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Are you looking for the best online sportsbook sites to place wagers on horse racing events? Look no further! Here at CasinoTop, we are dedicated to recommending only the best online sportsbook operators and offerings to our players, regardless of whether they want to bet on the Kentucky Derby, the Grand National or a smaller event.

Our CasinoTop team of expert reviewers have got you covered. We have taken a thorough look into the online sportsbook sites available today and have analyzed their services, results and member endorsement. If you’re looking for more general information relating to horse race betting, keep reading because we’ve shared tons of details in hopes that it’ll help you along!

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Common Betting Types for Horse Racing

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out or you’ve placed a few horse racing bets in the past, knowing and understanding the different types of bets available in horse racing will be beneficial. Below, we have taken a look at the most common types and explained what each means in simple terms.

Pick 3,4,5,6
Daily Double


Win bets are favoured by many beginner bettors due to their simplicity. With a win bet, players are betting on which horse will win the race and finish first. If you’re starting out or would like a simple wager, this is the perfect bet for you.


A show bet is similar to a place bet in that bettors place bets on a specific horse that would finish in either the first, second or third place in order to win a bet. This means that bettors will have multiple ways of winning. However, you can expect a lower payout.


In order for bettors to make a profit from a place bet, the horse that they wagered on must complete the race as one of the first few horses to pass the finish line. A place bet is a simple and common option for those who are looking for more options. In addition, there is less risk since there are two outcomes. However, bettors can expect to see smaller payouts from place bets as opposed to more risky bets.


An Exacta bet is considered to be an exotic wager. This means that bettors can place bets on more than one horse, unlike the place, show and win bets. The Exacta bet is a wager that is placed on the two horses that you believe will finish the race first and second. For bettors to make a profit, the horses that they bet on will need to finish the race in the order that they selected.


Trifecta wagers, sometimes called triple bets, is a type of bet that players place on which horses will finish in the first, second and third position for a specific event or race. While this may seem similar to a show bet, the trifecta requires the predictions made for the bet to appear in the stipulated order for a payout to take place.

A trifecta bet is a great option if you’re confident about the horses, where they will place and the show bets.


A superfecta bet is identical to the Trifecta bet except for the number of places and horses you wager on. While there is only one variable that is different, superfecta bets are far more challenging to accurately predict than trifectas. Naturally, the bet can only result in profits if the order of the horses is predicted accurately.


Quinella bets are often referred to as simplified versions of the exacta bet. To earn a profit from this bet, all you will need to do is select the two horses that you believe will either finish the race first or second. The simplification comes from the order not being necessary to win.

Keep in mind that Quinella bets are not usually grouped with the other exotic bets, such as Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta, and can be found in a different pool

Pick 3,4,5,6

A pick 3 bet is a wager that is placed on which horses will win for three races after each other. In order to make a profit, bettors need to accurately predict the outcomes of all events. While this is a simpler concept than most, it can be challenging to predict this many correct outcomes. The traditional pick 3 can be extended to pick 4, pick 5 and even pick 6 bets. These get exponentially harder as the number of events increases but this means that there is a large payout after all events are concluded.

Daily Double

The daily double wager is a bet that players place to predict the winning horses from two consecutive races. Since accurately predicting this is no easy task, the odds involved in daily doubles are usually attractive.

The attractive odds associated with daily doubles have led to this betting type becoming one of the most popular. However, keep in mind that some operators only offer two daily doubles a day for evenly matched events.

Strategies for Horse Racing Betting

Getting started with horse racing betting can be stressful for players who aren’t sure what to expect and how to go about placing bets. Above, we have shared the different types of bets that can be placed and now, we will look into some of the most popular betting strategies for horse racing bettors.


The Beaten Favourite

As far as strategies go, backing the beaten favourite is a great and simple way for new bettors to get comfortable. For this strategy, bettors will need to take a look into the horses that failed to live up to market expectations at some point in their careers and back them.

This strategy is based on the idea that just because the horse disappointed in the past, this does not necessarily mean that the horse will do the same in future.

In addition, beaten favourites usually participate in an easier race on the way back to achieving their previous glory. If you are considering backing a beaten favourite, you can expect to see bettor odds when you back the same horse in the future. This strategy shows bettors that overlooking an unexpected loss and giving a beaten horse the benefit of the doubt, could be profitable if you do sufficient research to make sure that the loss was random and not habitual.



When it comes to placing a horse racing bet, there is no harm in hedging your bets and choosing to back more than one horse for a competitive or large event. Choosing to bet on more than one horse for one event is called Dutching and includes betting activities where players back several outcomes to receive an overall profit, regardless of the outcomes.

While the Dutching betting strategy might seem complex, it can be simplified by placing the same bet on two or more horses in the same event. Otherwise, bettors can adjust their stakes based on the odds. Strong numeracy skills would come in handy in this case but there are also many online calculators that can do the relevant math for you.



Backing a horse on a winning streak is perhaps the most logical and popular horse racing betting strategy out there today. If a horse wins race after race, it’s safe to say that this horse is in good form and has built momentum for another win. As such, we recommend that bettors who make use of this strategy consult their racing cards to see which horses have won in previous events.

Since this is a popular and logical strategy, oddsmakers also keep track of these results and odds will then be priced to give winning horses shorter odds. This means that winners will receive less profit. However, for those who are okay with a significantly smaller profit, backing an undefeated winner is an easier bet.

Our Expert Horse Racing Betting Tips

Now that we’ve shared some of the most common betting strategies for horse racing , here are some tips to consider when placing your next bet. Our CasinoTop experts have shared advice that could be beneficial to your profits.

Consider the Jockey

While considering the career and statistics of horses is vital to your success, many bettors forget to consider the jockey. The jockey can play a huge role in whether the horse will achieve the expected result or not. The next time you place a horse racing bet, take a look at the jockey’s statistics to determine whether they are on form or not. It is not unheard of for some horses to perform particularly well with certain jockeys. If a horse and jockey are paired up that usually work well together, this is a great chance for you to consider backing this team.

Look at the Form of the Horse

Similar to the importance of the jockey’s form, the form of the horse is vital to whether or not the horse will win the next race. Luckily, sportsbook providers usually have the statistics for each horse available on the racecard. In addition to this, you can watch previous races for specific horses to see the kind of racing you can expect.

Manage your Bankroll

One of the key aspects that players need to remember is that any form of gambling, horse race betting included, should only be enjoyed with real money that you can comfortably afford to lose. The management of your bankroll should always be in the forefront of your mind and will determine which types of bets you can make and the risks you can take.

Part of managing your bankroll is ensuring that you set a time and betting limit for yourself whenever you play. Considering how complex bets for horse racing can become, managing your bankroll becomes all the more important.

Shop Around

Finding greater value for the funds in your gaming account can be considered a part of bankroll management. To find the best odds that offer the best value, you might need to shop around and look for your ideal odds. The majority of top-rated betting sites for horse racing tend to have similar odds, which usually have the best value.

Flat vs. Jumps Strategy

As we’ve mentioned, horse race betting can offer bettors loads of options. This includes the different betting types they can take advantage of, and tools on offer. However, another aspect that can add dimension to the betting experience is to place a wager on either flat or jumps, depending on your preference. If you’d like to learn more about each, we have highlighted a few points below for your consideration.

Starting Positions

In flat races, horses are assigned different starting gates based on draw bias. Naturally, a good start to the race provides the horse with better chances of winning and a slow break could cost the horse the race and prevent them from catching up, particularly with sprints. However, jump races do not make use of the same starting position structure and instead draw a tape across the track and release it when the race begins.

Career Lengths

When it comes to flat races, the age requirements for a horse racing career are stricter and usually don’t last very long. However, exceptions have been made for a handful of exceptional horses in history. Flat racehorses begin their careers in the spring of their second year and usually race for a maximum of three years.

On the other hand, jumps horses have longer careers that start from their second year, or even later, and could continue until the horse is a teenager. From a betting perspective, flat races would present bettors with less data to analyze since the careers of flat horses are much shorter.

Condition of the Track

One of the aspects of horse racing that many bettors tend to overlook is the condition of the track. Flat races should be held on good ground that has sounder surfaces to ensure that the speed of the horse will not be affected. Meanwhile, jumps horses should be racing on softer ground to provide cushioning for their landings after clearing the race’s obstacles. As we’ve explained, the condition of the track can directly affect the outcome of the race and a horse’s performance significantly and should be considered before you place your wager.

Different Weights

Naturally, horses with lower weights can run faster and are, therefore, more aerodynamic. Since the criteria for passing most flat races is speed, the weight of flat racing horses is usually significantly lower than the weights of jump horses. Steeplechases are focused on the endurance, stamina and strength of a horse. If you’ve watched horse races before and are not confident that a horse can bear its weight well enough to win, we recommend backing another choice.

Different Distances

The difference in distance between jump and flats races can be quite varied. On average, the shortest flat racetrack is only 1000m and the longest jump races, such as the Grand National, can be up to 6,900 m long. It is important to consider the form, weight and age of the horse to determine which horse, or horses, have a greater chance of crossing the finish line first.

Biggest Horse Racing Events

Betting on the outcomes of horse racing events has been around for hundreds of years and was once reserved for the upper class only. These days, horse racing betting is far more inclusive but that doesn’t mean that the sport has become less lucrative. Take a look at some of the biggest prize pots in the world today:

Event Country 2021 Prize Purse
Saudi CupSaudi Arabia$20m
The EverestAustralia$15m
Dubai World CupUAE$12m
Breeders’ Cup ClassicUS$6m
Dubai TurfUAE$6m
Dubai Sheema ClassicUAE$6m
Japan CupJapan$5.8m
Prix de l’Arc de TriompheFrance$5.6m
Arima KinenJapan$5.6m
Melbourne CupAustralia$5.3m
Breeders’ Cup TurfUS$3m
Pegasus World CupUS$3m
The Epsom DerbyUK$2.13m
Kentucky DerbyUS$2m
The Grand NationalUK$1.57m

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Rating the Best Horse Racing Sites

While we know that placing horse racing wagers can be exciting and immersive, players are only able to fully enjoy this experience when they are playing at sportsbook sites that they know and trust. If you’re new to sports betting and would like to know the best and most reputable sites for horse race bets, we have compiled a list of our favourite operators based on whether or not they meet the following criteria:

Competitive Odds

Before we recommend an online horse racing site, we look into the best prices and how the operator ensures that bettors have greater value. The list of sites that we recommend all over competitive odds for a wide variety of markets as well as a range of bet types to entertain every bettor.

Range of Events to Bet On

Horse race betting has always attracted lots of attention and the introduction of online sports betting has only added to this genre’s popularity. This means that bettors from all over the world are looking for odds for events that appeal to them. As a result of this, we only recommend online sportsbooks that provide bettors with a variety of local and international events to bet on.

Promotions and Bonuses

From best odds guaranteed and extra place terms to non-runner no bets and cashback deals, free bets and bonuses are vital to whether an online sports betting site can be considered top-rated by our standards. We know that there are often times when races take unpredictable turns and we believe that promotions should be the opposite of unpredictable, and instead, expected.

Online Racing Forms

Online racing forms are similar to racecards and provide bettors with expert insights and results from previous races. Online racing forms have taken it a step further and should include an analysis of each horse’s form and recent history. Failure to provide an accurate and comprehensive online racing form could result in us choosing not to endorse an online horse racing site.

Customer Support

Since problems experienced when placing a bet on a horse racing event can be time-sensitive, we expect online operators to provide our bettors with friendly, helpful and efficient support. Our CasinoTop review team tests the level of support received via all available mediums and only recommends the sites that exceed our expectations.

Mobile Functionality

Regardless of whether you’re placing your bet from the horse racing track’s stands or the comfort of your home, our recommended sites will offer you a convenient and simple process. To make this a reality, all of the sites that we endorse to feature a mobile betting experience via a dedicated app or optimized mobile site.

Final Rating

Once we have considered a site’s results from all of the above mentioned areas, we calculate an average score for the offering. This score becomes the final rating and only sites with the highest average rating will receive our endorsement and make it onto our best-rated sites list.

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The Best Sites for Horse Racing Bets

Rank Sportbook Bonus Offer In-Play Betting Payout Speed Play Online
#1Vegas Lounge CasinoCA$400-1- 2 daysBet Now
#2Captain Spins CasinoCA$1,200-1 - 2 DaysBet Now
#3Dream Vegas$7,000-1-5 daysBet Now
#4Royal Vegas$300-1-5 daysBet Now
#5WheelzCA$300-1-5 daysBet Now
#6Neon Vegas$500-1-5 daysBet Now
#7Ruby Fortune CasinoCA$750-1-2 DaysBet Now
#8Wildz Casino$500-1-5 daysBet Now
#9Spin CasinoCA$1,000_2 DaysBet Now
#10JackpotCity$ 1,600_1-2 daysBet Now

FAQs for Horse Racing Bets

Can I bet on horse racing events online?

Yes, most online sportsbooks have made sure to offer their bettors a wide variety of horse racing event bets for their convenience. If you’re looking for an in-person betting experience, each region has laws that determine whether sports betting with a local operator is permitted or not.

Is horse race betting a game of skill or chance?

Horse race betting contains elements of both skill and chance. Bettors will need to have a certain level of knowledge about horse racing or be willing to learn and analyze as they go along. However, this will not be enough to guarantee success since horse racing can be unpredictable and there is an element of chance.

What breed of horse is fastest?

Thoroughbred horses are known for being the fastest breed of horse in the racing industry today while Arabian horses have been noted for their endurance and intelligence, making Arabian horses perfect for jump racing.

Do I need to use a strategy when betting on horse races?

No, using a betting strategy is not a necessity. However, most players make use of one of the strategies we listed above and adjust it according to their research and understanding. In the end, using a strategy is a preference.

Do I need to watch horse racing to bet?

No, you don’t need to be an avid watcher of horse racing to place a horse bet. However, we do recommend watching the races that you bet on and staying informed of new horses and jockeys who show promise.