Gladiator is a video slot consisting of 5 reels and 30 pay lines brought to you by Betsoft. Although this game was released in 2013, the graphics, the thrill and the features will make you feel as though you’ve entered an arena and you are about to battle for your life!

How to Play Gladiator Slot

Before you can unleash your inner warrior and fight for glory, you need to set your bet:

Design and Audio Effects

The design of this game is very beautiful and period-appropriate. The artists who worked on the graphics knew that the game should appeal to players with a keen eye for details. The colours used in the depictions are clear, vibrant and very eye-catching. The characters in the game are drawn with great detail and care. The sounds that accompany gameplay are dramatic, exciting and varied for different stages of gameplay. The layout of the game is simple and comprehensive ensuring that even novice gamers stand a fair chance to walk away from the arena of this game victorious..


Gladiator makes use of a few key features that ensure gamers have a thrilling and exhilarating experience. The scatter symbol in this game is represented by the princess who appears in row 1 of reels 2, 3 and 4. When she appears she scatters rose petals below her that transform the symbols into 2x wilds. The Gladiator Smash Wild Reel feature is activated when the Hero Gladiator symbol appears in reel 3. Thereafter, a marble slab is placed over the 3rd reel where the gladiator will smash the slab revealing that the entire reel has turned wild!


Taking design, features, audio and layout into consideration this game is extremely interesting and also incredibly easy to play. The great use of graphics, symbols and colours creates a very immersive and well-rounded gaming experience that novice and experienced gamers can both equally enjoy. The features that are built into the game even the odds for all players who are brave enough to dare step into the arena. There is no victory without risk and no glory without sacrifice! This is exactly what this game shows us as we step into the period-based war zone of a time long since passed!

The Three Musketeers is a 5-reel, 20 pay-line video slot brought to you by Quickspin software. The game is based on the classic novel following three young gentlemen who engage in daring and heroic acts. Playing this game gives you the chance to be a part of the action.

How to Play the Three Musketeers Slot

Before you shoulder your musket and join the men, you need to place your bet:

Design and Audio Effects

The design of this game is very romantic and cartoon-like. Considering that the game was inspired by a French novel that was written in the 1800’s the rose bushes and colours used are very appropriate and theme-specific. The reels are set against a French countryside in vivid and vibrant hues that set the mood for gamers who enjoy little details and grew up admiring the story of the three swashbuckling heroes.

The music accompanying gameplay is cheerful and interesting, adding just another great dimension to playing this game. The graphics are beautifully and intricately drawn with little details that gamers cannot help but notice and admire.


The features that are built into this game will surely remind you that it is based on a very action-packed trio that kept readers and fans hooked for over 200 years! The bonus symbol used in this game is the sword that appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 and if you received 3 or more of this symbol anywhere on the reels you will activate the free spins feature that will award you 10 free spins. While in free spins you have wilds that will either nudge up or down to ensure greater wins. Whilst in this mode, all musketeers can substitute for each other in a special all for one feature.


The Three Musketeers has the best of both worlds: a beautiful and timeless design with features that keep gamers entertained for hours. The graphics used in this game are of great quality and are drawn in a very theme, and period, appropriate way. The music adds to the general appeal of the game that gives gamers the impression that they have stepped into a time machine and are fighting for glory amongst the three heroes of the design.

The features ensure that players are having a great time while they are being brave and taking risks on these reels. The Three Musketeers is really a game that represents the spirit of all for one and one for all.


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Fruit Zen is a stunning BetSoft release. This video slot comes with five reels and ten paylines, a set up which has served players well in the past, just look at hits like Starburst. Sporting the fruity theme, this game is filled with brightly coloured fruit symbols that have the potential to score great cash prizes if you’re lucky. The lines pay winnings left to right and right to left on the combination that is the highest. You can win up to 200,000 credits on Fruit Zen.

How to Play Fruit Zen Slot

Before you set the reels to spin, here is how you can set up your game and hopefully score some wins:

Design and Audio Effects

This game works hard to live up to its name and it succeeds. The entire game design exudes a peaceful state of being that is rarely seen in the slot market. This game is definitely the perfect choice if you’ve had a long day and you are looking to sit back and relax. The graphics of the game have been done well and line up well with the theme of the game.

The design of the symbols has been done with crisp graphics making them look almost life-like. The fruits on the reels seem to be floating in the air as water flows smoothly below. The Japanese cherry wood within the framing adds to the peaceful look that the game is going for. The soundtrack of the game is a soothing one with a soft melodic undertone and sound effects that match the matching happening on the grid.


The best feature of this online slot is the Fruit Zen symbol that expands and covers a whole reel resulting in winning combos that will pay out. Free spins are also awarded and the reel that the Fruit Zen symbol has landed on will stay in place the entire game. During the free spins, if another one of these symbols lands on reels two to four, additional free spins can be won.


Overall, Fruit Zen is a dynamic yet simple game that all players can enjoy. For some relaxing gameplay and cash prizes, this Betsoft game is worth a try.

Based on a fictional king that is rumoured to have hidden the most impressive and delightful treasures, King Colossus is a 5-reel, 40 fixed payine video slot brought to you by Quickspin software. The main aim of this game is to activate the free spins feature to win big just like King Colossus himself would.

How to Play King Colossus Slot

Before you can win like a King you need to place your bets:

Design and Audio Effects

The reels of this game are set on the background of a luxurious castle hidden in the desert. The floor is littered with gold, treasures and jewels. The designers of this game really took their time with the little details they’ve added to set the mood. The music that accompanies gameplay is pleasant, regal and appropriate to the universe that is created around King Colossus. The colours used in the game are not vibrant or intense which gives the game a more airy and light appearance. Gamers ought not to be fooled though as this game can have you sitting on the edge of your seat for hours.


King Colossus has a few tricks and features up his gold-rimmed sleeves for those gamers who choose to take their chances in his world. Regular wilds can be found in the game represented by the symbol of a golden lion facing forward and substitute for all symbols except for free spins bonus scatter and the +1 free spin symbol. Bonus wilds are represented by lions facing to the right and appear in the free spins bonus where they appear on reels 1 and 5. 3 bonus scatter symbols appearing on reels 2, 3 activate 5 free spins. You could even win additional free spins if you are really lucky!


Winning big means betting big so this game is certainly not for those who are not dedicated to being victorious. King Colossus himself has amassed wealth beyond imagination by taking risks and getting lucky. In this game, he is inviting gamers to play on his terms in his world of gold-rimmed reels and intricately designed symbols and features. The features, design and background music create a very immersive experience for gamers who are determined to have all the glory and the treasure that awaits them in this one. If you want to sit with the kings and win like the luckiest of Royals then this is the game to win!


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Rook’s Revenge is a 3D video slot from BetSoft. The theme of this hit game is inspired by an Aztec chief of Latin America character and his kingdom. Packed with missive graphics and rewarding gameplay features. Get ready to travel to the deepest parts of the jungle into this ancient civilization and experience just a taste of the legendary Aztec riches, if you’re fortunate enough you might even get to pocket some of the fortunes. This game features the typical video slot format of five reels and 25 paylines. With 31 possible winning combinations and a 12,500 coin jackpot, this slot is filled with exciting possibilities.

How to Play Rook’s Revenge Slot

You’ll need to know how to set and place your bets before you can set out on this legendary adventure and here’s how:

Design and Audio Effects

The design of this slot is stunning, to say the least, the graphics themselves stand out and do a great job at keeping players immersed. The game also has cartoonish features like the symbol designs which inject a fun element into the visuals.

The soundtrack of the game makes for a terrific background when playing as there is a soft musical undertone paired with rhythmic beats and sound effects that match the gameplay tempo and events. Overall, this game has been crafted so that players can enjoy fun immersive gameplay.


If you’re a high roller, this game allows bets up to 125 credits a spin. The special symbols of the game include a golden mask scatter which can score free spins if you’re lucky. The wild symbol is represented by a wild question mark. Unlike in most video slots, the wild has the ability to substitute the scatter as well as all other symbols in the game. The wild can appear on reels two, three, and four only.

Ten free spins can be awarded scatter symbols, this bonus round comes with multiplier values attached to the wins. Your first win will earn a three times multiplier, for instance, and the top prize of 15 times for your fourth successive win.

The top feature is the presence of the profitable win multipliers. Once you land a win, these symbols explode, making room for more symbols and possible winning combinations. You could win more than once on just one spin.


Rook’s Revenge is one of the most popular slots, especially on mobile, for plenty of reasons. From the adventurous theme, stunning graphics, bonus features, and potential wins, there is a lot of this game to get hooked on as it’s fun while still filled with winning potential. If you enjoy games like Gonzo’s Quest, this slot will be right up your alley.

If you are a fan of the age-old tales of Camelot, King Arthur and Morgana then this one is definitely meant for you. Mighty Arthur is a video slot provided by Quickspin software, consisting of 5 reels and 20 fixed pay lines. The game has a range of features that will have you excited to join this epic quest!

How to Play Mighty Arthur Slot

Before you take up your sword and join the adventure, you need to place your bet:

Design and Audio Effects

Mighty Arthur is not the only video slot based on the infamous fabled king and his adventures but it is one of the few games out there today that do justice to the namesake with superior graphics, regal and exciting background music and the list of characters we see on the reels. The reels themselves are transparent and set in front of a very dense and magical green forest. The colours used are rich and very vibrant which adds to the overall atmosphere of the game. The characters are designed intricately as well as the symbols.


This game makes use of a few choice features that enhance gameplay and really get players immersed in the experience. There are two different kinds of wilds that are up for grabs as well as a free spins bonus. The first wild is the Arthur expanding wild that appears only on reel three during a base game spin. This wild then expands to the reels adjacent to it. The Merlin wild is a bit more flexible as it can appear on any reel during main gameplay or even free spins bonus and can substitute for any symbol except the bonus symbol.


To conclude, Mighty Arthur is a visual delight with beautiful designs and superior quality graphics. The background music used in the game is theme-appropriate and ensures that gamers have a very involved gaming experience. The features that are built into the game assist gamers in winning multiple times in one sitting and the layout used in the game is simple, comprehensive and easy to understand. It is for the above-mentioned reason that experienced and new gamers are choosing to take risks, don their armour, pick up their swords and join the Mighty Arthur on his epic quests!


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The colourful, arcade-inspired video slot by BetSoft combines fun gameplay with killer graphics and customised betting options. Boomanji is an exploding online game that has been designed as a ten payline, five reel video slot. Opting out of the traditional 30 payline grid, this game plays more like a quick-paced arcade game that players can rack up wins on.

How to Play Boomanji Slot

Before you light the fuse on this exploding game, here is how you can line your reels up and play your optimal game:

Design and Audio Effects

BetSoft has designed this game to seemingly explode off the screen. Thanks to the crisp visuals and exploding gameplay, to say that this game is thrilling would be an understatement. To balance the on-reel action and bright visuals, the audio of the game is an ongoing melodic tune with the sound effects hinting at the action on the reels.

The design of this game comes off beautifully on mobile as the slot is reminiscent of popular colourful games like Candy Crush.


The notable features of this slot include the way that the game payouts work in both directions and the wild bonus symbols that have the ability to expand. When you land a wild and it forms a successful combination, the wild will expand vertically to fill an entire reel and award a free spin. Even after this re-spin, the wild will remain and you will get another extra spin awarded.

Boomanji pays for combinations made left to right and right to left. This leads to quicker and more successive payouts than your standard slot games.

There are no scatters, multipliers, or free spin bonus rounds in this game, however, the expanding wild bonus offers plenty of bonus win opportunities in this quick-paced game.


Slot enthusiasts will love the quicker wins that this game awards, as well as, the dazzling animated firework symbols and arcade design. Thanks to the 1,000 credit jackpot, this game awards small and frequent wins as well making large cumulative cash prizes a reality.

Gold Lab is a video slot provided by Quickspin software. It has 5 reels, 25 paylines and features that will have you wanting to experiment with your odds. The game is inspired by a scientist whose objective is to make gold in his lab. You are given an insider’s pass to use the features of the lab to make gold of your own!

How to Play Gold Lab Slot

Before you are ready to be a part of this epic experiment, you need to place your bet:

Design and Audio Effects

The design of this game is vibrant and clean. The gems and ingredients used as symbols on the reels are three dimensional and have been drawn in a way that is detailed and beautiful. The audio that accompanies gameplay is cheerful but not overbearing. The colours used in this game are bright and primary which leads to very eye-catching details. The reels are set in the background of a big machine where our scientist, and main character, is conducting his experiment that you are a part of. The symbols that are used are all the things that gamers would expect to find in a gold-making laboratory.


Apart from really nice graphics and audio to accompany gameplay, this video slot has a few surprises for gamers who choose to indulge in the science of luck. There is a golden bonus scatter symbol during main gameplay that could lead to 4 respins during which corresponding beaker symbols will transform into wilds for the remainder of the respin round. If you get a golden bonus scatter symbol during the respin you will be awarded another respin. As far as features go, this one is quite interesting because it has a two-part activation and endless wins for the lucky gamer who hits the correct symbols on reels 1,3 and 5.


Gold lab has great graphics and audio that accompany gameplay. The symbols that are used in this game are interesting and apt. The theme of this slot is so refreshing and unusual that it will certainly pique your interest and have even the scientific group wanting to explore the science of probability a little more closely. The features of this game are two-fold and create a very exciting and immersive gaming experience for one and all. The layout of the game is simple and easy to understand which is a definite bonus for this game making it so much more enjoyable to join this scientist on his epic experiments!


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Filled with fun storybook animations, Gypsy Rose features great 3D graphics and a fun theme. The colourful theme of the game makes this BetSoft game stand out among most others. With a fun gypsy character as the host, any wins and progress made in the game are emphasised by animations making this gaming experience that much fun. The bonus content in this game offers substantial wins and extended rounds. Not only can you win cash prizes, but there is also a whole lot of excitement lying in wait within the reels.

How to Play Gypsy Rose Slot

Before you are hosted by Gypsy Rose, here is how you can set up the game:

Design and Audio Effects

Gypsy Rose is set in an enchanted forest, you will join the gypsy while the reels spin and reveal your fortune. The spinning reels are decorated with brightly coloured symbols including an ancient book, love potion, crystal ball, crow and many playing card icons which have been stunningly designed.

The game soundtrack is more like lounge music than gypsy violins that one may expect. This keeps the theme ambiguous and casual. When successful combos are matched animated shorts pop up. These look amazing but they can also be skipped which adds to the experience. Rose herself will do a little dance and giggle for wins.


The wild symbols gain the biggest payouts, five of them on a line are worth 1,000 coins. If two wilds land on the reels, Rose throws three more cards onto the reels at random which become wild.

The other notable bonus features in this game includes the two rewarding bonus rounds the tarot card bonus and free spins. Two love potions with a crystal ball results in ten free spins. The tarot bonus round is a pick-em game with a scoring system. The best win here comes as a multiplier.


The innovative gameplay and quality graphics make this a really fun game to play. The bonuses and joy felt for even the smallest wins mean that you won’t be able to help but smile.

Spinions Beach Party is a video slot with 5 reels and 25 paylines provided by Quickspin software. Based on the infamous mini henchmen, the Minions, from a much-loved animated film with a Quickspin twist. The Spinions are cordially inviting players to join in on their summer fun with great features to make the most of!

How to Play Spinions Beach Party Slot

Before you slap on the sunscreen and hit the beach you need to set your bets:

Design and Audio Effects

The design of this game is very vibrant and creates the beachy summer atmosphere that gamers long for all year round! The reels are transparent and placed in front of a tropical beach complete with swaying palm trees and Spinions enjoying some fun in the sun. The graphics are very neatly done and will appeal to those who love animations. The symbols used in the game are appropriate and add to the beach party atmosphere of the game. The audio that accompanies gameplay is very upbeat and cheerful. The layout of the game is simple and easy to use and understand.


Spinions Beach Party has an array of wonderful features that could lead to hours of great and exciting gameplay. There are wilds, scatter, sticky wild respins and beach club free spins that will keep you engrossed and excited while you are playing. The spinion wild symbol will substitute for any symbol besides the bonus scatter symbol. If you get two or more it will activate sticky wilds respin. The Bonus scatter symbol can appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. If you are lucky enough to get three bonus scatter symbols then it will trigger 10 free spins.


Spinions Beach Party is a wonderfully vibrant video slot for gamers who enjoy an immersive experience whilst taking their chances. The graphics used in this game are top-notch and very theme-specific which is bound to appeal to the fans of the original animated movie. The features that are built into this game are exciting and easy to understand which means that it will attract expert and novice gamers alike. All in all, playing this game is a very well-rounded and exciting experience where the wilds, scatters and beach club free spins will have you dying to join this party with the Spinions!


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The Slotfather is a progressive video slot from BetSoft with five reels and 30 paylines. The gameplay is straightforward and allows you to get right to the chase and have some fun with the chance of scoring cash prizes as a bonus. This game will take you back to the golden age of mobster life with original characters inspired by the cult classic film The Godfather. With an original design and exciting times, it’s no wonder that this popular slot spawned a sequel for part two.

How to Play The Slotfather Slot

To play the game, you will need to know a little something about the controls. Here is how you can line up your game:

Design and Audio Effects

The reels of this game are decorated with colourful icons that all fit into the mafia theme. Set on an ornate wooden frame, this game comes with original features like the gaming controls that are set on mobster hats and a smooth soundtrack that weirdly works well at making the game more intense. It’s your job to please the family and score as much loot as you can.

Unlike most online slots, there are no wild symbols in this game, however, there are four different bonus features to look forward to. The Sneaky Instant Win is activated when the sneaky gangster icon appears beside the suitcase. This bonus awards you will instant bonus credits.

The second bonus feature is the Multiplier Free Spins. This is unlocked when the old gangster appears beside the Tommy gun. An animation appears and you need to choose one of the bullet holes to reveal a prize.

The last two features include three scatters awarding large payouts when three land on the reels and a bonus round unlocked by landing three or more Slotfather icons. This awards you according to your bonus winnings in this round.

The progressive jackpot can be activated if you can land five Slotfather symbols on any active payline.


The most attractive feature of this game is the shot at the progressive jackpot. Just a smidge of an opportunity to score this whopper is pretty thrilling. The Slotfather is a smash hit that fits anyone's budget or idea of fun. This slot from BetSoft makes players an offer you can’t refuse.

Royal Frog is a wonderful video slot provided by Quickspin software. The game boasts 5 reels and 40 pay lines, eye-catching graphics, simple game layout, pleasant background music and the potential to win like the frog who turned into a wealthy prince. This game calls those who have a love for happy endings, a taste for fantasy and like beating the odds!

How to Play Royal Frog Slot

Before you go forth and indulge in the magic of this game you need to set your wager

Design and Audio Effects

This game has a very delightful and beautiful design for those who remember bedtime stories fondly enough to bring them into their gaming preferences. The graphics used in this game are simply stunning with intricately drawn symbols, textured art techniques, pastel colours and a little bit of sparkle to keep the magic alive throughout your gaming experience. The reels are set on the background of a tranquil pond complete with detailed little flowers bordering the reels. The audio that accompanies gameplay is cheerfully regal and perfectly sets the mood for getting magically lucky on these reels!


Royal Frog has a host of great and exciting features that keep gamers on their toes and engrossed in this game for hours. You can activate the free spins functionality by getting three bonus symbols that triple your winnings. Wild spins subsequently appear on the reels once you have achieved your first free spin round. There are four wild symbols that players can see on the reels with winnings multiplying depending on how many you get on a single spin. The prince wild symbol is both a wild and a multiplier that substitutes for other symbols except other wilds symbols.


The benefits of choosing to play Royal Frog are endless. The game is well designed, boasts beautiful graphics, wonderful and magical audio that accompanies gameplay and the symbols used in the game are very theme-appropriate. The features that the game offers players are interesting, exciting and lead to many gamers coming back for more of what this slot has to offer! The gaming experience itself is very immersive and creates the impression that each and every player is a spin away from royalty and a life-changing moment. It will appeal to gamers who are sticklers for details and those who are in it to win it!


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Launched by BetSoft, At The Copa is a video slot that revolves around a Latino dance show theme. This innovative idea has led to a fun and lively game. Filled with dazzling colours making it a treat to look at and play, this is one slot that you can’t help but do a little dance when you score a win.

How to Play At The Copa Slot

Before you get down to this fun game, this is how the controls work. You can line up your game according to your budget and level of risk, remember that the more you bet, the higher your chances.

Design and Audio Effects

The soundtrack of the game is befitting of the Latina theme and it’s the first thing that jumps out at you when you load the game. The golden graphics are crisp and also remain true to the theme of the game. The paytable is comprehensive and just as well designed as the rest of the game. It lays out the values and possible combinations and it’s recommended that you take a gander before placing your bet. If you decide to try out this game, the Latin dance music sets the mood but you can also turn it down for a more relaxed gaming experience. The mobile version is just as high functioning and vibrant as the PC version.


There are three bonus rounds. An expanding wild bonus round that is triggered when the ocean wild lands on the third reel. The wild expands and makes the entire reel wild scoring great wins and increasing multipliers.

The second bonus is the free spins round. Here you can score ten free spins when two of the ladies' shoes land on the reels. During the round, you select a dancer that will act as a wild later on. The multiplier in this round will be random between two and ten times.

The final and most exciting bonus is the progressive round. There are three levels each with increasingly great prizes. One of the biggest wins you can get is a 430,000 jackpot.


The Copa is among the few online slots that offer players the chance to win not just one, but three progressive jackpots, as well as several other features you can enjoy. This slot offers a lighthearted and fun time with upbeat music and quality immersive graphics.

Illuminous is a 5-reel, 20 pay-line slot brought to you by Quickspin software. This game has a very classic slot appearance, but do not let that fool you! It boasts many features that guarantee hours of great gameplay. The game gives you bright and vivid colours to entice the senses and wonderful features that will have you wanting to illuminate your bank balance too!

How to Play Illuminous Slot

Before you get the reels rolling you will have to place your bet. Here is how:

Design and Audio Effects

The design of this game is somewhat futuristic. The background appears to be a metal tunnel with neon lights illuminating the reels that are placed in front of it. The symbols used in the game are a combination of numbers and beautifully bright gemstones. The graphics used in this game are not complex, which is not a bad thing as there is nothing not to love. The music that accompanies gameplay is almost relaxing and will certainly give players a retro experience. Taking all of the design and audio effects into account, the game is a truly retro and simple design that many players will find refreshing.


Illuminous seems to have a winning combination of simple design and intricate features that will find a way to appeal to different kinds of gamers. The game makes use of features such as respin, free spins, wilds and a bonus scatter. Two bonus wild symbols in a spin activate a respin where the activating reels have a hot reels effect with additional wilds which could trigger another respin. 3 or more bonus wild scatter symbols appearing in a single spin will trigger 5 free spins where additional wilds can trigger this feature again. Players could find themselves activating respins repeatedly during gameplay.


As far as video slots go, this one is a winner because it increases your odds of winning. The design and audio are not complex or intricate but that is part of the charm of this game. If you are looking for the kind of gaming experience that will take you back to the much-loved basics and give you a tranquil setting to place your bets, and win big, then this one is certainly up your alley. The game boasts great features, beautifully designed symbols, great and intense use of colour that leave you feeling just a little more cheerful than you were before.


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Under the Bed is a fun animated twist on stories about things that go bump in the night and the Boogieman. While playing this BetSoft video slot, you stand a chance to win 105,000 credits. This fun horror theme coupled with some out of the box bonus features and 3D graphics, this game is filled with fun gameplay and exciting wins.

How to Play Under the Bed Slot

Before you check under the bed for monsters, here is a quick guide on how you can set up the game:

Design and Audio Effects

Under the Bed is an exciting 3D slot game from BetSoft. As a fun twist, instead of finding monsters, you will find some rewards under your bed in this game. The theme of the game may not be complex but it is something that we can all relate to. The sound effects of the game are a little chilling as you can hear the two children on the right of the screen whimpering. It’s your job to save the kids and collect some bounty while you’re at it.


The bonus features in this slot include sticky wilds, a pick’em bonus round, free spins when a scatter lands on the middle reel, and a thrilling double up feature. These bonuses award extended gameplay, bigger prizes, free spins, and the chance to risk it all for double the value of your winnings. In the double up feature, you will guess the outcome of a dice roll (odd or even) for a shot at double your win. You can also opt-out by clicking “Collect” to keep the winnings you earned safe.


This game is an adventure in itself and the original features make it that much more enjoyable to play. The bonus features and potential wins will make checking under the bed for monsters well worth the risk.

Treasure Island is a 5-reel, 40 pay-line video slot brought to you by Quickspin software. Whatever you think about when you hear “treasure island” this game will not disappoint. This game’s design makes you feel as though you are a character in the classic and much loved, adventure novel that shaped our modern perception of buccaneers and buried treasures.

How to Play Treasure Island Slot

Before you embark on an epic, pirate-related and treasure-hunting journey you need to set your bet:

Design and Audio Effects

The reels are set on a picturesque tropical beach that can only be found on an abandoned island. The graphics used in this game are far from realistic but It is based on work of fiction after all. That being said, the graphics and depictions are in no way a let-down as they are beautifully and intricately done.

The music that accompanies gameplay gives players the impression that they are part of an epic adventure that will lead to treasures unknown. The colours used in the game are vibrant and create a nice contrast with the tranquil beach behind the reels.


As far as features go, this game offers a plethora for avid lovers of adventure and gaming. There are stacked wilds, regular wilds, scatter symbols and bonus games that could lead to instant wins. The image used for the wild symbol is a treasure chest that substitutes for any symbol except the scatter and wild symbols.

The scatter symbol is the compass and landing three or more of these will allow you to play the bonus game. Pirate attack feature creates more wilds on the reels and is activated by 2 or more Barrel Wild symbols. Island hop allows you to click to receive rewards to assist in gameplay.


Treasure Island is a game for the adventure-seeker in novice and experienced gamers alike. The gameplay is simple and the features are numerous which could lead to entertainment for hours and players winning big. The bonus games and Island Hop feature are treasures within themselves, for players who enjoy discovering new rewards each time they enjoy their favourite games.

The game’s graphics and sounds are very theme-orientated and those who enjoy the little details will not be left wanting. To conclude, the game is thoroughly enjoyable, extremely interesting and exciting, can be played easily and big wins are on the horizon with this one!


Treasure Island Slot Images - CasinoTop

Greedy Goblins is one of the more recent releases from BetSoft and it comes with a progressive jackpot. This five reel, 30 payline slot is pretty impressive, to say the least with fun characters and an immersive animated fantasy theme. Greedy Goblins is the sequel to the BetSoft his Once Upon a Time and the Greedy Goblins are at it again.

How to Play Greedy Goblins Slot

Before you enter the magical world that BetSoft has created, here is a quick guide to the controls. The game comes with a comprehensive paytable filled with icon values and successful combinations.

Design and Audio Effects

Set in a mysterious magical forest, the storyline of the game follows the original Once Upon a Time slot set in the same world. The story of Greedy Goblins unfolds and you will become immersed in the game filled with crisp animations and graphics. Both interactive and engaging, this online slot comes filled with quality features and stereo sound effects.


Out of the selection of bonus features in this game, the most popular and lucrative of the bunch has to be the Million Plus jackpot. If you can land five elves in one line you will score 62,500 credits. A maximum bet will earn you 1.2 million credits.

The gamble options allow you to try your luck and score double by guessing which side the coin will land. You have a 50-50 chance to win here.

Other features in this game include the Book of Secrets, the collapsing gold coin, sticky wilds, and free spins. These offer a range of rewards from multipliers to free spins and more.


Thanks to the immersive visuals and interactive gameplay, this game offers more than just a bucket of fun. The bonus content is also pretty substantial with more than five features to keep your eyes peeled for. Rewarding and fun to play, Greedy Goblins is a successful sequel and definitely worth a test spin.

Goldilocks and the wild bears is a video slot developed by Quickspin that was originally released in 2014. It saw a major revamp in 2017 with better graphics and more exciting features. The game is designed for fans of the classic fairytale and those with a keen sense of adventure.

How to Play Goldilocks and the Wild Bears Slot

In order to delve into the mystery and adventure of this game, there are a few steps to take:

Design and Audio Effects

The game is set in the background of a forest which is very theme-specific. The graphics used in the game hold true to the theme by depicting very cartoon-like but intricate designs of trees, bears, and even Goldilocks herself. The symbols used are so apt that they are sure to delight true enthusiasts of the Grimm fairytale with mysterious and engaging music to accompany the gameplay. The colours used in this game are homely and subtle giving it a very warm, inviting, and familiar feeling to those who still enjoy the classic German Fable. This game is sure to delight!


Goldilocks and The Wild Bears has a range of exciting and interesting features such as multiplier wilds, free spins, and Bears Turn Wild features that entice and excite gamers for hours on end. The multiplier wild symbol is represented by the porridge bowl that adds a multiplier to the total win of that round. Regular wilds substitute for any symbol except for scatter and wilds symbols. If you are lucky enough to attain a Goldilocks progress scatter symbol you activate the bears turn wild feature resulting in all bear symbols turning into wilds for the remainder of the free spins round.


Goldilocks and the Wild Bears is an immersive and very entertaining game. Gameplay is so simple that it will attract novices and experienced players alike. The game offers a host of simple and complex features that gamers will begin to understand, and love, the more they play this one. The graphics and audio that take you on the journey into the woods, are both apt and very well done. The game does not disappoint if you are looking to be a winner. The built-in features assist players in creating impressive odds leaning in their favour. This one is definitely worth a try!


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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a five reel video slot with 30 payline to play across. This BetSoft title might sound familiar because it is. Named after the novel by the same name by Robert Louis Stevenson, published over a century ago. Featuring high-quality graphics, a uniquely adapted theme, and more than a few impressive payouts, this slot is highly recommended for an exciting interactive bout of gameplay adventure.

How to Play Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Slot

Before you set out to experience this literary classic brought to life, you will need to know how to play and set up the game. Here is a quick how-to:

Design and Audio Effects

This video slot brings the novel’s characters to life with great animation and character designs. Thanks to the 3D visuals, you can enjoy all that the game has to offer up close and personal. This game is more realistic than most with in-depth design and great attention to detail. The soundtrack of the game is made up of a mysterious tune accompanied by interactive sound effects that add to the thrilling experience of playing the game.


This game comes with a few bonus features. One of the most unique is the Potion Meter. This turns the symbols wild and awards great prizes. Other features that are triggered when certain symbols land beside one another trigger multipliers and free spins. The Potion Bonus and the frenzy bonus offer great rewards when triggered.


This slot has managed to inject some fun into a timeless classic by bringing it and its characters to the digital age. It’s really no wonder that this slot has become one of BetSoft most favoured as it comes filled with rewarding bonus features, immersive gameplay, and loads of fun.

Big Bad Wolf is a video slot powered by Quickspin. It features five reels, three rows and 25 fixed paylines. It also has two bonus features: a pigs gone wild feature and a blowing down the house feature. The special features accompanied by great quality design makes this slot a pleasure to play.

How to play Big Bad Wolf Slot

Before heading off to face the big bad wolf, players need to set their bet. Since the slot features 25 fixed bet lines, players only need to adjust their total bet. This can be done by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the screen. There is also an autoplay function that allows up to 1000 automated spins.

Design and Audio Effects

Big Bad Wolf is nothing at all like the three little pigs fairytale. One of the first things you notice is the three little pigs. Unlike the helpless little pigs in the fairytale, these three pigs appear rather cocky.

The design differs from other slots in the ways the reels spin, if you could even call it spinning. Whenever players hit the spin button, the symbols on the reels fall away and new ones drop down. If a win occurred then only the symbols that formed part of the combination are replaced by new ones.


Big Bad Wolf features three bonus games. One is free spins that award players with between 10 and 20 free spins and a 3x multiplier.

The slot has 2 different wilds: one is the beehive and the other 3 pigs turn wild. When landing six wins the pigs turn wild.

The wolf is the scatter. Landing three or more gets you into the free spins round. The free spins can be retriggered.

Another bonus feature is the blowing down the house feature. Landing 3 moon symbols makes it possible to blow down the house and get rewarded with 2 additional symbols.


Big Bad Wolf differs from the popular Three Little Pigs fairytale in a number of ways. One of them is that in this slot the pigs are quite powerful. They turn wild after a set number of wins.

The slot’s design is what distinguishes it from most other slots. Instead of spinning reels, the symbols are set in squares that fall away before new ones drop from the top. However, if a win occurred then only the symbols that formed part of that winning combination are replaced by new ones. The new symbols could help form more winning combinations by completing already existing combinations.


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You don’t need to rob a bank if you need a lot of cash. However, with Beat the bank you can do both, beat the bank and get the money. Beat the bank is an online video slot by NextGen gaming with a bank robber theme. It features 25 paylines, 5 reels, and three rows.

How to Play Beat the Bank Slot

Setting your bet is easy. Just click on the settings icon and you can adjust the number of active paylines as well as your coin value. The slot has an autoplay option; however, you cannot select how many times you want the machine to spin automatically. It only stops once you deselect the autoplay option.

Design and Audio

Beat the Bank has a bank robbery theme. The symbols include a robber, a security guard/police officer, a bank vault, a case of diamonds, as well as a surveillance camera and bank building blueprints. The design of the symbols is not very realistic. In fact, it is quite cartoon-like. The reels are set against a background of burglar bars, with blue and red sirens in each corner. The design of the slot is not very impressive.

The only sounds you can hear is when the reels are spinning and they click into place. The tune changes slightly when a winning situation occurs.


Beat the Bank features both a wild and a scatter. The wild in the slot is represented by the robber and the scatter by the bank vault. Wilds appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 only. It can replace any symbol except for the scatter. Free spins are triggered by landing wilds on reels 2 to 5. You are awarded with 15 free spins as well as a 3x multiplier on all wins
The slot features one bonus game called the Beat the Bank feature, which is triggered when you land 3+ scatters anywhere on the reels. During this feature you can win up to 1024 times your bet.


Bank robbery-themed slots seem to be quite popular judging by the amount of different robbery slots on the internet. If you are a fan of these particular types of slots, you might want to give this one a try. There is no harm in adding to your collection of favourites.

The game’s bonus feature will make playing worth your while as you stand the chance of winning 1024 times your bet. You can thus beat the bank without actually beating the bank. Give it a try, you laugh all the way to the bank.


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Jungle-themed slots are all over the internet. However, Gorilla Go Wild is no ordinary jungle slot. This 5-reel, 3-row slot powered by NextGen Gaming has quite the selection of special features. They include Gorillionaire Win Spins, Gary the Gorilla Feature Kingdom, Gary goes bananas and Gary’s bonus time to name but a few.

How to Play Gorilla Go Wild Slot

Before you go bananas on this slot, you have to set your bet. Since this slot features 25 fixed paylines, all you have to do is choose your coin value. The slot also has an autoplay function that allows you to choose between 1 and 100 automated spins.

Design and Audio Effects

As previously mentioned, Gorilla Go Wild is a jungle-themed slot. The main character of this slot is Gary the gorilla. Other symbols include a temple, a golden gorilla coin, and some of Gary’s friends like a monkey, Keel-billed Toucan, and lemur.

The background is a typical jungle, but instead of wild animals taking over the gorilla is placed on the foreground. Everything about this slot is playful. Gary the gorilla is situated to the left of the reels, constantly moving and bobbing his head. Just above him is a bunch of 10 bananas from which he constantly snacks. Whenever the reels are spun a typical jungle drum soundtrack starts playing.


Gary’s Bonus time is a special feature awarded at random. After any paid spin Gary the gorilla could award you with a bonus prize ranging from 50-1000 times your bet or give you access to Gary the gorilla’s Feature Kingdom.After any paid spin Gary could eat a banana. When there are no more bananas Gary advances to a different area.

Gary can advance three times. Every time Gary advances the frequency of his bonus time increases.Other special features include Gorillionaire Win Spins, Gary’s feature Kingdom, Stay Wild, Mega-Rilla multiplier and more Wilds. The slot also has a wild and scatter.


We have become accustomed to jungle-themed slots where wild animals are the main attraction. However, this jungle inspired slot has a gentler and giving main character. He is called Gary the gorilla. Gary has tons of amazing prizes that he just can’t wait to give away.

In addition to a wild and scatter, Gorilla Go Wild has a total of seven bonus games. Despite the wild selection of special features, setting up the slot is quite easy. Just set your coin value and you are ready to start spinning. Ready, set, Gorilla Go!


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Foxin’ Wins is the original slot machine in the Foxin Wins series powered by NextGen Gaming. The sequel, Foxin Wins Again, has since been released. Foxin’ Wins is a five-reel, three-row video slot featuring 25 fixed paylines. It has a free spins round, as well as two types of random bonuses.

How to Play Foxin’ Wins Slot

Since Foxin Wins has 25 fixed paylines, only the coin value needs to be adjusted in order to set your bet. In addition, the game also has an autoplay option that allows for up to 100 automated spins. Simply move the slider to your preferred number and you can sit back and watch the machine do all the work.

Design and Audio Effects

Foxin Wins slot is set in a palace. The symbols on the reels are also reflective of a lavish lifestyle. They include Fox against a purple background in a gold picture frame, a pot of gold, mother fox in a red convertible, a mansion, a fountain, and a wad of cash. Everything about this slot screams money and taste. Reds and gold are the dominant colour scheme.

Whenever you hit the spin button an upbeat tune starts playing. This stops just before the reels come to a standstill. The design and audio of the slot work together to keep the player entertained.


Foxin Wins slot has both a wild and a scatter. The wild is represented by Fox himself and the scatter by a pot of gold. Ten free spins are awarded when you land three or more pots of gold. During free spins fox pups will frequent the reels. All wins during this feature are multiplied x2. This feature can be retriggered.

The slot also has a bonus feature that is randomly triggered after any spin except a free spin. There are two types of random bonuses awarded during this feature: the Leprechaun Shakedown and the Fox Funds Bonus.


If you are on the lookout for a cute animated video slot, Fox Wins is just the one. This fox family will get under your skin in no time. Keep your eyes open for the fox pups; they turn symbols wild and lead to bigger and better wins. If you select the superbet option you can add even more pups to the reels. Randomly awarded bonuses will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The luxurious design, upbeat tune and three special features will keep you entertained for hours. You will be having so much fun that you don’t want to stop playing.


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A While on the Nile is a video slot by NextGen Gaming with a more playful take on the Ancient Egyptian-themed slot. The design is cartoon-like and the colour scheme bright and colourful. The Slot features five reels, four rows, and 50 fixed paylines. Special features include a free spins round plus a bonus game.

How to Play A While on the Nile Slot

Before you can spend A While on the Nile, you will need to set your bet. Since the paylines are fixed, you can only choose your coin value. This slot also has a superbet option on the left of the screen where you choose to multiply your bet by 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10.

Design and Audio

As mentioned previously, A While on the Nile is an Egyptian-themed slot and the reels reflect that. Symbols include a pharaoh, green jewel, scarab, Egyptian woman, a golden eye of Horus, a clay tablet, and a crook. These are all symbols related to Egyptian life.

There is no audio unless the reels are spinning. As soon as you hit the spin button some native Egyptian music starts playing. As soon as a win occurs the music intensifies until it reaches a peak. The music ties in perfectly with the theme of the slot.


A While on the Nile slot has a wild and two scatters. The wild in this slot is represented by the pharaoh. The two scatters are the green jewel and the scarab. Five free spins are triggered when you land three green jewel scatters. During these free spins the symbols turn wild. This feature can be retriggered.

The scarab scatter triggers the Scarab Bonus Feature. This bonus game is triggered when you land three scarab scatters. You then choose from the scarabs that triggered the bonus feature until the “collect” button appears. This feature can also be triggered during free spins.


A While on the Nile is like no other Ancient Egyptian-themed slot out there. While most Egyptian-themed slots are serious, realistic and depicting actual history, A While on the Nile is playful and features cartoon-like graphics.

However, there are some serious prizes to be won. The slot features a wild and not one but two scatters, as well as a free spins round and a Scarab Bonus Game. Winnings can be boosted instantly by simply clicking on the superbet button. Superbet not only multiplies you wager, but ultimately your winnings. Thus slots might not suit everyone’s wallets but you have to bet big to win big.


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