Mr. Cashback slot provided by Playtech offers players a very distinct style with a rather unique feature mechanic. Definitely taking inspiration from old timey businessmen and high rollers of the 1980s, the slot consists of up to 15 paylines in a traditional 3 by 5 reel format. Founded in 1999, Playtech is a storied developer based in the Isle of Man with a lot of experience and their games are widely available across many of the top name online casinos.

Getting Started with Mr. Cashback

Offering players with a simple and easy to navigate user interface, Playtech provides everything upfront and directly within the game window. The number of pay lines you wish to play with, along with the bet per line is customisable via plus and minus icons for each option respectively. Autoplay is also available with some preset options, alongside a Turbo Mode that speeds up the game’s animations. The ‘Info’ icon provides players with access to the complete rules and pay tables. While a full screen mode is also available, it seems that there is a distinct lack of other options found in most slot games, such as volume controls for instance.

How the Game is Designed

This is a design that definitely brings home the cheese with its overall style. The graphics are very cartoony and the animations have a rather silly quality to them. The colours and buttons are also very garish, which is further exacerbated by the music and sound effects. The usual traditional game symbols are on display with a balloon-like presentation to them. Wilds are represented by Mr. Cashback himself, while Scatter symbols appear as the slot’s logo. There are also piggy bank symbols, along with various cash and swag symbols on display. Landing on 3 or more scatter symbols in any combination provides players with 12 free spin rounds. Overall the slot has a very specific presentation that some may find quaint, although could also be off putting to others.

Slot Game Sounds

With every spin of the reels you make, there’s a trigger for some fast paced wheeling and dealing background music that is instantly recognisable from a wide variety of TV shows and films. It brings quite some joy to hitting the reels and wanting to hear the end of the musical sting. The sounds effects of hitting a winning combination have a game show feel to them that is rather fitting to the rest of the game, however the highlight in the sound department is definitely the music that appears each time you click on that spin button.

Other Features

The main feature of this slot game is the self titled Mr. Cashback feature that aims to give back to players unfortunate enough to come across a losing streak. This mechanic provides a 50 times payback on your staked, should you not win from a single payline during the course of 50 consecutive spins. The staked amount you get a 50 times return on is the amount you bet on for that 50th round. While certainly a very unique feature, it is highly unlikely that most players will ever get to witness it, as the chances of not winning on a single round for 50 spins is incredibly low. Other features that can be found are a 2 times win multiplier during free spin rounds, along with random freezing Wilds during the feature.

Our Say on Mr. Cashback

Definitely a slot that is difficult to recommend to all. Many may find that either or both the theme and the gameplay features are simply not to their tastes. The garish and highly stylised aesthetics of the game is simply something that won’t appeal to many, while the main selling point of the game being the Mr. Cashback Feature may not appear as all that enticing to new and veteran slot players alike. Building up a game mechanic based around a large amount of consecutive losses just doesn’t really appear fun and exciting. If you do like the quaint design of this game and are only interested in the free spin round mechanics however, then by all means give it a try.


mr cashback - CasinoTop

EggOMatic, which was developed by NetEnt, represents the creativity and technical capabilities of this industry leader. An unmistakably unique presentation for what is actually a regular 3 by 5 reel slot that provides 20 paylines. The developers have however gone above and beyond with making this feel far from your average slot. There’s clearly a high attention to detail and lots of little nuances that do a great job of showing a player how dedicated the team behind this development has been. The NetEnt team has just done so many things right here, it’s hard not to commend them for their efforts.

Getting Started with EggOMatic

NetEnt have managed to mix in their usual easy to navigate layout with a game specific control board style when it comes to the user interface. Your bet amount and total balance in coins are displayed on either side of this control board design, while you have arrow keys going left and right to raise or lower your bet level and coin value. Max Bet and Autoplay options are present on either side of the spin button, which is represented by 2 arrows pointing in a circular fashion. Lastly there is the ‘i’ button found behind your bet amount, which opens up a highly stylised rules and pay tables window.

How the Game is Designed

This has got to be one of the most visually impressive and uniquely themed slots on the market today. Everything is highly polished and comes loaded with a large amount of high quality animations and sound effects. Even the user interface is presented with such visual flair that many other games just can’t compete with. Instead of relying on the standard symbols found in countless other slot games, EggOMatic instead has a full array of original symbols each represented by various robotic birds that all have a unique charm to them with a robotic twist that slightly reminds one of a retro steampunk aesthetic. Wilds are represented by a Rooster and there are actually no Scatter symbols, as they have been replaced by a Free Spin egg mechanic.

Slot Game Sounds

A delightful and soothing piece of background music fills this slot up with a relaxing mood, which is actually quite funny given the contrast it has with the theme of electrocuting robot chickens. It certainly doesn’t break the overall theme, but instead blends in nicely to the background, as it should, with the sound effects of the various mechanics taking center stage. A mix of high quality steam powered machinery, clattering of metal and high voltage sound effects provide a hilarious contrast with the sounds of chickens and other chirping robot birds getting zapped after each winning combination.

Other Features

Not only is EggOMatic unique with its design, there’s also a very interesting set of unique features that tie in nicely with the theme of the game. Throughout your gameplay, eggs will be dispensed above the reels, moving from right to left. There are a variety of different types of eggs that offer differing values in win multipliers and free spin rounds, as well as Wild manipulators. With the possibility to get a maximum 5 eggs simultaneously on the go, each egg is triggered when a Wild lands on the reels directly below them. When the free spin or coin value eggs are triggered, you will be awarded with the number labeled on each egg respectively that coincide with the reel a Wild has landed on. The spreading Wild egg being triggered causes more Wilds to appear by replacing adjacent symbols.

Our Say on EggOMatic

What a wonderfully designed and truly unique game. This is definitely a strong recommendation and does a great job at representing the sheer amount of quality that a big name developer like NetEnt can achieve. It is clear a lot of passion has been poured into the development and the interesting bonus features definitely appear to have had a lot of thought put into them. Everything from this slot oozes quality, charm and polish, which makes certain that any kind of slot player is sure to be impressed.


eggOMatic - CasinoTop



Well, they say Christmas only comes once a year, well nobody told the creators of the Deck The Halls slot: Microgaming. Here’s a game that aims to bring the festive spirit to casino players all year round. Providing players with a conventional 3 by 5 reel setup that allows for 30 different paylines, along with easy to understand game features; this is a slot that doesn’t try to impress you with flashy and complicated bonus features, but instead relies on its Christmas themed charms with some nice win multipliers sprinkled on top.

Getting Started with Deck The Halls

Here is another instance that showcases some great user interface design that Microgaming has provided to make navigation easy. All of the main options are located on the right of the game window. The top icon provides players with game options such as volume control and play session history, as well as providing access to the game rules. The second icon from the top allows you to set up the slot’s autoplay functionality. The third icon triggers the spinning of the reels. The fourth option allows you to toggle on and off faster animations and lastly the fifth icon allows you to customise your bet amount. A full screen option is also available and the game even features a digital clock on the top left of the screen, so you don't lose track of time while playing.

How the Game is Designed

The overall aesthetics on show are rather charming, playing host to a traditional red and green colour scheme. The symbols also portray various aspects of the holiday season with Christmas decorations, a nicely cooked turkey and of course Farther Christmas himself, who is the most valuable regular symbol and is stacked. Wilds are represented by the Deck The Halls game logo, while Scatters appear as a mistletoe and bells symbol. Wilds also come with the benefit of providing an additional 2 times win multiplier and stacks in free spin mode. Free spins are achieved by landing on at least 3 Scatter symbols, which awards 10 free spins. Furthermore all wins from achieved Free Spin rounds are doubled and the stacked Wilds provide a 4 times win multiplier during the mode’s gameplay.

Slot Game Sounds

Unfortunately there is no background music present in this slot game, which is rather disappointing, especially considering that Christmas music is such a big part of the holiday and theme. The spinning of the reels also has a sound effect that quickly becomes repetitive and bothersome, which doesn’t do this game any favours. The only saving grace in the sound department comes from actually hitting a winning combination, as there are some nice jingles that come up, especially when you land a winning combination that coincides with a Wild symbol.

Other Features

The only other feature to take note of from this Microgaming game, is the possibility to win up to 2,400,000 coins from a single spin. With a max bet of 300 coins that equates to a potential of an incredible 8,000 times return on your bet. All in all, this is a rather simple slot that doesn’t try to impress with flashy gimmicks or complicated bonus features. It’s main draw is from the multipliers that you gain from Wilds and the free spin rounds.

Our Say on Deck The Halls

While it is certainly not the most visually impressive game, nor does it offer up great sound effects; the slot nonetheless does an admirable job of conveying the festive season. The simple and easy to understand features of the slot also lends itself to more casual play and allows a sense of comfort and accessibility to even newer slot players. Microgaming’s user interface design is also excellent and it’s great to see that a game session history is available for players to view. There is also something to be said about the fact that it is available all year round, which can’t be said for some Christmas themed slots.


deck the halls - CasinoTop

Part of the Universal Classic Monsters franchise starting way back in the 1920s, The Creature From The Black Lagoon slot game developed by NetEnt revitalises this 50s horror classic for some truly excellent gameplay. With sticky and expanding Wilds, intriguing free spin round mechanics wrapped up in high quality and thematically fitting audio and graphics, this is a slot game that does a lot right to catch your attention.

Getting Started with Creature From The Black Lagoon

You can expect this slot game to closely stick to the standardised format and layout of other popular NetEnt titles, meaning that anyone familiar with the provider’s titles will have an easy grasp of all the options available within the game. The design is also intuitive enough for anyone new to slots to feel instantly at ease. Bet levels and coin value can be adjusted on the fly directly from the in-game window, as well as a nice and clear ‘i’ button that directs you to the main highlights of the game. Pay tables and the complete set of rules for the slot are found by clicking on the small ‘?’ button found at the bottom of the game window. Getting started with a round is as simple as pressing on the circular arrow button at the middle of the bottom of the screen.

How the Game is Designed

There is a distinct retro vibe with this slot, which is certainly appropriate with it being based on a film that’s almost 70 years old. While the original film was brought out on the big screen in black and white, the slot features a vibrant and varied colour palette that introduces several characters such as Dr. Reed and Dr. Maia. The ‘Creature From The Black Lagoon’ symbols represent Wilds and consist of regular or spreading Wilds that both stick around, while giving you a respin for even greater win potentials. The ‘Free Spin’ symbol also triggers free spin rounds when you get a minimum of 3 of them appearing at any location during a single round. 3 symbols gives you access to 10 free spin rounds, 4 symbols gives you 15 and 5 symbols give you 20 free spins.

Slot Game Sounds

This slot features some excellent background music that conjures up the feelings of going on an adventure with a layer of romance and wonder mixed in. This is blended in with the sounds of the jungle, as birds chirp and and the gentle sound of a flowing stream is layered into the mix. Spinning the reels provides sound effects reminiscent of an old projector starting up and landing on a winning combination from one of the character symbols provides actual audio from the original film.

Other Features

Consisting of a 3 by 5 reel layout that offers 20 pay lines, this slot’s main selling point is definitely its sticky Wilds. You’ll definitely be coming across a fair few of these during extended gameplay and it is definitely the feature you will come across the most. The slot also has another rather interesting mechanic during free spin mode however. There’s a chance of a new ‘target’ symbol appearing on the 5th reel, during any free spin round that has been directly credited from the game. Landing on such a symbol causes the creature to get shot, which diminishes its health bar displayed on the right side of the game window. More hits against the creature unlocks new features that can maximise your win potentials. Level 1 unlocks sticky Wilds during the duration of the free spins, level 2 enables spreading Wilds that spread to the left and stick and level 3 provides an upgrade to the spreading Wilds, as they can now spread horizontally. Finally level 4 gifts you an additional 10 free spin rounds.

Our Say on Creature From The Black Lagoon

Creature From The Black Lagoon is a slot that really gives something extra for those who are fans of Wild symbols and let’s be honest; who doesn’t like landing on Wilds in any given slot. The added mechanics provided in the free spins round also ties nicely into the theme of a film that hearkens back to the infancy of cinema. The sound effects are also great and do an excellent job of bringing in those feelings of nostalgia and adventure. NetEnt have done a great job in providing fans of both cinema and slots a seamless blend of the two into one exciting experience.


creature from the black lagoon - CasinoTop

The 2006 Kathmandu slot from Microgaming is an excellent choice for players who enjoy a classic-looking slot with a unique theme and a combination of exciting features. It is built on 5 reels and 3 rows, with a potential of up to 15 free spins to be activated.

Multipliers are also present, up to a maximum of x5, and Wild symbol adds further interest to the video slot. Microgaming has also thrown in the popular Gamble feature, which invites players to wager their wins in a double-or-nothing game of chance.

Getting Started with Kathmandu

Kathmandu (the slot, not the capital of Nepal) has 9 paylines with a bet range of between £0.01 and £0.25 per line. That adds up to a total of £45 as a max bet with 20 coins. There is a fixed jackpot that can be won and that’s worth 30,000 coins.

The game controls are fairly straightforward and will be familiar to players who have enjoyed slots before. There are dedicated buttons for adjusting the bet size, selecting paylines and choosing the number of coins. The ‘Expert’ button launches the autoplay feature.

How the Game is Designed

Travel to an exotic land via this Microgaming slot, which features bell towers, elephants, a map of the region, temples and more in a colourful animated style. The royal suit symbols are also present, with these being the lower value symbols.

The background to the game screen includes traditional Nepalese symbols as decoration and two columns of numbers, one on either side of the reels, help keep track of the active paylines. The overall effect of these visual features is to create a lively, thriving atmosphere that immerses the player in the culture of Nepal.

Slot Game Sounds

There’s not all that much to say about Kathmandu’s sound design. The background track sounds vaguely like a busy casino floor, which is a little strange given that the slot is meant to be set in Nepal.

There are a couple of sound effects to activate through the game features and you’ll hear a different tune when bonuses are triggered. This is particularly conspicuous during the free spins feature and when high value icons contribute to a winning combo. In a slot that otherwise stands out for its quality, we feel that Microgaming could have done more with the sound element here.

Other Features

The Wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol except for the Scatter bell. Two or more adjacent Wilds will pay out the fixed jackpot worth 6,000 coins.

When three or more Scatter symbols appear, the free spins feature is activated. 15 free spins are awarded with a random multiplier of up to x5. During these spins, the Wild and the temple symbol can both substitute for any other symbol on the reels.

Players can choose to bank or gamble their wins by clicking the Gamble button. The objective of this mini game is to predict the colour of the next card drawn.

Our Say on Kathmandu Slot

The city of Kathmandu might be very far away from most players but the Microgaming slot is accessible and good fun. The theme stands out as do the range of bets, the combination of features and the presence of jackpot opportunities. Overall, an entertaining and potentially lucrative video slot from a world-class game studio.


kathmandu - CasinoTop

Microgaming released the Football Star slot in 2014, just before the World Cup entertained millions of viewers that summer. It is built on a 5x3 reel set and features 243 ways to win.

The RTP value of Football Star sits at 96.29% and its variance can be described as mid-range. Players can bet from £0.50 to £50 per spin and the max win limit is 125,000 coins. In a market packed with sports-related games, Football Star offers an exciting and engaging trip down memory lane to the heady football summer of yesteryear.

Getting Started with Football Star

Football Star is an electric riot of noise and colour, much like a football game, so it’s a good thing Microgaming has kept the controls nice and simple. Players can adjust the size of their bets by altering coins per line and the coin value itself. The precise bet amount per spin is shown in the ‘Bet’ area.

If clicking over and over to spin isn’t your thing, you can easily set up the autoplay feature, which works using the current bet size. Football Star features Rolling Reels, where winning combinations of symbols disappear to make room for more symbols to take their place.

How the Game is Designed

If you have ever been to a football game (or watched one on TV) you’ll know how lively and exuberant these events are and Microgaming has successfully replicated that atmosphere in Football Star. packed with visual energy, you can almost imagine yourself sitting in a bright football stadium.

A number of famous faces make an appearance as symbols - Christiano Ronaldo and Mario Balotelli, to name just two - alongside football-related items such as boots, footballs, jerseys, referees, striking players are more.

Slot Game Sounds

Football Star was released in time for the 2014 World Cup and much like that highly anticipated event, it is packed with the sounds of thousands of fans as they watch and react to the action on the pitch.

The crowd goes wild each time the player lands a winning combination and the stadium practically explodes with the sound of happy fans when the striking Wild rewards the player. We can even hear a small portion of what sounds like the famous football chant so popular with footie fans when a particularly lucrative combo lands on the reels.

Other Features

There are 243 ways to win on this video slot and the Rolling Reels help to take full advantage of them. The Football Star logo is the Wild symbol and it can appear on reels 3 to 5. It can substitute for any other symbol except the Scatter.

Free spins are activated when three or more Scatters, featuring the soaring football, land on the same spin. The player then receives between 15 and 25 free spins, depending on how many Scatters have landed. During free spins, the Rolling Reels also include multipliers, which increase on each consecutive spin up to a limit of x10.

Our Say on Football Star Slot

Football Star is an excellent choice for gamblers who also love the beautiful game. Astute players will notice the similarities with Break Away, the hockey-themed slot released two years prior to Football Star. In our opinion, both offer a fantastic experience that sports lovers will appreciate.


football star - CasinoTop

Close your eyes and channel your inner 60’s and 70’s beach bum, this is exactly how the Wild Water slot is designed. Packed with wilds, stacked beach bum symbols, two types of big bonus wins, and free spins.

Enjoy playing this high volatile slot across five reels and 20 paylines with multiple special features that make this game packed full of fun and adrenaline. This great online slot covers everything about the surf including babes and dudes, shredding sweet waves, and nasty great white sharks.

How to Play the Wild Water Slot

Players can make their spins in this five-reel game with a range of amounts from as little as £0.20 or as much as £100 with 10 bet levels and coins valued from 0.01 to 0.50 each.

Any three or more scatter symbols will earn between 15 and 60 free spins, however, there are no progressive jackpot features. Wild Water does give players a chance to try their luck at winning up to 400,000 coins with two big win multipliers.

The ‘Surf’s Up’ bonus rewards players with a 20 times multiplier for landing any five stacked surfer symbols. Similar to this is the ‘Surf Team’ bonus which players can score by landing all five different stacked surfer symbols to ride a 200 times bet multiplier all the way to shore.

Design and Animation

Each of the symbols in this game feature laid back surfer vibes from the 60s and 70s, except for the jaws-like shark. The designs behind the stacked surfer symbols are really trendy and take you back in time instantly.

Animation wise, nothing much goes on in this slot but for the shark wild which splashes water around the winning combination.

What we loved so much is the consistency in the theme and design for Wild Water, everything is smooth and links together so well.

Music and Sound Effects

Wild Water knocks this one out of the ocean. The music and sound effects are perfect, NetEnt could not have put this together any better.

Everything about this game screams laidback chilled vibes, with beach-themed music in the background, trendy notes on winning combinations, and the surfer dude that shouts out “hang ten bruh”, “mundo”, and “amped” among other cliche sayings when you win.

If we have to be picky, the only downside to the sound effects was the scatter symbol sound doesn’t mesh as well as every other element.

Special Features

A great white shark represents the wild symbol in this game, which will substitute for winning combinations. In the free spins, this wild symbol will stretch to fill the entire reel for better winning combinations.

Scatter symbols are shown by a surfer dude riding a wave and can appear on all reels in this slot. There is also a huge paying symbol (which looks similar to the scatter) shown as an orange silhouette riding a wave.

There are five stacked surfer symbols which cover two big win multipliers. Match all five unique surfers for a 200 times multiplier, or land any combination of the five surfers for a 20 times win.

What We Think of the Wild Water Slot

The Wild Water online slot is perfect for that casual spin, the graphics really pop and the sounds are so good - especially when playing on a mobile device. We loved the interaction in this game thanks in part to the multiple special features, each spin keeps you on the edge of your seat entertained to see what happens next!

wild water - CasinoTop

The Reel Rush slot by NetEnt embodies a theme reminiscent of 90’s side-scrolling video games like Nintendo’s popular Mario franchise. While it might be confused as an off-branded sequel, the game itself features plenty of enjoyment through wild substitutions and free spins which offer up to 3125 ways to win and the square-shaped five-by-five cluster layout.

As the name suggests, everything about Reel Rush is fast-paced. The graphics are bright and punchy, and you will either love or hate the striking sound effects. Check out our review of this popular 2013 slot, and test it out by playing for free games with CasinoTop.

How to Play the Reel Rush Slot

Just like the nostalgic games, this slot’s theme is based on, playing Reel Rush is simple. At first, the odd layout may come across as confusing but the exciting aspect of this game’s re-spin feature is easy.

Play across a growing five-reel set with each winning combination awarding a re-spin that removes blocks and adds ways to win.

If luck is on your side you will have 1875 ways to win added on your fifth re-spin. Adrenaline fueling gameplay at its finest!

Bet 10 levels with coins being valued between 0.01 to 0.20 each, allowing players to bet from £0.50 to £100.

There are no progressive jackpots, just a 96.96% return to player percentage for this medium volatility slot as you spin and re-spin your way to potentially winning up to 480,000 coins.

Look and Feel

The design of this online slot has the vibe of popular 90s video game culture. The graphics are bright and overall the look and feel of the 2D theme are very vibrant - you won’t be forgetting about Reel Rush anytime soon.

There are 12 symbols to win with, with six of them resembling classic fruit machine favourites - but with that trendy video game design added.

Players will find strawberries, pineapples, lemons, watermelons, grapes, and blueberries, each with a colour-matching disc which reminded us of the candy lifesavers!

Music and Sound Effects

The music and sound effects in this online slot game can be a little overwhelming, for any players that prefer games which are relatively low-key.

Background music is soft and quite upbeat but the noise that each reel makes when it lands gets a little annoying after a while, likely because many of the sounds in the game are similar.

Overall, the sounds perfectly match the video game theme in this slot, which is great for anyone that loves faster paced and more extravagant game sounds.

While we usually prefer games where the music is not overpowering, younger players will likely love the gamer sounds.

Special Features

Reel Rush has two main special features to go with the usual slot aspects.

Wild symbols may appear on the second, third, fourth, and fifth reels, and act just as you expect them to by substituting for all symbols. Wilds can appear in both the free games and the standard game.

The cluster mechanic within this slot has an interesting spin on the free spins feature.

A winning combination on any spin activates 1 re-spin for the player and continues on each win up to five re-spins. With each re-spin, the number of ways to win increases considerably and a win on the fifth and final re-spin will earn 10 free spins in the main game.

Our Thoughts on the Reel Rush Slot

The Reel Rush Slot is a breath of fresh air for an online slot industry which can become repetitive at times. This slot is unique from the outset, and the re-spin feature really adds length to the playing time which is something we love as it helps to get the most enjoyment out. The music can be a bit much over periods but this would be dependent on each player and didn’t impact the fun we got out of the Reel Rush Slot by NetEnt.


reel rush - CasinoTop

Jump into the NetEnt portal and visit a world where magic reigns supreme above all else. The Magic Portals Slot was opened (released) up to players in 2013 and features compelling gameplay which transforms this slot. With up to 64,000 coins to be won, the real magic happens when the portal on the first and fifth reels transform symbols into wilds, which is possible on all spins.

The sorcery takes place over 25 lines in this video slot, with a low to medium volatility meaning players will enjoy the sensation that comes with frequent wins and triggers.

How to Play the Magic Portals Slot

Getting into the entertainment and fun with the Magic Portals online slot is easier than ever - but with magic on your side, that is a given.

The game follows the typical setup of a modern five-reel video slot with three rows, and the benefit of an excellent paytable to explain how to play - making this title very player-friendly.

There are seven coin values with amounts starting at 0.01 and working up to a total of 1.00 coin. With ten bet levels to choose from, players have the opportunity to make spins on real money games for between £0.25 to £250 per spin.

Magic portals are the game-changer, or should we say symbol-changer in this slot. In both the main game and free spins feature, two matching symbols in the portals will cause magic to transform all occurrences of that symbol into wilds.

However, magic is not powerful enough to work against free spins.

Scatter symbols are represented as a free spins symbol and landing this symbol on the two portals will award players with 10 free spins.

There are no progressive jackpots for this game, but it does feature a low to mid volatility and a respectable 96.64% return to player (RTP) percentage.

Design and Animation

A wonderful fusion of traditional slot machine elements with unique animations you would expect from playing with magic.

The magic portals are the foundation of this game, their appearance throughout the game is subtle yet demands attention with animations which feel a little sci-fi.

Overall, there are nine symbols players can match, all coming from three magical backgrounds - red (fire), green (nature), blue (water) and designed perfectly to flow with the theme.

Red symbols are a red-haired witch, a dragon, and a fire orb.

Green symbols are a wizard with a green hat, swooping owl, and a lightning orb.

Blue symbols are a blue-haired witch, mystic wolf, and a frozen orb.

Music and Sound Effects

Describe what the audio sounds like. (This includes different sounds throughout the game).

The sound effects in this game are excellent, with the portals proccing a different sound depending on which symbol lands - so a fire, ice, or lightning based effect.

Best sound effects come with a free spin on the first reel, as the final reel begins to stop the music gets faster and warps into a climactic finish.

Background music felt like more of an undertone for the spooky ambience.

Magic Features and Bonus Spins

The portals have two functions, the first is to swap out wilds across the reels when any two symbols are matched (inside the portals). The second is to act as the trigger for the free spins feature by landing two free spin symbols in those portals.

Outside of this, the game is fairly standard.

Our Thoughts on the Magic Portals Slot

Having spent our time playing in the world of Magic Portals slot, we made it back through those portals unscathed and completely entertained. NetEnt created a masterpiece with this slot, as a game which features simplicity with just the right amount of flair.


magic portals - CasinoTop

The Egyptian Heroes slot was released by NetEnt in 2013. Ancient Egypt has been a source of inspiration for game developers for a long time and this 5-reel video slot brings the theme to life with that trademark NetEnt flair we see in the quality of the design.

The slot had 20 paylines and a number of features including free spins, special Wilds, multipliers and more. Unfortunately, NetEnt discontinued this game some years after its release, much to the dismay of fans who enjoyed the slot’s medium-high volatility and its engaging theme.

Getting Started with Egyptian Heroes

NetEnt kept players’ betting options wide open in Egyptian Heroes. They could choose how many of the 20 available paylines they wanted active, though many opted for the whole set as this meant the Golden Bet feature (and its juicy multipliers) became accessible.

Players could bet up to 10 coins per line, creating a betting range of between £0.20 and £100 per spin. This certainly contributed to the video slot’s appeal across a broad swathe of players and budgets. As we will see shortly, NetEnt threw everything but the kitchen sink at Egyptian Heroes in terms of features.

How the Game is Designed

As with any Egyptian-themed slot game, Egyptian Heroes has plenty of characters and motifs inspired by the ancient civilisation. From scarab beetles and images of the gods themselves, this video slot packs in plenty of atmosphere and visual appeal. Ra and Osiris and others appear as powerfully detailed symbols that exude godly authority.

The low-value symbols are fairly standard and represented by relatively unadorned royal suit numbers and letters. Mighty columns on either side of the game screen let us know we are in a temple, further adding to the ambience created by this game.

Slot Game Sounds

When you spin on Egyptian Heroes, the reels rotate with a satisfying sound that reminds us of stone doors being opened, as you might hear in the movies. A stringed instrument emits a flourish when small wins land and the music becomes more intense the larger the win.

Crack open the free spins feature and you would be treated to a melodic flute sound as the feature activates. Land a win during the feature and the player would hear a much more exuberant musical tune as an extra reward.

Other Features

The Wild pyramid symbol appears on reels 2 to 4 and expands to complete winning combos. It can replace all symbols except for the Scatter. This is the golden pharaoh’s tomb and three or more will launch the free spins features with between 10 and 20 spins. Additional spins can be unlocked during the feature.

During free spins, a Sticky Wild covers the central reel and can expand to reels 2 and 4 to complete combinations.

The Golden Bet Line appears at random on a payline and any win formed on that payline will have a multiplier - from x2 to x5 - automatically applied.

Our Say on Egyptian Heroes Slot

There are plenty of Egyptian slots out there and the 2013 NetEnt slot Egyptian Heroes was a player favourite for many reasons. While we can no longer play this game, it remains a good example of what a top-notch development studio can do with a familiar theme to refresh and rejuvenate it.


egyptian heroes - CasinoTop

It’s all about the flower power in the NetEnt Flowers slot! This 5-reel, 3-row slot was released in 2013 and it bears a strong resemblance to the wildly popular mobile game Plants vs Zombies.

It features 30 paylines and has a variance level that is medium-high. Its RTP sits at 96.32%, which is within the average range for this kind of game. Despite its simple design, Flowers remains a popular slot with players who are after light-hearted yet engaging gameplay, which this game has in spades.

Getting Started with Flowers Slot

If you have played other NetEnt slots before, Flowers will be easy to get around. Bets can be made from £0.30 up to £75 per spin, and the slot includes Autoplay and Max Bet buttons, like the majority of slots by this developer.

There are five adjustable bet levels and six coin values, allowing players to bet exactly as much as they want to per spin. The 30 available bet lines are fixed so they are all active by default on every round. Get your gardening gloves on and reach for the shovel - it’s time to get up close and personal with the various characters in the Flowers garden!

How the Game is Designed

Flowers takes place in - you guessed it! - the great outdoors. We can see a verge of grass in the background and some other foliage along the top of the game screen. The symbols are flowery characters and include roses, sunflowers, tulips and venus fly traps. The sun is the Wild symbol and the rain clouds make up the free spins symbol.

We love the cartoon animation on this NetEnt slot as it really brings the theme of sentient flower people to life, entertaining players as they spin the reels and keep their fingers crossed.

Slot Game Sounds

The audio design of this game matches the cartoon animation style perfectly. This game is perfect for those players who are not all that keen on a constant background track or those who find it distracting. The sounds here are simple and straightforward.

The reels whoosh gently as they spin and once they stop, a xylophone flourish highlights any wins that may land. In terms of sounds, this is a game you can easily play for hours without getting bored. It’s a perfect example of ‘less is more’.

Other Features

All the flower symbols and the free spins symbol can appear as Double Symbols i.e. stacked two symbols high. These increase the chances of landing a win. The Wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol but only appears as a double during the free spins feature.

The free spins feature is activated by landing 4 or more free spins symbols. The number of free spins depends on the number of triggering symbols and ranges from 10 spins to 30 spins. All free spins win have a x3 multiplier applied. Additional spins can be won by landing four more free spins symbols during the feature.

Our Say on Flowers Slot

Flowers is a simple, cutesy game from NetEnt with stats that are fairly average. Its standout feature is its range of unusual characters and its Double Symbols. That said, the combination of simple gameplay and attractive animation is a selling point in itself and players are drawn to this slot precisely because of its approachable theme and gameplay.


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It’s time to start monkeying around with Go Bananas!, a 5 reel, 20 payline game from Net Entertainment (NetEnt). You can win a max of 140,000 coins in one lucky spin, and there are 5 different ways of receiving a monkey wild. When it comes to bonus features, there’s not a lot to speak of – however, there are lots of monkeys and that means lots of wilds! NetEnt games are readily available at loads of UK online casinos, so you’ll be able to play from one of the many brands that we’ve reviewed on this site. NetEnt are known for their Touch Technology, which makes for great gameplay on Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and tablets, as well as, of course, desktops and laptops.

Getting Started with Go Bananas!

As with most regular slot machines, this game pays out when three or more symbols line up on a payline starting from the leftmost reel to produce a win. You’ll find 10 paying symbols that include, starting with the highest, a ruby, a golden statue, a wad of money, drums, banana split, an orange, a pineapple, a coconut, a lime and finally a plum, which has the lowest value. There are five different monkeys swinging from reel to reel which are each responsible for unique Wild features.

Game Statistics

Layout: 5 reels, 3 rows, 20 paylines
Scatter symbol: No
Wild symbol: Banana
Progressive Jackpot: No
Bonus Feature: Yes
Min bet: €0.20
Max bet: €200
RTP: 96.91%

How the Game is Designed

Set in the deepest, densest forest comes a bunch of crazy, hilarious looking monkeys. The animation and humour of this game are two of the highlights and it is little wonder that the design comes from the software provider NetEnt. The monkeys each have a very specific personality, as well as special features. The outline of the game is made of wood, which blends into the forest atmosphere perfectly. Aside from the cheeky bunch of apes, you’ll also find a selection of fruit and gems to further enhance the look of this great game. NetEnt are known for a hard to beat gaming experience with little to no time lag.

Slot Game Sounds

You’ll swear you’re in the heart of the jungle with all the realistic animal noises. Once you start spinning, you’ll also find yourself toe-tapping to the beat of jungle drums. In keeping with the wooden look of the slot, the buttons mimic the hollow sound of wood, a game feature that shows NetEnt’s great attention to detail.

Other Features

Despite the fact that there are limited bonus features in Go Bananas!, the Wild features are plentiful and more than compensate for the lack of Scatters and other features. As previously mentioned, each of the cheeky monkeys transforms into a wild when they turn up on the reels. Here is how the Monkey Wilds work:

Our Say on Go Bananas!

If you’re not too concerned about a huge variety of bonus features but you’re looking for a fun and entertaining slot, then Go Bananas will appeal to you. Despite only having Wild features, they are well paying and frequent too. The fact that there are 5 different wilds, each one having its own special pattern and characteristics means there is still plenty of action going on here. The animation and accompanying sounds are so upbeat and full of fun that we couldn’t help but enjoy playing this game, as we’re sure you will too! Check out our wide range of casinos we have reviewed for British players right here at the CasinoTop site, where you’re sure to find the Go Bananas! slot game!


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The map has been marked and the route is set, all the journey needs is a new British captain! Sail the ghostly seas with the Ghost Pirates slot by NetEnt and get ready for a spooky pirate-themed adventure. Players will love the entertainment that comes with this ship (because it was built for plundering!) with an alternative grid format that features 243 bet ways and a ship-load of animated symbols, scatters, and wilds for which to spin.

How to Play the Ghost Pirates Slot

This medium to high volatile video slot from NetEnt features a 95.28% return to player (RTP) and a non-traditional setup for winning combinations.

Ghost Pirates looks like your everyday five-reel three-row slot, but the only difference is in the winning combinations. There are no standard pay lines – instead, the number of coins you bet determines the number of active reels, and therefore the ways to win.

While there are no progressive jackpots linked to this online fruit machine, there are a number of winning combinations to land. Whilst playing Ghost Pirates you will be looking to get any of the ten varying pirate symbols and characters, including a host of different weapons and tools you’ll find around a pirate ship (like a compass, cannon or an anchor).

The scatter symbol is a treasure chest, which bursts open to show off its gold. If you are lucky enough to land three, four or five scatters, you will score between 10 and 25 free spins. Wilds are represented by a pirate skull, which is the same image as the game logo.

Coin values start low at 0.01 and go up to 0.50, with five betting levels and bet amounts ranging from £0.25 right up to £62.50 for those playing with real money.

Look and Feel

The design team behind the Ghost Pirates online slot really nailed the brief for this game.
Overall, it looks and feels really spooky, which is not what you’d expect, while the characters and symbols are evil-looking and all-in-all everything works together very well.

Our only gripe with this game is that the scatter symbol kind of feels out of place, it doesn’t mesh well with the other symbols and looks quite bland. Plus, while it isn’t as bad, the ‘Mad Monkey’ character looks less like a monkey and more like Gollum from Lord of the Rings!

Audio and Sound Effects

The sound effects are great but the winning combination sounds and feels more like a ‘slot game’ than Ghostly Pirates - we did appreciate that they weren’t overly loud but had more ambient sounds.

Background music or ambience is where this game kicks goals. The soft sounds playing in the background sound as though they would be perfect in a haunted house! Which suits the theme perfectly.

There is one thing that we were wondering about - when you start playing the slot, the spooky sounds go very quiet! With no way of changing the audio levels to increase the sound.

Special Features

Unfortunately, there aren’t any particular special features in the Ghost Pirates slot. The scatter symbols earn free spins, with the maximum number of spins only being possible when playing maximum coins (i.e. playing 243 bet ways).

The one special feature in this game is the betways. There are no traditional pay lines, but the middle row is always active, so, there is a hint of classic single pay line fruit machines going on here.

Our Thoughts on Ghost Pirates Slot

With our map and compass in hand, we navigated the seven seas and made it back in one piece, ghost pirates and all! This slot is a tonne of fun and while the unique playstyle takes a few spins to get used to – its simple style and eerie theme are the perfect combination for a relaxing session of entertaining online slot gaming. Therefore, we must say ‘kudos’ to NetEnt here!


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When you hear the name Attraction slot, we’re pretty sure you might’ve thought about attraction as in love, or the attraction between people. But that’s not what this slot is all about. In this game from NetEnt, we find ourselves in an underground laboratory filled with funny looking gadgets, and most importantly, magnets. Sure, if you have a love for magnets, this might just be your new favourite game!

The magnets are the stars of this slot, as they are the ones responsible for the highest possible wins in the game, 50,000 coins from a single spin. We’re taking a closer look at the game to see just how attractive it is to players from the UK.

Getting Started With Attraction Slot

The first thing you will want to do is find a bet amount you feel comfortable with. As this is a NetEnt game, the 10 paylines are fixed, but you can still adjust the bet level and coin value to find the perfect one for you. Once you have done this, you are free to start spinning. Either spin manually by pressing the spin button, or activate a set number of automated spins with the Autoplay button.

There are 10 paying symbols on the reels of this slot, five high paying magnet gadgets, and five metal card value symbols A, K, Q, J and 10. The most important symbol of them all, however, is the wild, which substitutes for all other symbols and has a unique feature that we will take a closer look at in a moment.

How The Game Is Designed

This game came out in 2014 and has a rather old-school looking cartoon design, making it look like something directly out if an Inspector Gadget episode. The basic NetEnt button menu is located underneath the reels, and there are smaller buttons under the menu for toggling sound, and for accessing the rules textbook.

Paylines are highlighted in blue electricity coursing around the symbols, and the wild which is animated will change appearance once hit with a laser.

Slot Game Sounds

As one might’ve expected, this game is filled with quirky sounds and buzzing noises that fit in with an underground, secret laboratory. There’s a video-game inspired soundtrack in the background, and the lasers around the reels buzz when you hit one of the atom-wilds. The sound effects of this game remind us a bit of those found in the classic NetEnt slot Starburst. If that was a conscious move by them or not, we don’t know.

Other Features

The wild symbol sure is the main event of this Attraction slot, as it has the possibility of transforming into a sticky wild. There are two lasers positioned outside of the reels that switch position with every spin. Every time a wild symbol lands in the way of one of these lasers, the laser fires, transforming the wild into a sticky-wild, which will also change the symbols between itself and the laser into wilds.

When this happens, a re-spin is triggered where more wilds might land to potentially cover the reels further producing even bigger wins. Filling all reels with wilds will trigger the main prize of 50,000 coins.

Our Say On Attraction Slot

This is a pretty straight forward slot that didn’t get too much attention when it was first released. The spreading sticky-wild re-spin is, however, a great feature that keeps the game’s level of excitement high, even if it otherwise wholly lacks any bonus games or bonus rounds.

Unfortunately, this game is no longer offered by NetEnt, but if you want to play other scientific slot games, try out the futuristic EggOMatic or Gold Factory.


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Get ready for a colourful journey through time and space with the Big Bang slot from NetEnt. The game comes with a futuristic space-theme filled with different planets and colours, as well as a multiplier ladder. The game also works on mobile devices such as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, many thanks to the NetEnt Touch Technology.

So aim for the stars and enjoy the casino entertainment that the Big Bang slot provides. You can read all about the game right here at CasinoTop.

Getting Started With Big Bang Slot

The game welcomes you with its outer-world background of stars and nebulas, while the reels are filled with high and low paying symbols. The high paying ones are all represented by different coloured planets, five in total, while the lower-paying ones are the standard symbols of card values: A, K, Q, J, and 10. These card values do also have the same colours as the planets, however, in their case it’s more about the style, as you can easily track which card value is the highest rather than which colour.

There’s also one wild symbol, represented by a yellow sun, and this symbol represents all other symbols on the reels, seeing as there are no scatters present in this game title. There are 25 fixed paylines across the 5 reels.

How The Game Is Designed

As we’ve mentioned, this game has taken on a futuristic design of space and stars, but since the game released in 2014, the design does look a bit outdated now. Even when it was first released it felt a bit old, making us think back to the sci-fi games that were available on Nintendo 64, rather than an innovative slot title.

Slot Game Sounds

As with quite a few NetEnt games that came out this year, the game borrows inspiration from Starburst when it comes to sound effects, which, if you are a fan of that game, is a good thing. In case you haven’t played that game, the soundtrack in the background of the Big Bang slot is quite a calm, spacious tune, where the main focus lies on the sound effects of the spins and winning combinations. You will also have a specific sound effect for each new level on the multiplier ladder.

Other Features

And speaking of multipliers, the ladder is a progressive multiplier ladder that will increase one step with every new winning combination that appears in succession. Each winning combination will increase the multiplier and also trigger a re-spin, if the re-spin lands a new win, the multiplier increases further, and another re-spin is triggered. The ladder has six levels: 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x and 32x.

Our Say On Big Bang Slot

This NetEnt game title offers players re-spins in combination with increasing multipliers, which is a great recipe for lining up wins. Unfortunately, this game has a rather bland design, and the sound effects are nothing that we haven’t heard before, making it a game that easily falls behind other, more exciting titles from NetEnt.

Unfortunately, this game is no longer offered by NetEnt, but if you want to play other scientific slot games, try Space Wars.


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Everything originates from something, and this Evolution slot originates from the master game developers at NetEnt. With its unique take on the evolution of species, it has designed a quirky looking casino game where reels spin from bottom to top, instead of the other way around.

Dive in and join the species of the ancient world as they evolve into higher paying symbols during the Free Spins bonus game.

Getting Started With Evolution Slot

The slot has 3 rows, 5 reels and 25 fixed paylines, and the first thing you will want to do is to adjust the bet level and coin value to fit your preference. You can do this on either side of the spin button, where the bet level goes from 1 to 10, and the coin value goes from 0.01 to 0.50. This means that you have a range of bets to choose from, starting from 0.25 going all the way up to 125.

The symbols of the game are all unique organisms, each with their own name (which are all very complicated and which we will refrain from mentioning). The lower-paying ones are all single-cell organisms, while the higher-paying symbols are more ‘animal’ like creatures. Besides these, there’s also a standard wild symbol, as well as a scatter on the reels. The wild will substitute for all other symbols except the scatter.

How The Game Is Designed

This game is all about the moment in time millions of years ago when life first came to be. We are therefore located deep underwater, where, amidst seemingly nothing but darkness, cells divided and mutated to become life forms. The reels spin from the bottom up as if to imply that that’s the way of life, up from this dark ocean of neon creatures.

The button menu has been given a rather discreet grey tint, almost to mimic the membrane of a cell.

Slot Game Sounds

There’s plenty of exciting soundtracks and sound effects in this game, and it’s one of the earliest NetEnt games where their craftsmanship shone through. The base game has a pretty calm soundtrack, while the Free Spins bonus amps it up with a more funky sounding ambience.

Other Features

Landing three or more Free Spins scatter symbols will activate the bonus feature, where you emerge from the water to continue playing on land. The number of Free Spins you will begin the bonus with will depend on the number of scatters you landed, where 20 Free Spins is the max amount possible. All winning combinations during the bonus will activate the ‘Evolution’ feature, which will evolve all bet line symbols to the next level symbol. For example, if you land a payline with the lowest paying symbol, it will evolve to the second smallest, and you will no longer get the lowest symbol for the entire duration of the bonus.

Once all Free Spins are used, the total win amount is presented, and you descend back into the ocean for the main game.

Our Say On Evolution Slot

This is a quirky slot that brings some new fun aspects to the game with spinning reels from the bottom up, and also by incorporating the concept of evolution not only in the theme but also in the feature of upgrading symbols.

The bonus round is definitely the main event of this game, and unfortunately, since the base game only has a wild to entertain with, it might be a bit tedious waiting to hit the bonus. We still think it’s a fun game, and it’s surely one of the NetEnt classics that gave an indication of what they were capable of in regards to quality games when it first launched.

This game is unfortunately no longer available. If you want to play something similar, check out Space Wars slot or Starburst slot.


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Ride ‘em, cowboys! CasinoTop UK would like to introduce you to the Net Entertainment (NetEnt) slot Dead or Alive, which takes you back to the early 1900s at the time of America’s Wild, Wild West. This western-themed adventure slot is a fun, entertaining game that has 5 reels, 3 rows and 9 paylines. There are some great features like Scatters, Wilds and Sticky Wilds during the Free Spins round for some top action. On top of this, there’s a decent return to player (RTP) of 96.82%. Dead or Alive can be played on Mac, Windows or Linux desktops and laptops, as well as on a variety of mobile devices such as those running iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Plus, there’s no need to download this game, as you can access it directly from your browser.

Getting Started with Dead or Alive Slot

As with all NetEnt games, you can adjust the different game settings to be able to choose your bet level, of which there are 4; your coin value, of which there are 6; and between 1 and 9 bet lines. You also have a record of the coins you have left to play, a volume control and the autoplay function – this allows you to set between 1 and 1,000 uninterrupted auto spins, so you can just sit back and relax while the reels turn over and over. You can Bet Max on the total 9 lines up to the amount of 18.00, with a win of up to 54,000 coins during the Free Spins round. All the main buttons can be found beneath the reels and are easily accessible. You’ll also find a Paytable that gives you all the various win amounts that will help you strategise your gameplay. The highlight of this game is the Free Spins feature, which we’ll describe in more detail shortly.

How the Game is Designed

Although this slot is one of the simpler NetEnt titles, the cutting edge graphics and animation are a joy to behold. The control panel is in the shape of an old wooden frame, which resembles the original saloon bars of cowboy country. In the background is a desert plain on an eerie, thundery night. There’s a windmill slowly turning in the middle of the barren landscape and a porch of an old house with a swinging light, which certainly adds to the moody atmosphere. On the reels, the symbols are nicely animated and in keeping with things that are synonymous with the Wild West. The five major symbols, starting with the highest, are a gold star sheriff’s badge, a gun and holster, a white cowboy hat, a pair of spurred cowboy boots and finally a couple of shot glasses of neat bourbon. The lower paying symbols are based on cards: 10, J, Q, K and A. These are embossed in a metallic material surrounded by orange and yellow shades of light.

How the Game Sounds

The sounds of this slot are really clever and bring a chilling aspect to the game. You’ll hear the far off barking of a dog, the creaking sound of the lamp swinging in the wind, the howling wind and the random bird calls. On top of this is old time bar music, and the ricocheting of bullets. Essentially, then, this NetEnt title will take you back in time to those largely lawless days of yore.

Bonus Features

There are a few good features that make this game even more interesting to play – mainly by presenting more win opportunities. The Wild symbol, which is in the shape of the Wanted poster, substitutes for all other symbols except for the scatter. Striking a Wild will create more winning combinations and, therefore, ultimately, more wins. When the Wild occurs in the Free Spins part of the game, it becomes a Sticky Wild and remains on the reels throughout the entire bonus round. The Sticky Wilds expand on the "Wanted" poster, showing a number of outlaw faces.

The main bonus feature is the Free Spins round, and they will be activated when a minimum of 3 Scatters (crossed pistols) turn up anywhere on the reels. Your reward will be 12 Free Spins, each with a 2x multiplier applied to any wins. If you spin a ‘Wanted’ poster when in this Free Spin mode, it will remain in place until the bonus section is finished. A re-trigger is also available once in every Free Spins session and you’ll just love the sounds that will accompany your play through-out. You’ll be accompanied by piano playing in a saloon, cowboys shouting excitedly and glasses clinking, a true celebration of your good fortune!

Our Say on Dead or Alive Slot

We have to say that, unsurprisingly, this is another classic game from NetEnt that has hit the mark with design, features and fun entertainment. Although the game is coming up to 11 years old at the time of writing, Dead or Alive is still one of the most popular games enjoyed by many slot enthusiasts in the United Kingdom and beyond. After thoroughly reviewing this slot from NetEnt, we highly recommend that you head over to one of the many online casinos we have reviewed right here at CasinoTop and give the game a shot. It’s a rootin’, tootin’ good time.


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HellBoy gained particular popularity after it got the Hollywood treatment via Lionsgate Studios in 2019. The film starred David Harbour and Milla Jovovich and helped to turn the original Dark Horse Comics by Mike Mignola into a phenomenon. On top of this, the super popular Microgaming studio turned the story inside out to create the HellBoy online video slot. And they packed it with a look very reminiscent of the comics, threw in a bunch of innovative features and made a game that is both visually stunning and highly playable. Plus, with a return to player (RTP) of more than 96% and up to 20 paylines active throughout (not to mention the Gamble feature), there’s a fair chance that it will be a big hit with UK players looking for something different. So, let’s descend beyond the gates of hell and see just what all the fuss is about…

How to Play the HellBoy Slot

You should be able to find HellBoy featured at the vast majority of online casinos available to players in the United Kingdom simply because Microgaming are so popular and well represented in the country. Once you’ve located it, hit ‘Play’ and watched the introduction sequence, you’ll be ready to take on the demons lurking in the nether regions of the world. In the base game, you’ll find all of the buttons needed to play the game in the lower third of the display – and be sure to click on View Pays the first time you play it for information on the paylines, winning combos and game rules. Your options include adjusting the Coin Level, choosing your number of Coins to bet each time and the number of active Lines. You can also choose to Bet Max every round, as well. Then, to get the action started, just hit the Spin button.

Design & Animated Graphics

As we hinted at in our introduction to this review, the graphic designers at Microgaming have done an amazing job of bringing the comic book tales to life. It looks stunning! There are all of the main characters represented here, including HellBoy (known as Anung Un Rama) and the Blood Queen Vivienne Nimue, and each of these will turn into wonderful animations when they are included in winning combinations. Things get really interesting when you reach the bonus round, as you will be taken to a special side game with four levels. Here, HellBoy will traverse a network of underground tunnels hunting for demons and other foul creatures – and it’s your job to guide him along the journey and to make the best decisions to win hellishly good prizes.

Music & Sound Effects

A kind of dark comic book video slot would not be complete without plenty of howling, screaming and monstrous noises that defy description? Well, the HellBoy game gives you all of that and much more, including the fires of hell burning away and other sound effects lifted from the movie itself. All inspired by the film of the same name, the HellBoy slot has an electronic, industrial and downright brilliant soundtrack to accompany you on the journey. We couldn’t really wish for more from Microgaming in this department – so, again, it’s top marks for them here.

Features & Bonus Rounds

Of all the special features of the game that come about with pleasing regularity, the best one is the randomly trigger Supermode. This will give you a bunch of free spins (10 of them, in fact) with a few Game Logo Wild symbols held in place on the reels throughout – it goes without saying that this can significantly increase your chances of making winning combinations. The jackpot of 10,000 Coins is had by landing five Right Hand of Doom Scatter symbols, while getting three or four of these will launch the side game adventure that we mentioned above. And as if that wasn’t enough for one game, there’s also a Gamble feature that lets you risk your winnings in the hopes of earning even more cash – so you should use it with caution!

Verdict on the HellBoy Slot

Anyone who fell in love with the comic books or the movie will be certain of a great time playing Microgaming’s HellBoy at a UK casino. And even if you weren’t interested in the theatrical release or superhero movies in general, there is still plenty to explore here. We simply fell in love with the bonus features and side quests of HellBoy and we’re recommending that you try out this game as soon as you can because such well thought out design deserves attention.


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Net Entertainment’s reputation precedes them when it comes to producing some of the best online progressive jackpot slots, and Hall of Gods is certainly no exception to the rule. Simply put, the game is well designed, is packed with great bonus features and the jackpot prize pool sometimes reaches into the multiple millions. So, if you want to feel like you’re in control of the world and you’re after a progressive jackpot game that doesn’t have a poor return to player (in fact, Hall of Gods has an RTP of more than 95%), then NetEnt’s title could be the one for you.

How to Play the Hall of Gods Slot

As you may well already know, NetEnt are the largest provider of games in the United Kingdom and beyond, so the likelihood of you finding Hall of Gods at your online casino of choice is fairly high. To locate it, head over to your site’s Jackpot section and browse through the other games until you see Odin and company on the front cover. Firing up the game throws you up into the heavens as the title sequences play out in the clouds above the mere mortals. Once you’re into the base game, take a glance over the bottom third of the screen for all your controls. You’ll notice that you can adjust your Coin Level and overall Bet Level using the left and right arrows, or you can forego all that and hit Bet Max instead. To get the reels in motion, either utilise the Autoplay function or hit the main Spin button. Finally, when you get the chance, you can check the current jackpot totals by looking at the momentary messages at the top of the screen.

Design & Animated Graphics

With a game based on the old Norse mythology, you can expect the reels to be dominated by the famous gods such as Odin, Thor and Idun – each of them have their own symbols that will animate in a godlike way whenever they are used to make a winning combination across the reels. Other old Scandinavian trinkets (think of the time of the Vikings) festoon the rest of the symbols with axes, hammers and rings, for example. And everything is set in the clouds, giving an awesome feeling of being master of everything you survey. And we must admit there’s nothing more exciting that when the gods are smiling down on your recent big play.

Music & Sound Effects

Of course, a game with such a grandiose theme needs suitable music to bring across that triumphant power and prestige. Therefore, throughout the game, you are treated to a celestial soundtrack that is full or soaring string sections, orchestral fanfares and plenty of brass. Whenever you spin the reels, the music changes to reflect the tension of what gods will appear on the reels this time – and it goes even crazier and grander whenever your big wins are being counted out in real time. So, we have to say that NetEnt has done a really fantastic job here.

Features & Bonus Rounds

A game based on the old Norse gods would not be complete without powerful symbols to completely change the game. Thankfully, NetEnt delivers again with Dragon Expanding Wilds that will cover an entire reel all by themselves and stand in for all the other symbols. That is, except for the Scatter and Bonus symbols. However, if you land three or more Crow Scatters across the reels, you will be given up to 20 free spins with a three times multiplier applied throughout. The Hammer Bonus round is activated when three or more of them land on reels three, four and five. You will be taken to a side game where you can use the hammer to turn wooden shields into splinters – matching three of the Mini, Midi or Mega symbols in this game will automatically win you one of the jackpots, so choose your shields very wisely indeed!

Verdict on the Hall of Gods Slot

We have to admit that we had a hell of a lot of fun playing Hall of Gods, especially because those huge jackpots lurk behind the scenes at all times. It’s a fairly old game but today’s standards, but as you can see the decent RTP (for a progressive jackpot game) and the multiple bonus features makes it a popular draw even in the 2020s. NetEnt created a true classic with Hall of Gods and we highly recommend that you give it go at least once in your lifetime.


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Anyone who feels nostalgia for games like Ecco the Dolphin will find much to like about Great Blue. This online video slot has been produced by the awesome Playtech games studio that is packed with great bonus features, a return to player (RTP) of just above 94% and plenty of paylines to make winning combinations across the reels. The main theme of the game will see you immersed in an underwater adventure, with various aquatic characters making up the symbols and you hunt for seashells and the like to give you free spins. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in with Great Blue and find out if this older game still produces waves of joy.

How to Play the Great Blue Slot

Players based in the UK shouldn’t find any trouble hunting down Great Blue at a variety of online casinos. This is because Playtech is one of the biggest and most respected games suppliers with multiple deals in place all around the world. So, once you’ve found it, get yourself ready for a deep sea dive into retro video slots. As soon as the base game has loaded after the title sequence, take a look at the bottom third of the display. Here, you’ll find the pay table and game rules information by clicking on the Info button over on the left hand side. Above that, you can adjust your Coin Level and opt for the Autoplay feature (if that appeals) just to the right of that. From there, you can adjust your number of active Lines, how much you want to Bet Per Line and, if you want to go for broke each time, choose to Bet Max. The Spin button is on the right hand side, and the Gamble button we’ll cover later on in the Features & Bonus Rounds.

Design & Animated Graphics

As you might imagine from a game called Great Blue that features a Killer Whale rising from the sea on the cover, this online video slot is based underwater. Therefore, all of the symbols are made up of sharks, schools of fish, turtles, shells, starfish, urchins and many others. Even the standard symbols of the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace are covered in coral and will animate with bubbles on occasion. Best of all, whenever you land a win, the characters will swim into a line across the centre to show what you’ve won that round. Therefore, while the graphics are a bit long in the tooth now, they are pleasantly nostalgic in a classic fruit machine kind of way.

Music & Sound Effects

As you would expect from an ocean faring adventure, all of the sounds are based on what you might experience in the Great Blue and Playtech has done a fantastic job of immersing players in the adventure. Therefore, you hear the waves, bubbles of air and other sea based sound effects as you spin the reels. Taking inspiration from the BBC’s Blue Planet and more than a hint of Disney’s underwater animations, the music that accompanies bonus rounds and big wins does a great job of evoking the sheer size, wonder and magnitude of the world’s oceans.

Features & Bonus Rounds

The Killer Whale we mentioned earlier (or Orca as some people call them) is the main Wild symbol in the game. Landing one of these in your net will stand in for any of the other symbols to help you make more winning combinations. What’s more, it will boost your wins by two times whenever it is used to get a win. The only symbol that it doesn’t stand in for is the Pink Oyster Shell Scatter symbol. Get three or more of these on a payline and you’ll be flung into the free spins rounds – and, again, a two times multiplier will be applied throughout this bonus round. It gets even better than that, however, as before you start the free spins, you get to pick two of five shells in a separate side game. Guessing correctly can land you up to 33 more spins with up to 15 times multipliers active throughout. And, as if all of that wasn’t enough, there’s that option to Gamble your winnings that we mentioned earlier. Pick the correct colour of a card to double up!

Verdict on the Great Blue Slot

While Great Blue is showing its age somewhat, the amount of bonus features and the pleasing nostalgia of it all is more than enough to convince you to give it a shot. So, next time you want to play a retro video slot with a great theme, look no further than Playtech’s Great Blue.


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While not exactly a subtle game, Girls With Guns: Jungle Heat is certainly very fun and features a massive 243 ways to win on every spin. Combine this with the decent return to player (RTP) of just over 96% and you won’t lack for plenty of smaller and (hopefully) larger wins along the way. The theme is based on a group of touch militia women who have a mission in the jungle to take down criminal cartel gangs, assorted terrorist characters and other ne’er do wells. So, can you help the six gun toting gals complete their mission overcome the odds? Let’s load it up…

How to Play the Girls With Guns Jungle Heat Slot

With Microgaming having it tentacles everywhere in the UK online casino market, there are plenty of places at which to play Girls With Guns: Jungle Heat. Once you’ve found the target at one of your favourite brands, fire up the game and get ready for kicking some serious ass with the adrenaline pumping title sequence. Then, once you’re into the main game proper, scan the bottom third of the display to find the main controls needed to play the game. First of all, you’ll find that there is no need to change the number of lines like on other titles – that’s because all 243 paylines are active on every spin. What you can change is your Coin Size, number of Coins and your Bet Level. There’s also an Autoplay feature on the left hand side, along with a View Pays button for checking out the pay tables and game rules. To get the reels in motion, the Spin button is located over on the right hand side. And that’s it – it’s a very easy game to pick up.

Design & Animated Graphics

Right up close and personal are the Girls themselves, each of whom are dressed for the Jungle Heat and are packing huge guns. There are six Girls in total, who will form a team to take on the evil men hiding away in a fortified compound. Each of the army lassies use everything from guns, grenades and rocket launchers to sticks of dynamite, with each of these featuring as symbols on the reels – alongside cartel criminals, military targets and explosions aplenty. However, the main symbols to watch out for are represented by Alex, Jess, Kira, Katherine, Maria and Zoe (we’ve put them in alphabetical order as we can’t pick a favourite), who all look stunning on the reels. Plus each of the Girls will animate when you land winning combinations. So, all in all, Girls With Guns: Jungle Heat is a visual assault on the senses. Great stuff.

Music & Sound Effects

With a driving rock soundtrack leading the way during the opening mission sequences, you’ll be fired up and ready to take down the cartels within a matter of minutes. Once the Girls get off the chopper and enter the base game, the music shifts into a more tense affair as they attempt to infiltrate the gangs and formulate a plan to storm the criminals’ military base. If you think about classic spy movies like James Bond, you won’t be too far off the truth. Plenty of blood pumping drums in full military style and sexy guitar playing accompany other moments during the game, along with the atmospheric sounds of the jungle itself. Then, during the missions themselves when you land a big win or two, all hell breaks loose and the rock guitars come back full force.

Features & Bonus Rounds

Alex, Jess, Kira, Katherine, Maria and Zoe are the Stacked Wilds during the game – so landing one of the Girls will see them cover larger parts of the reels and grabbing you more wins in the process. Then there’s an even more special Expanding Wild if any of the Girls appear on reel three – essentially turning the whole thing into a Wild symbol. The Scatter symbol is the Girls With Guns: Jungle Heat game logo and if you get three or more of these at the same time, then you will be given a fistful of free spins with one of Girls covering an entire reel to get you more wins. Getting more Scatters during the free spins round will also earn you even more of them!
Verdict on the Girls With Guns Jungle Heat Slot
Microgaming has created a brilliant format for this online video slot (so much so they made other Girls With Guns games), so you know you’re onto a winner here. If you want to help the Girls get one over the criminals in the jungle, this will keep you entertained for hours, especially with all of those fabulous bonus features dropping fairly regularly. So, break out the medals of honour for Microgaming on this one. Recommended!



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Net Entertainment’s popular Dracula video slot is based on the Transylvanian vampire stories from the science fiction and horror canon. And we must say they’ve done an excellent job of bringing the bloodsucking count to the gaming world, with plenty of bonus rounds and special features to keep you up all night – just remember to stop playing before the sun comes up! With a respectable return to player (RTP) of around 96% and up to 40 paylines running concurrently, we’re sure you’ll be satisfying your thirst for blood and bonus features, so let’s see how NetEnt did with producing such a terrifying game that is certainly not for the faint hearted among you.

How to Play the Dracula Slot

Finding a UK online casino that carries the Dracula slot should not be an issue, seeing as it is provided by the by the biggest games supplier on the planet: NetEnt. So, have a look for it at your preferred brand, load up the game and get into the mood with the fiendish opening sequences. Once the base game has appeared onscreen, head down to the lower third to find all the buttons you’ll need to set the reels in motion – as well as the paytable information and rules of the game. You can adjust your Bet Level with the left/right arrows on the left hand side, and change your Coin Level in a similar fashion on the right hand side. Surrounding the main Spin button, you’ll also find the options to use the Auto Play feature or to Bet Max each time.

Design & Animated Graphics

With plenty of visual material upon which to draw (blood), NetEnt has done an amazing job of creating suspenseful atmosphere, shadowy figures and more than a dose of horror for good measure. Count Dracula is a regular character that appears on the reels to wreak havoc, as is a lone female character who must try to evade the vampires in a huge mansion full of ancient goodies. One of the best things, however, is the fact that the characters will become animated in a suitably creepy manner whenever you land a win – and there are some excellent cutscenes when you enter the bonus rounds. Dracula will even try to take the female characters away!

Music & Sound Effects

Clearly influenced by the numerous vampire movies that have been made over the years, NetEnt has ensured that you will be given the full classic Hollywood film score of yesteryear. Pretty much all of the sounds are swelling orchestral pieces that build tension in just the right moments, while falling back to an uncanny sense of foreboding at other times. Then all hell will break loose when you score a big win and your total is being counted up on the screen. Adding to all of this are things that go bump in the night, the lashing of rain in stormy weather and even blood curdling screams on occasion! This all sets the scene perfectly, so it’s top marks for NetEnt.

Features & Bonus Rounds

One of the main features only randomly appears, but it’s certainly worth the wait. Essentially, a cluster of bats will swarm across the screen out of nowhere, form into a gruesome group and leave a trail of similar symbols across the reels. And if you’re lucky enough to have the bats leave behind a Wild symbol, then the potential to win many more times your stake (no pun intended) increases exponentially. Another bonus feature that has its own cutscene involves the Stacked Wilds of Dracula and the Lady. If these appear at the same time on reels two and four, then the vampire will reach over for the lady, take her away from sight and try to get his fix of blood – earning you 10 free spins in the process, so you’ll be glad when it happens, promise.

Verdict on the Dracula Slot

We were a little dubious as to whether this game would be any good when we first heard about it, but after watching the awesome title sequences and playing the game for a few hours, we definitely changed our minds. NetEnt has really gone to town on the vampyric lore here, and they’ve created a wonderful online video slot that is as creepy as it is thrilling to play. We saw the bonus features come up on a fairly regular basis too, which kept our interest going through the long night. If you want something dark and sinister, the Dracula slot is the one for you!



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If you fancy a bit of fast paced, sometimes brutal but always highly skillful ice hockey in your life, then the Breakaway online video slot from Microgaming could be perfect for you. And even if you’re not a fan of the game, Breakaway is nevertheless a brilliantly conceived title that packs in a massive 243 Ways to Win on every spin and a hard hitting return to player (RTP) of around 96 percent. So, while ice hockey certainly isn’t as popular in the UK as it is in North America and Scandinavia, Breakaway is a decent slot game that will have you cheering on every goal. So, without further ado, let’s prepare for the face off and start smashing some pucks around…

How to Play Break Away Slot

As Microgaming are one of the main (and longest serving) games suppliers in the world, you shouldn’t find any trouble chasing it down at multiple UK online casinos. Once you’ve loaded it up and watched the intro credit sequence, take a look along the bottom of the screen for all of the buttons you’ll need to hit during the game – and don’t forget to check out the View Pays option, as this will explain all of the winning combinations and bonus rounds in full. You’ll see that there are relatively few controls here, which makes Breakaway an easy slot to pick up. You can change your Coin number and Bet levels, but as all 243 paylines are always active, there’s no need to adjust those. So, with your levels set as you want them, simply hit Spin to play.

Design & Animated Graphics

As you would imagine from a game based on ice hockey, all of the symbols across the five reels are full of star players and the equipment they use to beat each other (and the puck) to a pulp. Therefore, you’ll see symbols featuring ice skates, the ice machine, a goal tender’s face mask, pucks aplenty, the rink itself, a face off between players and the poor referee in the middle of all the frenetic action. Best of all, when you make a winning combination across the reels, the goal scored lights will flash and the players and symbols will animate to celebrate the latest score. So, you get all of the hectic pace of a real ice hockey game wrapped up in an excellent slot.

Music & Sound Effects

The famous organ sounds used during live NHL games is ever present on this title, along with the roaring crowds and some of the most iconic sounds heard during a game. These include, skates screeching to a halt, pucks being slapped through the air and the numerous body blows and grunts of players crashing into each other. The North American ice hockey leagues are present in the main soundtrack too, as it all sounds as if it was lifted from the stadium rock bands and synthesiser groups that would tour the continent in the late 80s and early 90s.

Features & Bonus Rounds

One of the main features of this Microgaming title is the Rolling Reels, which can really help you to rack up a high score and some big wins. And with the 243 Ways to Win active at all times, you really do stand a chance of getting regulars wins throughout the season – so long as the winning combination begins on the leftmost reel, you’re golden. On top of this, if you get three or more Hockey Puck Scatter symbols on the reels, you’ll be granted a fistful of free spins with multipliers applied to all of your wins during that time. And, saving the best feature for last, we absolutely loved the Smashing Wilds bonus round. When this happens (randomly), an ice hockey player will crash through the screen and leave a trail of Wilds across the reels. Amazing!

Verdict on Break Away Slot

As we said in our introduction, there isn’t a huge following for ice hockey in the United Kingdom, though there are several teams in the country (in case you didn’t know). Regardless, Microgaming have done such a good job of bringing the sport to life that Breakaway might just get you interested in seeing a live game sometime. That’s how brilliantly the concept has been pulled off here. And with that randomly triggered Smashing Wilds feature keeping you on the edge of your seat the whole time you play, we’re pretty sure you’ll have a great session with Breakaway. So, if you’re heading into overtime and you want to score some goals, check it out!

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Microgaming’s original Break Da Bank proved so popular that the team went and created a sequel. And we’re glad they did, because now with Break Da Bank Again we get an even better online video slot that further improves on the innovative features introduced in the first iteration. So, with not only one slot machine (because that would be too simple, right?), Break Da Bank Again actually houses four separate games that can be played simultaneously. This gives online casino players based in the UK even more opportunities to go on a hot streak and take home some cash prizes from the Break Da Bank Again valut. So, let’s get ready to run from the law and see if we can get away with one of the biggest heists available online – just for fun.

How to Play the Break Da Bank Again Slot

Seeing as the Microgaming games studio has its titles stocked pretty much everywhere in the United Kingdom, it won’t take you any time at all to locate the game at your top casino of choice. With the game loaded up and the title sequences complete, you’ll be looking at the base game. Head on down to the lower third of the display to take a look over the various buttons needed to play the game – starting with the View the Paytable for seeing how winning combinations are formulated across the five reels and, just next to that, the options for running the Autoplay feature. From there, the controls are as follows: Lines for how many paylines you want to be active, Coins for changing the number you wish to play per line and Bet Max for forgetting the settings on the left and going for broke each time you spin. Speaking of which, the Spin button itself is located in the bottom right hand corner – give it a go now to get the reels in motion.

Design & Animated Graphics

Because the game itself is a little more complicated than your average slot – though you don’t really have to do any more than spin away and watch what happens each time – the graphics have been kept decidedly simple but absolutely fitting for the main theme of a bank job. Therefore, you’ll notice all the spoils are things likely to be kept inside a huge vault (which is also one of the symbols, by the way), including gold bars, jewelry, coins, piles of cash and blank cheques just waiting to be filled in. So, while it isn’t exactly the best looking game of all time, we have to say that Microgaming has done exactly what’s necessary to keep your interest up.

Music & Sound Effects

The background music takes the excitement of being on the job up a notch, with classic 70s heist music (or even a soundtrack typical to films like Ocean’s Eleven, for example) providing bass, guitar and jazz style drums in equal measure. This is only made more intense and suspenseful whenever a possible big win is being calculated by the slot. Furthermore, whenever you do land a big win, you’ll hear the ringing of cash registers and coins dropping into your bag. Another lovely touch is the fact that when the reels are spinning around, you’ll hear the sounds of a bank vault being picked open and clunky gears moving around inside – again this helps to build tension, because you could win at any moment within the game. Good stuff, Microgaming!

Features & Bonus Rounds

There are two main bonus symbols within Break Da Bank Again: the Wild and the Scatter. The Megaspin Break Da Bank Again Wild will dynamically change to other symbols to help you make more winning combinations on all four slots, plus it will give you a five times multiplier whenever it is used in this way! On top of that, landing three of more of the Safe Scatters will grant you free spins with a whopping 25 times multiplier added to your wins using the Wild. And getting more Safe Scatters during a free spins round will, you guessed it, give you more spins.

Verdict on the Break Da Bank Again Slot

While it’s not the most earth shattering game in the looks department, the bonus features and the excellent sound design more than make Break Da Bank Again a slot that’s worth trying. Add on to this the fact that the return to player (RTP) is a respectable 95% and you can start to see why it’s such a popular game. So, get out your SWAG bag and enjoy the show. Recommended!


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