Guide to CasinoTop and How We Facilitate Complaints with Player Help

CasinoTop is a leading figure in providing reliable information, trusted casino reviews and guides and news and updates. We are an independent online gaming authority and have been active since 1998. With a flawless reputation under our belt, CasinoTop has taken new heights in managing the expectations of all users by introducing a complaints service known as Player Help.

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What Issues Could I Face at an Online Casino?

At CasinoTop, we understand the importance of a high performance and safe online gambling environment. The casino sites recommended by us all run the latest in SSL encryption technology for maximum protection. Things don't always go as planned, they are rare but even casinos that are secure and well regulated can fall prey to bugs in the system. This can happen at the worst of times such as when making a withdrawal or missing a big win through an error message. It's important to stay vigilant when playing online, take screen-shots of the error message if there is one and note the time.

CasinoTop believes that all players should have access to reliable information and expert advice. There are detailed guides available which come from strict procedures we use when reviewing a casino site. Choosing a casino to play at can be quite daunting considering how many of them are available online. That is why we simplify the matter by suggesting the very best and safest online casinos, researched and verified by our team of experts.

CasinoTop Complaints Process

CasinoTop prioritizes the complaints of users through Player Help and does this in steps shown on the site. The FAQs page makes it possible to resolve minor inquiries while the bigger issues are taken a step further. Follow the suggested guidelines then submit your complaint form and once received by our team, this is when the investigation begins. The Player Help Team will get back to you within the time frame of 2 working days, and additional information relating to your query may be asked. If the casino in question fails to respond back to the Player Help team, we will make sure to look at all avenues in helping you find a resolution.

Be aware that the Player Help service can only be used if the casino in question is partnered with CasinoTop. There are two separate lists, a list of casinos which CasinoTop deems worthy and a blacklist. The link to the blacklist can be found just below the complaints process section or in the bar at the top of the page. With an extensive amount of research completed, CasinoTop has made it possible for all players to have a safer online gambling experience.

How We Process Your Complaints

How is This All Free?

CasinoTop has been supporting millions of users throughout the years, and this number keeps on growing. With so much traffic, it's no surprise that CasinoTop receives revenue from the casinos that are recommended on it. It's the unbroken trust and reputation that we take pride in, and that is what keeps our site alive and running. You can be sure that help is on the way at no cost to you.

Clean and free of bias, the content that CasinoTop provides is driven by a strict review process. Scams are real and are the cause for big losses all over the world. Big losses that can be avoided if you're armed with the right knowledge and support found at CasinoTop. With passion and professionalism, we guarantee dedicated support, accuracy and persistence in bringing you only the greatest casino sites found online.

Blacklisting Casinos vs. Casino Complaints

Having a grievance with a casino and sending in a casino complaint does not guarantee that the casino at fault will be blacklisted. Issues can arise even at the most popular casino sites online, which should not be taken too personally as verified casino sites would not intend it to be. Instead, these casino sites welcome any feedback on any issues experienced by the player. This helps them improve their platform in order to give their players the best user-experience possible.

CasinoTop wants to help you and will only consider blacklisting casino sites that consistently perform poorly. Furthermore, casino sites that continuously undermine the player are put through the stringent CasinoTop review process to be judged. Stay clear from all casino sites that are deemed unsafe.