The Best NHL Betting Sites Explained

Whether you're a first-timer looking for a taste of the action or a seasoned ice hockey lover, betting on the National Hockey League is one of the most thrilling and popular alternatives when it comes to online sports betting. However, because there are so many alternatives available with just a few mouse clicks, selecting the best NHL sportsbooks can be difficult. Our top NHL betting sites have all been thoroughly researched to ensure that you have the finest possible betting experience. To present you with the most accurate and informative information, we compare bookmakers and thoroughly study every site. We also offer professional betting advice on NHL games, NHL schedules, odds, and much more.

All prominent sportsbooks have been thoroughly vetted and screened by our team of industry specialists, ensuring that only the finest are featured. On NHL games, our list of endorsed sites all offer competitive odds, large bonuses, and quick payouts. It's never been easier to gamble on the NHL, especially when you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting, because we have already done it for you.

The Top-Rated NHL Betting Sites

Here are the online sportsbooks we have found to be the best of the best when it comes to betting options for the NHL. Take a look and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.
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How to Bet on NHL Games

To the untrained eye, betting on NHL games can seem confusing, but with a little direction, even rookie bettors can reap the benefits of sports betting. Here's how to get into NHL betting in a few simple steps.

Locate a reputable and reliable NHL betting site.
Become a member of the site or download the app.
To begin betting, make a deposit.
Claim the welcome offer if you want to.
Select the NHL betting category from the drop-down menu.
Find the odds and markets you wish to bet on and add them to your slip.
Look for the markets and odds you want to bet on.

The Best NHL Hockey Bets

NHL bets, like many other sports betting, comprise multiple options to choose from depending on how safe or how risky you want to wager. Here are some of the most common NHL hockey bets for easy reference.

As with any sport the odds presented by the online sportsbook will determine the level of risk you are willing to take when you place your bet. The odds will change based on what type of bet you choose and the market. Here are some of the most popular NHL hockey bets that we have seen thus far.

Moneyline betting
Puck Line Betting
Totals Betting
Parlay betting
NHL futures betting
Proposition/Prop betting

Moneyline betting

The moneyline bet is one of the most straightforward in the NHL, and it refers to a gamble on which club will win a specific match. To determine the potential rewards, each team is given a number, with (+) indicating the underdog and (-) indicating the favorite. A negative moneyline indicates how much you must wager to win a certain amount, and a positive moneyline indicates how much you will win if you bet a certain amount. Moneyline is a common NHL wager, and it's a fantastic choice for newcomers because it's simple to understand.

Puck Line Betting

This is the hockey equivalent of spread betting, which is a wager on how many goals a team must score to win. Puck line betting is ideal for gamblers who believe both teams have potential, as it serves to level the playing field and promote betting on both sides. However, placing a puck line bet isn't always a good idea, especially when one team has a distinct lead over the other.

Totals Betting

Totals betting, commonly known as over/under betting, is a wager on the total number of points scored by both teams during a game.

Parlay betting

When you place a parlay bet, you're combining many wagers into a single wager that, if successful, will result in a greater payoff. However, this is a hazardous bet because all of the wagers must win or you would lose the whole bet. Experienced gamblers, on the other hand, value these types of wagers for their versatility and high potential profits.

NHL futures betting

These bets are wagers on the outcome of a sporting event. In NHL betting, there are numerous future bet markets, the most prominent of which are wagers on the Stanley Cup and the Playoffs. Futures odds are revised after each game of the season since they fluctuate regularly, and seasoned gamblers believe that betting early in the season yields better odds.

Proposition/Prop betting

These are bets on specific events within a game rather than the end result. Bettors can, for example, speculate on which team will score first, how many penalties will be scored, and which individual will score. Many of the prop bets are called player props since they are based on player performance. These are bets on whether a player will or will not accomplish something specific during a game, such as score a goal, get hurt, assist, or even score the first or last goal. These bets are usually more entertaining, but they are also less predictable. However, while these wagers are entertaining, they should not be considered part of a lengthy betting plan.

NHL Betting Lines Explained

NHL lines are similar to odds, and the two terms are frequently used interchangeably. However, when you talk about NHL lines, you're talking about the chances of winning, despite the fact that lines usually relate to particular odds for a single event. These lines are offered in three markets, namely the puck line, moneyline, and total, and are arranged by date and time on sportsbooks. On sportsbooks, lines are provided in two rows: the top row relates to the visiting team, while the bottom row corresponds to the home team. Remember that the minus sign denotes the favorites and the plus sign symbolizes the underdogs when it comes to NHL betting lines.

Learning More About NHL Betting Lines

The first thing to remember when reading a betting line is that the minus sign denotes favorites, while the plus sign denotes underdogs. To begin, look at the column for the puck line. The puck line in the example above illustrates that Pittsburgh is the favorite and Detroit is the underdog. The following column is the moneyline, which is an outright wager on which team will win. The last column, totals (or over/under), displays the cumulative expected points for the match; bettors can gamble over (O) or under (U) the projection.

NHL Betting: “Juice”

The juice is the percentage that a sportsbook takes from every bet. It's the number to the right of the puck line column. Based on which teams are playing, average puck line juices might range from +100 to over +/300. The -180 juice on Detroit in the example above implies it would cost $180 to win $100. Because the odds are better for Pittsburgh, a $100 investment would produce $160 in profit.

Total bets are also subject to the juice, which ranges from +100 to +/-150. Keep in mind that the lower the juice, the less you'll have to pay the bookmaker. When it comes to juice, remember to browse around at multiple NHL betting sites to get the greatest offer.

NHL Odds for the Stanley Cup

The table below displays the latest odds for the Stanley Cup. As the season progresses, the odds might change, but the odds represented will give you an idea of how the odds work and how you stand to gain by making the selection that works for you.

Team Odds
Tampa Bay Lighting +600
Vegas Golden Knights +600
Toronto Maple Leafs +6000
Colorado Avalanche +750
Carolina Hurricanes +800
Boston Bruins +1,400
Florida Panthers +1,600
Washington Capitals +1,700
Winnipeg Jets +1,700
Philadelphia Flyers +1,800
New York Islanders +1,800
St Louis Blues +2,000
Edmonton Oilers +2,000
Minnesota Wild +2,200
Montréal Canadiens +2,500
Pittsburgh Penguins +2,500
Calgary Flames +4,000
Dallas Stars +4,500
Chicago Blackhawks +4,500
New York Rangers +5,500
Columbus Blue Jackets +6,600
Arizona Coyotes +6,600
Nashville Predators +8,000
Vancouver Canucks +9,000
San Jose Sharks +10,000
New Jersey Devils +12,500
Anaheim Ducks +17,500
Buffalo Sabres +20,000
Ottawa Senators +60,000
Detroit Red Wings +90,000

Figures and Facts About the NHL

Coach Scotty Bowman holds the record for most victories.
Doug Smail set the record for the fastest NHL goal in 1981, with a time of only 5-seconds.
Wayne Gretzky holds 61 NHL records and is the only player to score 100 goals in a single season.
The Stanley Cup was won for the 24th time by the Montréal Canadiens, who had won the title 24 times since 1915.

Reviewing and Rating the NHL Betting Sites

Finding a sportsbook that truly fulfills your wants and expectations is your best chance when it comes to NHL betting. There is always a danger when betting on sports, so it is recommended that you conduct thorough research or at the very least read through some of our useful recommendations before placing any kind of wager. Through extensive assessments, we strive to present our users with the greatest, most simply available, and reliable information on NHL betting and more. Before adding a betting site to our list of approved sportsbooks, we assess it. We consider the following elements while deciding whether or not to recommend a sportsbook.

Payment Options for Deposits and Withdrawals

The finest NHL betting sites will accept a variety of popular and secure deposit and withdrawal methods. We check and evaluate the available banking options to ensure that punters can make transactions quickly and easily. We also look at the available options, since the site should offer a mix of traditional methods such as bank cards, as well as e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. Our sites are also ranked according to their payout timeframes and the quickness with which bets are resolved.

Promotional Offers and Bonuses

A reputable sportsbook will provide a variety of intriguing bonuses and promos targeted specifically for NHL bettors. We look at the site's incentives, such as match bonuses, welcome bonuses, risk-free bets, and free bets, to see what they have to offer. We also look to see if the site offers a loyalty program for loyal consumers during the NHL season.

Security Checks 

When it comes to choosing an online wagering site, security and reputation are crucial. We conduct a thorough background investigation on each sportsbook to ensure that our gamers are happy and winning. This involves looking at the site's gaming license as well as any other security features. We assess the site's security by ensuring that the most up-to-date SSL encryption technology is in use to secure all of the site's users' personal information.

Customer Support Team

When gambling over the internet, friendly, helpful, and speedy customer service is essential, and dedicated customer service should be routine. We look at the site's customer service and see how fast they respond, how accessible they are, and how good their responses are. We also want the site's support team to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via live chat, phone, and email.

Betting on Mobile Devices

Mobile betting sites have revolutionized the way we gamble, and anyone with a tablet or smartphone and an internet connection may now participate in live NHL betting. We look at the mobile site and app available while analyzing the best NHL sportsbooks to determine if it's well-designed, completely optimized, and simple to use.

Competitive Odds for NHL Betting

Every sports bettor desires the finest NHL betting odds possible. As a result, we check the bookmaker to see if it has competitive odds on NHL games. We compare sites to see how well they stack up against other sportsbooks on the market. A wide range of odds and bet kinds, including all of the most popular alternatives such as moneylines, puck lines, props, and totals, are among the things we look for.

Completed Review With Rating Assigned

When we evaluate the best NHL wagering sites on the internet, we make sure they all fulfill or exceed those criteria in order to provide a really unique betting experience. If they don't, they won't be on our shortlist and won't receive our seal of approval. Furthermore, we evaluate our shortlist on a regular basis to ensure that everything is still correct and that no content is obsolete or wrong. Basically, we only publish the most recent information, and our team double-checks rankings on a regular basis to ensure they are accurate.

View recommended Sportsbooks

Top-Rated Betting Sites for the NHL

Now you know more about the types of bets you will see with NHL betting, it’s time for you to give it a try. Here are our top recommended online sportsbooks for NHL betting in the US.

300% up to $6,000
1-5 days Payout
Win Rate

NHL Betting FAQs

Educating and answering questions is what we do. We have compiled a list of questions that always seem to come up when bettors want to know more about betting on the NHL. There might even be a question or two that you have been thinking about but haven’t asked yet.

How can I make money betting on the NHL?

There is no foolproof technique to win an NHL wager. The greatest technique is to conduct extensive research and analyze the teams and players. The more you understand about the game, the better bet you'll make.

In hockey betting, what does +1.5 mean?

In hockey, +1.5 odds relate to the puck line market. For a wager to be successful, a team with these odds must lose by one point, tie the game, or win.

In the NHL, what is a three-way moneyline?

A tie as well as both sides to win the game are included in three-way moneyline odds. If there is a history of matches being drawn between the two clubs, this is presented as an alternative market.

Are there any NHL betting bonuses?

Yes, bonuses are available when betting on the NHL. The finest NHL betting sites will include a variety of promotions, including as a welcome bonus and free bets on a regular basis, especially when there is a major hockey tournament or event on the horizon.

What are the playoff odds for the NHL?

Throughout the regular season, NHL odds for the Stanley Cup playoffs take shape. Teams' performance, as well as the caliber and depth of their rosters, are used to determine the odds at online NHL betting sites that can change from time to time.

What is the best way to wager on the puck line in the NHL?

Decide if you want to bet on the favorite or the underdogs when betting on the puck line. In the NHL, a puck line is a point spread that disadvantages the favorite and gives the underdog a fictitious lead. You should bet on the favorites if you believe they can win by a larger margin than the puck line. If not, take a chance on the underdogs.

Where can I find a trusted sportsbook to place NHL bets?

You can find a trusted online sportsbook right here in our NHL betting guide. We have a comprehensive list of online sportsbooks that have been thoroughly vetted. We have also taken the time to see what betting options there are for the NHL and you will not be disappointed.