Our Guide to Betting on Cricket

There are quite a number of sports to gamble on these days, and cricket is one of the most popular choices. This is mainly due to the fact that many cricket events take place throughout the year, and the action appears to never end. When you find the best online sportsbook, betting on cricket is simple. Our CasinoTop team has found as much information as possible to help you in your journey of cricket betting online.

We've made it our job to find and review the best cricket betting sites in the United States. Whether you like fast-paced fun or a chance to play the long game, our suggestions will satisfy you. Our team of specialists has also compiled some helpful hints and other cricket knowledge to assist you in navigating the game and deciding where to place your bets. Find out if cricket and betting on the sport is as exciting as it sounds.

The Best Sites for Cricket Betting

We want to ensure that anyone that uses our cricket betting guide finds the best bets. To find these bets, you need to do so at the best online sportsbooks for cricket betting. You asked and here they are.

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The Most Popular Cricket Events to Bet On

There are a lot of cricket betting options at many online sportsbooks. However, if you are just starting to learn about cricket betting, then knowing which events get the most action is very important and really good to know. Let’s check them out.
Betting on the Pakistan Super League

Pakistan Super League

The Pakistan Super League, or PSL, is a domestic T20 tournament contested in Pakistan. The tournament began in 2015 and has since grown to become one of the world's most popular cricket betting events. Six domestic teams representing various Pakistani cities battle for the coveted crown. The event is comparable to the IPL in India and the Big Bash in Australia.

T20 World Cup

T20 World Cup

The competition is made up of teams with only 20 overs apiece. This results in fast-paced games with plenty of thrills and a variety of i-play betting possibilities. Because of the structure of the competition, predicting the winner is difficult, and betting on the results is more dependent on luck.

Betting on the Ashes Series

Ashes Series

The competition features five-day test cricket between two of the world's best cricket teams. Australia and England compete for the championship and the trophy, which has a lengthy cricketing history. Because the Ashes series has lasted so long, punters flock to bookmakers to place their wagers and watch these top cricket teams compete.

Betting on the ICC World Test Championship

ICC World Test Championship

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has designed a competition that is the essence of a war of attrition with odds that can be monitored for strategized betting. The event takes place over two years, with 71 test matches and a World Test Championship Final. Bettors can keep track of their finest picks and make informed betting decisions by watching games at a slow pace.

ICC Cricket World Cup

ICC Cricket World Cup

Every four years, the world's largest cricket competition, similar to the FIFA World Cup for soccer, takes place. As the top teams in the world battle for the title and the famous trophy, the event attracts bettors from all over the world.

Betting on the Indian Premier League

Indian Premier League

One of cricket's most entertaining tournaments. The competition is entertaining and fast-paced, attracting bettors from all around the world. It is an annual T20 tournament in which eight teams compete for a cash prize over the course of seven weeks.

Cricket Betting: How To

Cricket betting is available at many sportsbooks, and the process is very straightforward. While various sites have different procedures, we've described some of the common steps you may follow to easily place a cricket bet online.

Step One: Find an Online Sportsbook With Cricket Betting

Take a look at the names of suggested cricket betting sites we've evaluated and supplied if you haven't yet located an online bookmaker that offers online cricket betting. Create an account or sign in if you've previously visited the online sportsbook.

Choose a Sportsbook With Cricket Betting

Step Two: Look for any Bonuses and Promotions

Find the promotional section of the online bookmaker to make the most of your wagering experience and increase your bankroll. It will show you all of the current promotions, and if you are new to the site, you will receive a welcome offer that you may utilize.

Check For Available Bonuses and Promotions

Step Three: Depositing Funds Into Your Account

Once you've logged in, go to the sportsbook's cashier or bank section. You can find out if it's a minimum deposit that is required before you can get started.

Funding Your Account

Step Four: Place Your Wager

Hopefully, you are thoroughly prepared and have gone over several cricket betting tactics. If not, don't worry; we'll go through some suggestions later. Take a look at the odds and lines to discover which betting alternatives fit your needs and put your bets if you're ready.

Start Betting

The Variety of Cricket Betting Types

Cricket, like other sports, comes in a variety of formats. Before betting on cricket matches, you should acquaint yourself with the various variations. There are three types, ranging in speed from quick to taking place over many days. It's crucial to understand how they work because you'll have to change your betting speed as a result. Let's get started.

One Day International Cricket

An One-Day International (ODI) is a cricket match in which each team is given 50 overs. Even though their overs have not been completed, teams are entitled to declare and halt batting if they are pleased with the amount of runs they have already scored. International cricket teams will battle for a complete day in order to score the most runs. With all-day excitement, online sportsbooks' betting possibilities are less dangerous since they allow gamblers to think about the wagers they want to place.

Twenty20 Cricket 

To win the match, each team is allotted 20 overs in which to score as many runs as possible. Despite the fact that a match can run up to three hours, it is nevertheless considered a rapid game with plenty of action. When international teams compete, they frequently go for hard hits to the boundary in order to score as many runs as necessary. So, if bettors have done their homework on the tournament's best batsmen, they're in for a real treat. Choosing the winning side or placing a prop bet on a star player can result in large winnings.

Test Cricket

This cricket variation has the slowest pace, with a five-day match. Over the course of the five days, weather conditions may change, affecting the team, players, and odds at your online bookmaker. Each of the four teams will bowl and bat twice, for a total of four innings. With so much time on your hands, anything can happen, and doing your homework on how the player or team has done in the past will help you fill in any gaps you may have when it comes to placing a wager.

Cricket Betting Markets and Types

Whenever it comes to cricket and its various varieties, the playing field is leveled, allowing for a wide range of betting alternatives. Our team has compiled a list of some of the most famous and prevalent cricket betting options available at the online bookmaker of your choice.

Top Bowler and Top Batsman
Top Bowler Team
Most Sixes Match
Top Batsman Team
Win the Toss
Highest Opening Partnership
Man of the Match
Outcome of the Match

Bowler and Batsman of the Year or Season

In each innings, bettors can pick who they believe will be at the top of their game. Remember that each team gets a chance to bowl and bat in one inning. So, from any team on the field, you get to choose who will take the most wickets as a bowler and who will make the most runs as a batsman.

Top Bowler in the Team

Wagering on one of two players on the sportsbook's list. You must choose which of the two bowlers will take the most wickets throughout the match, inning, or series.

Most Sixes in the Match 

When a batsman smacks the ball over the boundary, a six is scored, and gamblers are left to guess which team will hit the most sixes in a match.

Top Batsman in the Team

This betting type operates similarly to the top team bowler, in that you choose between two players and wager on who will score the most runs throughout the match, inning, or series.

Victory with The Toss

A proposition bet in which bettors try to predict who will win the coin flip. The odds are simple and do not necessitate any prior investigation. During the match, the team who wins the toss will pick who bats first.

Highest Opening Partnership

You can predict which pair will score the most runs until their first wicket is lost based on the matchup and your research on the players.

Man of the Match

Another sort of wager that may necessitate considerable investigation due to the necessity to weigh statistics for players and the clubs they represent. This honor is usually bestowed upon a player on the winning team. If you know enough about the players and their backgrounds, you shouldn't have a hard time predicting who will make the most important contribution to the game.

Outcome of the Match

It is a good bet for beginners because it determines which team will win or, in the case of longer test matches, if the match will end in a draw. However, research is still important, and focusing on specific players in the team, the batting lineup, and weather conditions will assist bettors make better decisions about how to place their bets.

The Best Apps for Betting on Cricket

Several of the top online bookmakers have put in a lot of effort to create a mobile app that bettors can use. From the palm of your hand, you can access a flawless betting platform. A mobile app provides bettors with immediate access to in-play wagering options as well as all odds, ensuring that they are always up to date. Our crew has scoured our list of suggested sportsbooks for the top apps, and has compiled a list of what they think are the best mobile bookmaker apps available. Assuring that bettors have the finest mobile cricket betting entertainment experience, and that it is available on a variety of mobile platforms, including Android and iOS.

Betting App iOS App Android App
888 SportYesYes
Betway SportsYesYes
Mansion BetYesYes

Facts About Cricket

In 1887, Australia defeated England by 45 runs, and 100 years later, on the same day, Australia defeated England once more. This time, too, with 45 runs.

Cricket began with four balls per over, which was later increased to five in 1889. The regulations were amended in 1922 to allow eight balls every over, which was then changed to the sport we know today, which allows six balls per over.

Between 2006 and 2015, the South African national side did not lose one test series when playing away from home.

The Imperial Cricket Council was founded in 1909 and was the inaugural name of the ICC. After fewer than 60 years, it was rebranded to the International Cricket Conference, and then again 16 years later to the one we know today, the International Cricket Council.

The Best Tips for Cricket Betting

Our crew has put up a wonderful list of ideas to consider as you begin your cricket betting journey. When it comes to cricket, there are a lot of factors that influence the odds, which is why there are so many different betting options. Take a peek at what our professionals have to say and how they intend to assist.

Find Out what the Weather Will Be

Consider the odds and the climate before placing a wager. Cricket is a sport that is heavily influenced by the weather, as games can be delayed or drawn if heavy rain falls. Given the role and strength of the sun, certain weather patterns can also be a benefit or disadvantage for specific players. The weather before and during the game might have an impact on the pitch, as well as the outcome of your wager. The ball moves faster on a dry, tougher pitch.

Choose a Sportsbook With Cricket Betting

Find Out More About the Players

If you like cricket, you're already halfway there; if not, don't worry; player information can be acquired online with a simple online search. Knowing the teams and players you'll bet on is crucial since it will help you make an informed decision about the kind of bets you're willing to stake at your chosen online bookmaker based on their prior success

Do Your Research on the Players

Check the Pitch Details

When it comes to weather-related changes to the pitch, you may get information on the current state of the pitch online. If the weather cooperates, the sort of pitch to be used, as well as how well it has been kept and whether it is hard, soft, damp, dry, grassy, or cracked, must be determined. All of this will have an impact on the way the cricket ball moves.

Check the Details of the Pitch

Try Some of the in-Play Betting Options

Why not wager on what will happen in the following few minutes while watching the cricket match? You now have an idea of how teams and players are performing in the current game, especially in T20 matches, which is a great way to get involved and gamble on the move.

Give In-Play Betting a Try

Reviewing and Rating Cricket Betting Sites

Each cricket sports betting site is put to the test and thoroughly reviewed. To keep the game interesting, we make sure that each recommended bookmaker offers a variety of betting alternatives as well as competitive odds. For our readers, we demand the best quality, and we will only suggest betting sites that meet all of our requirements. Here's how our team evaluates the performance of sports betting sites so you don't have to.

Great Collection of Betting Options for Cricket

Most online cricket wagering sites will offer some wagering possibilities. We want our gamblers to have a wide variety of betting possibilities. Betting options should include in-play betting as well as many other specific cricket betting possibilities.

Payment Methods

The cricket sports betting site must ensure that depositing and withdrawing funds is simple and that banking choices are readily available. Customers' convenience is important to the sportsbooks we recommend, particularly when it comes to many of the fast-paced bets available during various cricket formats.

Safety and Customer Support

Our team looks at evaluations from past cricket betting site users and sees if the operator is audited on a regular basis to ensure the highest level of fairness in their betting odds. Secure bookmakers must have both a legitimate license from a recognized regulatory authority and the most up-to-date encryption software to ensure that all player information is kept safe at all times.

Wagering on Mobile Devices

Any online sports betting site we recommend must be adequately adapted for bettors utilizing mobile phones or tablets to place cricket wagers. If a cricket betting site has a stable and reliable mobile app, it receives an additional star. If the site has additional features, such as live streaming, it is more likely to receive a positive rating. If you happen to be at a cricket pitch watching the match live and want to wager while you're entertained, this adds to the experience.

Promotions and Bonus Offers

We'll see how excellent the welcome incentives and other promos are here. Assuring that any bettor who follows our advice is kept safe and obtains a fair deal. Offers that address the needs of cricket betting fans are another alternative we like to see. These rewards will be tournament-specific and can add to the excitement of the match.

Competitive Odds for Cricket Betting

It's always a good idea for bettors to browse around for decent odds, but we've done the legwork for you and found the greatest odds available. If you're going to shop around, we hope it's at one of the betting sites on our list, as each of them has proven its worth in terms of market-competitive odds.

Our Verdict and Rating

We only suggest a cricket betting site when these crucial criteria have been met and the site has cleared our testing procedure. There are no shortcuts taken, and there are no favorites. It's just a deliberate and determined search for the truth and the finest betting experience possible.

View recommended Sportsbooks

The Best Cricket Betting Site in the US

Out of all the online bookmakers we have assessed, this following site has proven to be the best of the best.

300% up to $6,000
1-5 days Payout
Win Rate

Cricket Betting FAQs

If there is anything that we have missed in our guide then we hope that you will find it in the following section. Take a look at the most common questions we have come across related to cricket betting.

Are there cricket betting bonus offers?

Yes. Check out the promotional page, especially if a big cricket match is on the horizon. Otherwise, the sports betting site should include general betting options. Sportsbooks usually want to attract bettors when there are major events happening soon, so be vigilant.

What is cricket ‘draw no bet’?

It means that it's no longer possible to bet on a draw. You will not be able to bet on the draw, but if the team you backed wins, you will earn your winnings; however, if the team loses, the bettor will receive their entire stake back.

What is the market rate when betting on cricket?

A broad term for odds that informs bettors about which teams are likely to win or lose based on previous performance in cricket tournaments and matches. This helps bettors prepare for the bets they want to place on the cricket event.

Is it possible to wager on cricket in real time?

Yes, in-play betting is available at all of our recommended online cricket betting sites for a variety of bet kinds. It is also one of the most enjoyable methods to watch a cricket match, analyze it live, and place the proper bet.

Can I bet on cricket on my tablet or smartphone?

Yes! Many reputable online sportsbooks will have a dedicated sports betting app that you can download. In most cases, the site opened from your mobile internet browser will also allow you to see all the cricket betting options at a trusted online sportsbook whether you are using your tablet or smartphone.