Secure Online Casinos

As a new or experienced player, it is important to only choose the best and safest online casinos to play at. At CasinoTop, we list only the safest and most secure online casinos that feature safe banking. These online casinos are regulated by reputable gambling authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, as well as by top auditing firms to ensure 100% legal and fair play.

Top-rated Secure Online Casinos 2023

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Blacklisted Online Casinos

Whenever we recommend an online casino, we ensure that the online casino passes our stringent review process. We have been reviewing online casinos for years and our team are some of the best reviewers in the industry. Periodically, we will find online casinos that do not measure up. When we do, we add these online casinos to our blacklist. This way, players can keep track of rogue casinos and do their best to avoid these online casinos and stick to those that offer the best in entertainment along with the best security in the industry.


Incorrect and misleading marketing relating to safety measures
Confusing wagering requirements
Inferior quality of games displayed


Customer complaints remain unresolved
Unprofessional customer service received
Stalled winnings being paid out


Consumer complaints ignored
Misleading claims to proper international licensing
Improper online casino practices in use

How We Assess and Blacklist Casinos

If you have any concerns about an online casino, or you feel you have been mistreated by a casino, make sure you get in touch. You can report a casino site here and let us know all about your experience. Our team of experts will then investigate on your behalf.

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    Casino Safety Measures

    In an ideal world, every online casino site that our Canadian players have access to would be safe and secure. However, this is not the case. As such, our review team takes a look into the nitty-gritty aspects of online gambling safety that most players are unaware of. These behind-the-scenes measures and processes are absolutely necessary in order for us to recommend or endorse an online operator. We have created a condensed version of our safety checklist and shared it below so you can be sure that we have thoroughly tested each site for:


    When testing for casino safety and security, the first thing we look for is a logo or symbol from a reputable licensing body. Most online casino operators who have nothing to do hide will proudly display the details of their license. Failure to do so is a bit sketchy and warrants further investigation which our expert team conducts. If the casino operator’s license and details check-out, we confidently endorse the site.

    Technical Security

    We are aware that not all of our players are technology savvy which means that technical security is not something that players really look into. This is why our technical team of experts will run diagnostic and security tests to ensure that the sites we recommend are making use of encryption and anti-fraud technology.


    One of the scariest aspects of online gambling for many of our players is the possibility of technology being hacked, tampered with or used to cheat them out of their money. As such, every game that operators offer needs to have a software, called Random Number Generator, applied to all offerings that have received a certificate from auditors to prove that it is infallible.

    SHA-3 Hash Algorithm

    A technical step up from the traditional RNG, SHA-3 is an algorithm that gets programmed into RNG technology. It is the latest version of the software that ensures RNG technology cannot be tampered with or altered in any way. The efficiency of this must be tested by an external auditing company too.


    When we talk about software, we are talking about the 1s and 0s that make that your favourite games run. This software ought to only be sourced from trusted and renowned software firms and companies. In addition to this, each game needs to be tested by an authority, such as eCOGRA, that ensures all games are 100% fair.

    Hybrid RSA Encryption

    Hybrid RSA is a cutting-edge technological process that online casino operators should be employing as it affects the safety of your payments. Encryption works by scrambling data when it is in transit and then unscrambling it when it reaches the required destination, making it impossible for hackers to understand and intercept the data. Hybrid RSA is encryption software that works for transactions and ensures that all processes are secure.

    Deposits and Withdrawals

    Before we can deem an online casino safe and secure enough for our Canadian players, we need to be sure that not only will their data be safe but their funds too. Our requirement is that online casino operators seek out payment services that are reputable and licensed to give you peace of mind. In addition to this, there should be several safe options for players to choose from.

    Regular Audits

    Similar to how CasinoTop conducts regular testing of online casino sites, third-party auditing firms who specialise in the online gambling industry will be hired to test an online casino. This is to ensure that licensing and approvals are given to sites that work hard to maintain their security excellence.


    Ownership refers to the online casino operator. There are several online operators who own a handful of casino sites and have been operating them for years. This has allowed them to earn a stellar reputation. As part of our security check, we investigate all new and seasoned operators to make sure that everything is above board.

    How are Online Casinos Monitored for Their Security and Safety?

    Knowing that an online casino operator has received a license to render online gambling services is usually enough for most Canadian players. The promise presented by a valid license from a reputable authority body goes a long way in providing peace of mind. However, the actual act of licensing is just one of the many steps that an online operator has to take to earn our endorsement. Sites have to be tested frequently by a third-party that is unbiased to ensure that the site, and the games it offers, are all safe and secure. Here at CasinoTop, we conduct our own tests to check whether sites are adhering to local and international regulations and laws.

    Online Casino Regulators

    While Canada’s lawmakers have not imposed strict rules on Canadian players or online operators who provide their services in the region, this is only possible with the help of international regulatory bodies. These authority bodies have been tasked with monitoring online casino sites to make sure that operators are following processes that are in-line with international gambling standards. This includes aspects such as payment safety, consumer protections and more. The most well-known regulatory bodies operating in the market today are the Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao Gaming Control Board and the United Kingdom Gaming Commission. Online casinos that have been awarded licenses by these reputable bodies are required to continuously meet the criteria in order to retain their licensing. Below you can see which authority bodies have licensed our top-rated casinos:

    300% up to $6,000
    1-5 days Payout
    Win Rate


    While regulators have been tasked with ensuring that online casino operators abide by international gambling laws and regulations, auditors deal more closely with fairness and safety. Auditors, such as eCOGRA, are vital. These companies and firms are hired by online casino operators to test the randomness of games, the security of payment processes and even data protection. These auditors are tasked with not only testing the site but auditing the company that runs the site to ensure that everything is in order.

    Casino Auditors

    Online casino auditors are specialized in online gambling businesses and have built expert teams of reviewers and programmers who check for security flaws. This is done by trying to hack the site and steal data. Online casino sites that cannot be hacked are then awarded certificates from the auditor to prove that the site has been tested and is providing optimal security. Without this certification, our CasinoTop team will not endorse an online casino site as we want to ensure that our players’ data and funds are safe at all times.

    Game Auditors

    Here at CasinoTop, we believe that our players deserve nothing less than licensed and certified online casino sites. However, the processes in place are not the only things that have to be audited. At the heart of every online casino lies the gaming catalogue and if these games are not safe and fair, the operator could lose their licensing and customers. That being said, casino game auditors have been tasked with checking each gaming title on the site to ensure that the RNG technology is functional and produces truly random results. Two of the biggest game auditors today are iTech Labs and eCOGRA.