavailable, the expected outcome may change. It's also a good idea to keep a watch on players who are taking a break. Some athletes will be struck out in advance, while others will be decided on the spot.

Watch for big line moves

Betting lines are frequently swayed by public interaction. If a team has a lot of excitement and press surrounding them, the public is more likely to wager in their favor. The odds on a betting site will modify swiftly to reflect this, possibly creating value for the opponent. Jumping on moving lines at the right time has been found to help enhance profits!

Shop around for better odds

Shopping for lines is the method of comparing odds from several sportsbooks. The greater the overall profit, the better the odds. It's a simple suggestion, but it can help you get the most out of your money. The simplest way to accomplish this is to open multiple sports betting accounts.

Know the referee

A basketball official is responsible for enforcing the game's rules. Though they shouldn't have any bearing on the outcome of your bet, it can be useful to know how they operate. Some officials are more likely to call a lot of fouls, while others are more likely to let the team play. Knowing the referee's preferences can help you make an informed judgment.

Manage that Money

The most fundamental rule of basketball wagering is, of course, managing your cash. Because the NBA season is so long, it's not a good idea to wager on every single game. Make a budget for how much you would like to spend and list the games that you're most interested in.

Don’t bet with your heart

Everyone has a favorite sports team. When it pertains to basketball betting, use your intellect rather than your heart. Try to ignore your emotions and make a well-informed wager based only on study and the odds and data in front of you.

Popular Basketball Wagers and Markets

When it comes to betting, basketball, like any other sport, offers a wide range of alternatives. However, before placing your money on the line, you must have a comprehensive understanding of the wagers and how they function. We've compiled a list of the most common wagers below

Total Points
Outright Winner
Quarter-Based Betting
Half-Based Betting
Overtime – Yes/No
Both Teams to Score X Amount of Points
Player to Score X Amount of Points
Due to its overall simplicity, the moneyline is the most prevalent and popular sort of wager. All that is required is for you to pick the team that you believe will win. The favorite in this scenario is denoted as a minus (-), so if the Detroit Pistons are -180, you'll need to wager $180 to make a $100 profit. The underdog is represented by a plus (+), thus if the Boston Celtics are +150, your $100 wager will return $150.
This is a fun betting market to be a part of because the idea is to beat the sportsbook by guessing whether the number of points anticipated by the site will be higher or lower than predicted.
This is a fun betting market to be a part of because the idea is to beat the sportsbook by guessing whether the number of points anticipated by the site will be higher or lower than predicted.
You make a prediction on who will emerge victorious as the winner of the NBA Finals.
Predict what the results will be after the quarter as a short term bet, as you watch how the team has performed thus far.
Short term bet on the result at half-time, the same as a quarter-based bet.
This is a simple yes or no bet, and it's a perfect bet to make if the contest between two teams is hotly contested.
Here, you must try to determine whether a score will be more or lower than the amount anticipated by the sportsbook.
You can wager on a player's performance, so if you're a basketball fan, you'll be able to forecast the outcome of this bet based on the player's current form.

Basketball Mobile Betting and Apps

We live in an age where practically everything, including sports betting, can be done on a mobile device. The sportsbooks we've mentioned on this page have been well-optimized for usage on smartphones and tablets, so you can bet on your favorite basketball tournaments from anywhere.

Basketball Mobile Betting and Apps

Rating and Reviewing Basketball Betting Sites

Basketball is available at every respectable sportsbook when it comes to betting online; however, choosing an online sportsbook can be a bit intimidating before you get started. Our crew has spent time reviewing each site in detail in order to provide customers with only the top sports betting sites.

Promotional Offers

The sports wagering market is so competitive, online bookmakers will do everything they can to entice new customers with a variety of special offers. This is usually in the form of a welcome bonus or a free bet. Our list covers some of the top perks to help you make your decision.

Customer Support and Security

You need to know that you'll be helped if you have a problem, and that your money will be safe if you deposit it with a particular site. The level of security on an online bookmaker is frequently ignored, despite the fact that it is unquestionably one of the most critical features of the site. A great experience also necessitates prompt and excellent customer service.

Payment Methods

Any sportsbook worthy of your time will offer a variety of banking alternatives, which will make life easier for you by giving you the freedom to choose the form of payment that best suits your needs. It's also worth noting whenever a withdrawal is made, there are payment rates and markups in place.

Betting Ranges

A sportsbook's betting range must feature variety, and the finest sites will have lots to offer in terms of betting markets. This indicates that wagering on basketball will be a diverse hobby, which is just what you'd desire.

Basketball Betting Ranges

Mobile Sports Betting

Merely because of the accessibility component, this is the most preferred method of placing a wager. Most sportsbooks now allow mobile betting, and we generally try to avoid sites that don't. Placing a wager on a mobile device is likewise quick and simple.

Complete Review and Recommend

In all of the criteria mentioned, a sportsbook's performance is critical because it is what distinguishes it as a comprehensive site. Failure to meet one of the conditions is a deal breaker, and we'll be checking in on a regular basis to make sure the site is still up to snuff. A fantastic online sportsbook is essential for a positive betting experience, and this cannot be achieved with a site that lacks certain characteristics. The sportsbooks we propose on our site are the best available, and we can assure you that you will have no problems with them.

View recommended Sportsbooks

The Best Online Sportsbooks for Basketball Betting

We have put the sportsbooks in this list through trials to ensure that they are worthy of your basketball bets. Take a look and find the online sportsbook that suits your basketball betting needs.

300% up to $6,000
1-5 days Payout
Win Rate

Basketball Betting FAQs

We never want to leave any stone unturned and do our best to try and answer as many questions as we can. This section has a few questions that we found that come up frequently. Take a look and hopefully it helps you in some way.

Is it possible to wager on women's basketball?

Yes. Women's basketball is a popular and well-respected sport that has been expanding for many years. Women's collegiate basketball tournaments draw large crowds, especially in the United States, and generate lots of betting activity at online sportsbooks.

In basketball, how do odds work?

Basketball odds are the same as they are in any other sport. The probabilities in question are a numerical representation of the probability of a specific outcome occurring. The odds are multiplied by your bet to determine your winnings.

What is the best way to earn money wagering on basketball?

Before placing any wager, make sure you have as much current information as possible on the game, team, or event. We advise you to see the money you bet as an additional element to your enjoyment of a recreational activity. It's fantastic to win money, and it is feasible with a lot of research and patience. However, we recommend that you simply relax and enjoy the ride.

Where can you place a basketball wager?

It's safe to assume that almost every bookmaker in the globe currently has basketball markets. The NBA's commercial success has helped the sport gain massive global appeal in recent decades. On this page, you'll find our picks for the finest basketball betting sites.

In basketball, what is a double result?

This is a wager in which you must predict the outcome of both halves of a game. So, if you predict the Chicago Bulls will win after halftime but the Golden State Warriors will win at the end of the game, that's your wager.

What is meant by a moneyline bet in basketball?

Bets on who will win the game are known as moneyline bets. You can opt to back the favorites or the underdogs in basketball. A negative number (e.g. -125) will represent the favorites, while a positive number (e.g. +125) will represent the underdogs.

In basketball, how do you bet against the spread?

Begin by visiting an online bookmaker to place a basketball spread wager. A point spread for every basketball game is displayed there. The favorites and underdogs, as well as the range by which they must win or lose, will be shown on the spread.

How do I find a site to bet on the NBA?

Go to a reputable online sportsbook, find the NBA section and have a look at the bet types and odds. If you are having trouble finding an online bookmaker you can trust then take a look at our list of recommended online sportsbooks for basketball betting.