The Best Cricket Betting Sites in 2021

There are plenty of sports to bet on these days and cricket is one of the most popular spots to bet on around the world. Many tournaments run throughout the year and it seems like the action never stops. Betting on cricket can be done easily when you find the right online sportsbooks.
We have made it our mission to review and bring you the best cricket betting sites available in Canada. Whether you are looking for fast-paced action or a chance to play the long game, our recommendations have you covered. Our team of experts have also put together some useful tips and additional cricket information to help you navigate the game and where to bet on it.

Top Rated Cricket Betting Sites for 2021

Or recommended cricket betting sites have been reviewed thoroughly and these are the sites that have come out on top. Making it easier for you to choose from the best cricket betting action online.


The Most Popular Cricket Events for Betting

Betting on the Pakistan Super League

More commonly known as the PSL, is the T20 tournament held domestically in Pakistan. The tournament started in 2015 and is turning out to be one of the major cricket betting events in the world. Six domestic teams compete for the coveted title representing different cities in Pakistan. The tournament can be compared to India’s IPL and Australia’s Big Bash.

Betting on the T20 World Cup

The tournament consists of teams only having 20 overs each. This makes for fast-paced games that comes with a lot of excitement and a range of i-play betting options. The nature of the tournament makes it difficult to predict who the winner of the tournament will be and depends more on luck when betting on the outcomes.

Betting on the ICC World Test Championship

This tournament created by the International Cricket Council (ICC) is the epitome of a long game with odds that can be tracked for strategized betting. The tournament runs over two years consisting of 71 test matches and ending off with a World Test Championship Final. Bettors follow the games at a slow pace and are able to keep track of their best picks to make informed betting choices.

Betting on the ICC Cricket World Cup

The biggest cricket tournament in the world is similar to the FIFA World Cup for soccer and takes place every four years. The event attracts bettors around the world as the best teams in the world compete for the title and the prestigious trophy.

Betting on the Ashes Series

The tournament consists of five-day test matches between two of the leading cricket teams in the world. Australia and England battle it out for the title and the trophy that has a long history in cricket. Given the fact that the Ashes series has gone on for so long, bettors flock to the sportsbooks to place their bets and see these leading cricket teams in action.

Betting on the Indian Premier League

One of the most exciting tournaments in cricket. The tournament has flair and is fast-paced bringing thrilling betting actions to bettors from all over. It is a T20 tournament that takes place over seven weeks each year with eight teams competing for a cash prize.

Betting on Cricket Online

Many sportsbooks offer cricket betting and the process is fairly simple. While different sites have different processes, we have outlined some of the general steps you can take when placing a cricket bet online with ease.

Step One: Choose a Sportsbook With Cricket Betting

If you haven’t found an online sportsbook that offers you online cricket betting as yet, take a look at the list of recommended cricket betting sites we have reviewed and provided. Sign up for a new account or log in if you have been to the online sportsbook before.

Step Two: Check For Available Bonuses and Promotions

To make the most of your betting experience and bolster your bankroll, find the promotions section of the online sportsbook. It will display all the running promotions and if you are new to the site you will receive a welcome bonus that will be useful as well.

Step Three: Funding Your Account

Once you are logged in head to the cashier or the bank section of the sportsbook. Here you will find out if there is a minimum amount you need to deposit before getting started.

Step Four: Start Betting

Hopefully, you are fully prepared and have gone through some strategies related to cricket betting. If not, don’t worry we will have a look at some tips further on. If you are prepared, take a look at the lines and odds to see which betting options suit your needs and place your bets.

Different Types of Cricket for Betting

Like other sports, cricket comes in different forms as well. You must familiarize yourself with the different versions before placing any bets on cricket events. There are three different kinds which range from fast-paced to taking place over several days. Getting to know how they work is important as you will have to adjust your betting pace as well. Let’s get to it.

Twenty20 Cricket

Each team is given 20 overs in which to score as many runs as possible to win the match. Even though a match can last up to three hours, it is still considered a quick game and is not void of excitement. International teams face off and often go for big hits towards the boundary to score as many runs as possible. So, bettors are in for a treat if they have done their research on the strongest performing batsmen in the tournament. Choosing the winning team or making a proper bet on an outstanding player can lead to big payouts.

One Day International Cricket

More fondly referred to as an ODI, gives each competing team 50 overs. Teams are allowed to declare and stop batting if they are satisfied with the number of runs they have already completed, even if their overs have not been completed. International cricket teams will compete for an entire day trying to gain as many runs as possible. With all-day excitement, the betting options provided by online sportsbooks are less risky as it gives bettors time to think about the bets they want to place.

Test Cricket

This cricket variant has the slowest pace and a match occurs over five days. There could be varying conditions over the five days that could affect the team, players as well as the odds at your online sportsbook. Each of the participating teams will bowl and bat twice, making up four innings. With so much time, so much can happen and doing your research on how the player or team has performed previously will help you fill in any gaps that you may have when it comes to choosing a bet.

Cricket Betting Types and Markets

When it comes to cricket and the different variants that exist, it opens the playing field to provide a wide variety of betting options. Our team put together some of the most popular and common cricket betting types you will find at the online sportsbook you have chosen.

Top Bowler and Batsman

Bettors can choose who they think will be at the top of their game in each innings. Remember one inning consists of each team having the chance to bowl and bat. So, you will be able to choose who will take the most wickets as the bowler and who will make more runs as the batsman, from any team on the field.

Top Team Bowler

Betting on one of two players presented at the sportsbook. You will be deciding which of those two bowlers will be taking the most wickets during the match, inning or series.

Top Team Batsman

This betting type works the same way as the top team bowler, where you have two players to choose from and bet on the outcome of who scores the most runs during the match, inning or series.

Most Match Sixes

A six is scored when the batsman hits the ball over the boundary and bettors are left to decide which team will hit the highest number of sixes in a match.

Winning The Toss

A proposition bet that allows bettors to see if they can guess who will win the coin toss. The odds are pretty straight forward and don't take any prior research. The team that wins the toss will decide who bats first during the match.

Highest Opening Partnership

Depending on the matchup and if you have done your research on the batsmen, you can determine which partnership will score the most runs before their first wicket is lost.

Man of the Match

Another betting type that may take some research as the statistics need to be weighed for players and the teams they play for. This title is usually granted to a player from the winning side. However, if you have the information on the players and their careers then you shouldn’t have too much trouble placing a wager on who will make the most significant contribution to the game.

Match Outcome

A good bet for beginners as it decides which team will win or in the case of the longer test matches if there will be a draw. However, doing your research is still key and focusing on the individual players in the team the batting lineup and the weather conditions will help bettors make a more informed decision on how to place their bets.

The Top Cricket Betting Apps in 2021

Some of the best online sportsbooks have worked hard to provide a mobile app for bettors to download. Providing a seamless betting platform from the palm of your hand. Having a mobile app offers bettors direct access to in-play betting options as well as all the odds and are kept completely up to date. Our team has taken a look at the best apps from our list of recommended sportsbooks to bring you what they believe are the best mobile sportsbook apps around. Ensuring that it providers bettors with the best mobile cricket betting experience and available on a range of mobile devices that include Android and iOS

  • Betway Sports
  • 888 Sport
  • Mansion Bet


Cricket Facts

  • Between 2006 and 2015 not a single test series was lost by the South African cricket team when they played away from home.
  • The ICC was started in 1909 and was first called the Imperial Cricket Council. The name was then changed to the International Cricket Conference less than 60 years later and then changed again 16 years after to the name we know today the International Cricket Council.
  • Australia beat England in 1887 by 45 runs and 100 years later on the same day, Australia beat England again. This time, with 45 runs as well.
  • Cricket started out with four balls per over and was then changed to five in 1889. In 1922, the rules changed to allow eight balls per over and this was subsequently changed to the game we know today with six balls per over.

Betting Tips for Cricket

To help you in your cricket betting journey our team has put together a great list of tips to think about. There are quite a few things that affect the odds when it comes to cricket, but that’s also why cricket has so many betting types on offer. Let’s have a look at what our team of experts have to say and how they want to help.

Do Your Research on the Players

If you are a fan of cricket you are already halfway there, if not, that’s okay because player data can be found online with a simple internet search. Getting to know the teams and the players you are going to bet on is important as it will help you make an educated decision on the type of bets you are willing to place at your selected online sportsbook based on your players' past performance.

Check The Weather Forecast

Before placing a bet, check the odds and the weather. Cricket is a game that is highly affected by the weather as matches can be extended or brought to a draw if there is heavy rainfall. Certain weather conditions can also be an advantage or disadvantage for some players given the position and intensity of the sun. The weather before and during the match can affect the pitch as well and will affect the way your bet goes. A dry and harder pitch means the ball moves faster.

Check the Details of the Pitch

Speaking of the pitch being affected by the weather, the details pertaining to the state of the pitch can be found online as well. If the weather conditions are favourable then what needs to be determined is what type of pitch will be played on, how well it has been maintained as well as if it is hard, soft, moist, dry, grassy or has cracks. All of which will affect how the cricket ball moves.

Give In-Play Betting a Try

While you are watching the cricket match, why not bet on what might happen in the next few minutes. You already have an idea of how players are performing during the current game especially matches such as a T20 is a good way to engage and bet on the fly.

Reviewing the Best Online Cricket Betting Sites

Each cricket sports betting site is put through its paces and reviewed intensively. Ensuring that each recommended sportsbook offers a range of betting options along with competitive odds to keep the game interesting. We demand the highest standards for our readers and will only recommend betting sites if it has passed all of our criteria. Here is how our team assesses the sports betting sites performance, so you don’t have to.

Good Coverage of Cricket Betting Options

While many online cricket betting sites will have some betting options. What we want for our bettors is an extensive range of betting options. There should be betting options that cover in-play betting as well as other specialized cricket betting selections.

Banking Options

The cricket sports betting site needs to make sure that when bettors such as deposit and withdraw funds it should be easy and come with accessible banking options. The sportsbooks we recommend need to keep the customer’s convenience in mind especially when it comes to some of the fast-paced bets offered during specific formats of cricket.

Security and Customer Service

Our team check reviews from previous users of the cricket betting sites and check to see if the operator is regularly audited to maintain the highest level of fairness when it comes to their betting odds. Secure sportsbooks must have a valid license from a reputable regulatory authority as well as the latest in encryption technology to ensure that all customer details are kept safe at all times.

Mobile Wagering

Any online sports betting site we recommend must be fully optimized for bettors to place cricket wagers using a mobile device. Cricket betting sites get an additional star if it has a mobile app that offers stability and reliability. If the site offers additional features such as live streaming it pushes for a glowing review. This also adds to the experience if you happen to find yourself at a cricket field watching the game live and can engage in some betting while you are entertained.

Bonuses and Promotions

Here we are looking into how good the welcome bonuses and other promotions are. Ensuring that any bettor that trusts our recommendation is kept safe and receives a reasonable offer. Another option we also like to see are promotions that cater to the needs of the cricket betting fan. These bonuses will be tournament specific and can make the match more interesting.

Cricket Betting Odds That Are Competitive

It is always good for bettors to shop around for good odds, but we have taken our time to find the best odds around so you don’t have to. If you are going to shop around then we hope it is another betting site from our list as each of them has shown its worth regarding competitive odds for the market.

Recommendation Given

After these important criteria have been met and the cricket betting site has passed our testing process, only then do we recommend it. There are no corners cut and no favourites. Just a methodical and purposeful journey to the truth and finding the best betting experience available for you.

Our Top Recommended Cricket Betting Sites for 2021



Can I bet on cricket in real-time?

Yes, all of our recommended online cricket betting sites have in-play betting for a range of betting types. It is also one of the best ways to enjoy the cricket match, watching the match, analyzing it live and placing the appropriate bet.

Are there bonuses for cricket betting available?

Yes, make sure to check out the promotions page especially if there is a big cricket match coming up. Otherwise, there should be general betting offers on the sports betting site.

What is a ‘draw no bet’ when it comes to cricket?

A draw bet is no longer an option. You won’t be able to bet on the draw but if the team you supported wins then you still receive the winnings, but if the team loses then the full stake will be returned to the bettor.

In cricket betting, what is the market rate?

A general way to describe the odds and gives bettors insight into which teams are favoured to win or lose based on past performance in cricket matches or tournaments.

Is betting legal in Canada?

Yes! Many online sportsbooks can be found that offer cricket betting options and if you are in Canada, anyone you choose is perfectly legal. However, it would be best to place your cricket bets with one of our recommended cricket sports betting sites so you can have some peace of mind.