The Best Football Betting Sites for 2021

Looking for the best football betting sites for 2021? You have come to the right place. We help you not only choose the best sportsbook for your needs, but help you understand football betting a little better with our full betting guide, including information about strategy, odds, fixtures and much more. Each sportsbook we test goes through an intensive and comprehensive review process to ensure that they are on top of their game. These sites must all meet our strict criteria and offer the best possible betting experience, including competitive football odds, bonuses and rewards and impressively fast payout times. Choose from our list of recommended football betting sites for the best, most rewarding betting action today.

Top Recommended Football Betting Sites

$500 Bonus
Payout Speed 2 days
Win Rate 98.56%
CA$ 500 Bonus
Payout Speed 1-2 days
Win Rate 96.68%
CA$ 450 Bonus
Payout Speed 1-3 Days
Win Rate 95.5%
CA$ 300 Bonus
Payout Speed 1-3 Days
Win Rate 72%
CA$ 500 Bonus
Payout Speed 1-3 Days
Win Rate 95.5%
$ 12,000 Bonus
Payout Speed 2 days
Win Rate 96.14%
CA$ 1100 Bonus
Payout Speed 1-2 days
Win Rate 98.75%
CA$ 1,000 Bonus
Payout Speed 2 days
Win Rate 97.46%
CA$ 1,600 Bonus
Payout Speed 1-2 days
Win Rate 97.89%
CA$1000 Bonus
Payout Speed 1-3 Days
Win Rate 96.5%

Our expert review criteria

Each and every sports bettor should feel like they made the best choice when choosing a top sports betting site. Each of our recommended sites are tested before we list them for your selection.

Football Leagues and Tournament Betting

The European leagues are probably the most popular and prominent football leagues to bet on, although the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) is fast becoming a top option for players as well. That said, seasoned football bettors will have a keen interest in the Premier League, which is the top tier league for English football. Here, betting options are endless with every Premier League match offering more than 200 live markets at all times.

The EFL Championship is the second tier of English football and features 24 teams to start, playing 46 home and away games. The two clubs will progress to the Premier League. For betting purposes, this Championship is often more unpredictable than its Premier League counterpart as most teams are pretty evenly matched, so it could really be anyone’s game.

Spain’s La Liga is the country’s premier football league with two teams usually dominating – Real Madrid and Barcelona. In fact, the rivalry between these two teams is well-known and often reported on. That said, these are not the only two teams worth betting on as some underdogs we’ve seen make an impact in Atletico Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and Villareal.

Outside of European leagues, betting on teams within the AFC is also common as the Asian football market has seen huge growth and interest in the past 20 years or so, with countries like India, China and South Korea all boasting their own leagues as well.

Popular Football Bets

Football betting is probably one of the most exciting and popular sports betting in the world, outside of the NBA and NFL, which means there are a lot of options for football betting. Here are some of the most popular football bets that any top sportsbook site should offer.

Match Result

A match result bet is a standard bet where you predict the winner of the game. Bettors can either wager on the home or away team. It is the simplest football bet available.

Double Chance

This bet allows players to choose two of the three match outcomes. That said, odds here are lower than a single match result as the bet is safer. Bettors can choose to wager on Home Team or Draw, Away Team or Draw, or Home Team and Away Team.

Correct Score

These bets are placed on the final result of the game, which means bettors will have to predict the exact score at the end of the game to receive a win. This is, of course, one of the hardest bets to get right, so research and information about a team’s past performance is essential.

Both Teams to Score

As the name implies, this is a bet on whether both teams will score or not. This is also one of the safer, easier bets and bettors will simply need to choose the option by betting yes or no.

Draw No Bet

This is a bet where the bettor gets his/her wager returned if the game is a draw. This type of bet can act as insurance, especially in situations that change at the last minute.

Half Time/Full Time

Here, bettors predict the result of a match at half time and full time. There are nine possible outcomes to wager on and is one of the harder bets to get right.

First/Last Goal Scorer

This bet allows the bettor to determine who will be the first or last to score in a single match. This bet is on the trickier side to predict, but is a great option if a player is in particular good form.

Over/Under 2.5 Goals

This is a wager on the total goals in a single game, i.e., if the end result will be either under or over 2.5 goals. Here, the exact score does not have to be predicted.

Transfer Specials

This bet lets punters predict the transfer decisions of a specific player. This bet involves a lot of research and industry knowledge to predict.

Football Odds

You need to know how football betting odds work as a beginner or veteran bettor. It’s all part and parcel to your betting success and this is why we have taken the time to explain how it works here. Just as an FYI, the UK makes use of fractional odds while in Canada for example, we make use of decimals to express the odds.

Football Odds Calculation

In order to calculate the odds for football, you will have to do some conversions from UK odds to decimals. This is how you do it. Take the numerator (1st number in the fraction) and divide it by the denominator (the 2nd number in the fraction). This will give you the decimal odds. If you’re looking to work out the aggregate (total) return, simply multiply the decimal by your bet.

Here’s a practical example:

Let’s say you bet $20 on Liverpool to win over Chelsea for example. The fractional odds stand at 6/4. Now let’s do the conversion and math. If you add 6 to 4, it equals 10, then divide that number by the denominator which gives you 2.5. This is the decimal odds number. Then take the 2.5 and multiply it by your bet of $20, it should give $50 in total projected returns.

Football Accumulator Odds Calculation

If accumulators sound more detailed than ordinary decimal or fractional odds, you’re right. It may be a bit more complex to understand at first, but once you know how it works, it’s easy to calculate. The only difference here is that you’ll have to multiply the odds from one leg to another.

Here’s how to calculate the payouts:

  1. Take the fractional odds and convert it to decimals for each accumulator leg.
  2. Then multiply each and every decimal on a whole to calculate the total odds.
  3. Then multiply the total total odds by your bet to see what the total return is.

Here’s an example of how it works:

Let’s say you bet $20 on 3 picks and the odds differ at 1/1, 3/1 and 2/1. The decimal odds for each of these is then 2.0, 4.0 and 3.0. Now if you multiply all of them, you’ll get a total of 24.0. Now all you have to do is multiply 24 by your $20 bet which works out to a return of $240.

All About Bet Builders in Action

The term bet builders is not a complicated one to understand. It simply lets bettors the chance to create their own pre-match football bets. At many top sports betting sites, you will notice this feature and you have the freedom to select from dozens of markets and do the calculation yourself. This proves to be a popular way of betting as it gives you the complete freedom to bet the way you want.

Strategies for Football Betting

While betting is based on change, it is always good to have a strategy in place before making a wager in football betting. Many of the most successful bettors are those who have researched the game and have a plan in place that can be changed should the circumstances change. Here are some tips to boosting your football betting strategy:

Do Your Research

Research is key

This applies to all sports betting. The best football bets are based on research, data and past performance. Before you place your bet, do thorough research on the team/player, how they performed in the past, as well as the opposing team/player and their stats. Also, review short-term trends, weather conditions and known injuries before making a decision as all of these factors could change the outcome of the game. Also, make sure to get your information from reputable sources.

Track Your Bets

Track your bets

Keep a record of all the football bets you’ve made in the past as having quick access to these will help you make decisions for current wagers. Have your previous bets been successful or not? What needed to be changed? As much as a team/player’s past performance is important, your past successes in betting can help you make more informed decisions based on current events.

Dont Bet With Your Heart

Bet with your head, not your heart

It’s easy to place your wager on your favourite team or player without looking at the situation logically. Just because you love a team, doesn’t mean they will help you win a bet. Supporting a club is one thing, but placing money on a club based on your heart is not going to make you successful. If you’re feeling conflicted, rather sit this one out.

Take Advantage of Promotions

Remember betting sites have promotions

Every sportsbook worth its salt will offer a range of bonuses and promotions throughout the football season. Check out these offers and see how they can benefit you. Cash in on the new player welcome bonus as it will give you a nice boost as well as other bonuses worth claiming.

How to Make Money on Football Betting

It is possible to make money on football betting, as long as you have some experience and a sharp, clear mind. Remember that betting always comes with risks and there can never be a guarantee of winning. That said, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your football betting experience, and hopefully earn some wins.


Research the best odds

It’s always best to play the best odds for the highest returns. Generally, top sportsbooks will feature various odds, but this may not always be the case. Do your research and look around before sticking with one sportsbook. Find the best odds that makes sense to you by looking around at this could result in a higher payout.

Consider price boosts

Bookmakers usually have offers available, so make sure to look out for those. Also, top football betting sites typically have better odds or price boosts, especially for big games or in-season sports. Compare price odds between bookmakers to find the best value for your bet.

Small wins are still wins

Truthfully, the best, most successful bettors go for smaller but more frequent wins. There are hundreds of games to bet on every season, so let go of the mentality that bigger means better. Make your bankroll last by making smaller bets that are easier to attain. In this way, your bankroll gets replenished slower and you earn a smaller win. While it’s obviously not as exciting as landing a major win, smaller profits can stack up and produce a decent amount of money.

Rethink accumulator bets

While accumulator bets are exciting and can produce massive wins from smaller stakes, the risks are quite significant. If even one accumulator bet is off, the entire bet is lost. Bet smart when choosing accumulators – they should not be a part of your betting strategy. Instead, accumulator bets should be made when the time is right and you’re confident in your wager. Also, acca bets have insurance, so remember to take advantage of this.

How We Rate the Best Football Betting Sites

Each of the football betting sites we recommend have been thoroughly tested and reviewed by our team of experts. To make the shortlist, we look at several factors, including the following:


Safety and security

Each of the football betting sites we recommend have to prove themselves to be safe and secure. We assess the sites to ensure that they feature a valid gambling license and that they use the latest encryption technology to protect the personal and financial details of their players.

Safety and Security football icon

Number of football leagues

Top football betting sites will have a variety of markets on many leagues, not just the main ones that attract all the attention and money. We check to make sure that the site features a number of odds on major leagues and smaller, domestic games from around the world.

Number of Football Leagues icon

Betting and market range

Variety is important when football betting. The sites should offer a range of markets and bet types to satisfy a wide range of players. We also check how competitive the site’s odds are and if the sportsbook offers good value for money.

Range of Bets and Markets icon


Banking options is important at betting sites. The sportsbooks need to have a broad range of popular and trusted banking options to choose from, including traditional methods, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies to suit all preferences and needs. Deposits and withdrawals should also happen in a reasonable timeframe.


Mobile betting options

The best football betting sites are available to access on mobile devices. The mobile sites should be fully optimised to suit a wide variety of devices and operating systems, including Android, iOS and Windows. We check if the site is available to download as an app or accessible instantly via the web browser.

App and Mobile Betting icon football

Customer support

Excellent customer support is important when reviewing these sites. We test the customer support team to ensure that all enquiries are responded to efficiently and professionally. We also check that this service is available 24/7 and can be accessed in multiple ways, including live chat, email and telephonically.

Customer Support football icon

Final Verdict

Many football betting sites exist but the key is to find the best one to suit your individual needs. Due to the popularity of football betting, punters need to understand the odds and have some knowledge of the industry to really be successful. Thanks to our team of experts, we offer you the best information possible to help you on your sports betting journey while our thoroughly reviewed sites provide a great first stop to great rewards. View our featured football betting sites, read our reviews and make a decision.



There are multiple football bets considered to be easy and a great starting point for new bettors interesting in football betting. These include match result, double chance, both teams to score and draw no bets, among others.

This is a great option for players looking for some type of insurance on their bet. It means that players will receive their wager back should the game end in a draw. Bettors can bet on either home or away games to receive their stake back.

Yes, as long as you bet at a reputable site and do some research beforehand, betting on football is not only safe but can be highly rewarding.