South Africa’s Top Sports Betting Sites 

There’s no doubt about it. South Africa is home to a wide variety of cultures and so naturally, residents also love a variety of sports. Whether people are watching, playing or betting on sports, it is something that is enjoyed by many. Our team of experts at CasinoTop have taken a look into the most popular sports in the country and put together a list of what’s popular to bet on. Among the top sports, rugby, horse racing, cricket and football are the most popular overall.

Additionally, our team has searched far and wide to find out where South Africans like to place their bets. We have created a comprehensive list of online sports betting sites that will have any type of betting market, odds and bet types that any South African bettor is looking for. This guide will also cover the ways that South Africans like to bet and the basics for those who want to start sports betting. Take a load off and join us as we provide all the sports betting information you will ever need.

The Top Ten Betting Sites in South Africa

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Sports Betting Sites to Avoid

Over the past few years, many online sports betting sites have been created and have gained a great following. However, not all online sports betting sites measure up and earn good standing with their bettors. The online betting sites that do not meet our rating criteria are separated from our recommended betting sites and added to our blacklist, as seen below.


Incorrect and misleading marketing relating to safety measures
Confusing wagering requirements
Inferior quality of games displayed


Customer complaints remain unresolved
Unprofessional customer service received
Stalled winnings being paid out


Consumer complaints ignored
Misleading claims to proper international licensing
Improper online casino practices in use

Popular Sports for Online Betting in South Africa

When it comes to sports betting there are several types of sports that South Africans can bet on. Sports betting has been a part of gambling in the country for a very long time, especially when it comes to horse race betting. Any sports fan should find the sport they love and betting options to go with it. Here are the most noteworthy sports bettors are inclined to in South Africa:

Horse Racing

When all other bets on sports were illegal in South Africa, horse racing was the only sport for locals to bet on. Things have changed drastically since then but horse racing is probably the most exciting and popular sport to bet on. There are great race tracks such as the ones in Kenilworth, Scottsville and Turffontein and Durbanville racecourses. There is also a lot of attention given to international horse races as well.


Interest in basketball has been increasing in recent years and South Africa now has a national league as well. Fans of the sport enjoy betting on both local and international games such as the NBA and the NCAA college basketball tournaments.


The sports betting action around the UFC and other MMA sporting events along with the popularity of the sport itself has grown rapidly in the past few years. It is a sport that has seen more and more betting markets open up locally and internationally.


It has been a popular sport for a very long time and interest has not waned. The local and international betting markets for this sport is easily available at many online betting sites making it convenient for South Africans to enjoy.


An international sport that is very popular in South Africa as well. Many tennis tournaments are happening throughout the year so there are always a range of odds and betting market types available whenever bettors want to get in on the action.


Interest in Golf grew dramatically after athletes from South Africa began to get more exposure and had the opportunity to participate In international golf tournaments. Some of the best golf players are from South Africa and bettors in the country still support the sport by watching and betting on tournaments locally and in other parts of the world.


This sport has a long history and a huge following in South Africa. There are always great odds for the events that take place locally and internationally. International teams often make their way to South Africa to participate in major cricket tournaments. South Africa has also won the ICC Cricket World Cup as well. Online sports betting sites always have a range of odds for cricket given the popularity in South Africa, India, the UK and so many more countries.


The online sports betting options for football are always diverse and many major tournaments offer great odds on a range of online sportsbooks. There are major local soccer events that get a lot of attention and not to mention the international football leagues that South African soccer fans love.


The sports culture around Rugby in South Africa is something that is ingrained in the local community. There are also world-class rugby events that take place all around the world. That is a big plus for rugby fans and bettors as it comes with great odds on a range of events throughout the year. South Africa has also won the Rugby World Cup three times in the past

The Benefits of Online Betting

Over the past few years, the number of people with access to the internet in South Africa has gone up significantly. This means that the number of bettors placing their sports bets online has increased as well. There are so many online sports betting sites out there and there are many reasons why betting online is so popular. Here are some of the reasons why we think online sports betting is great:

Great Offers

Online sports betting sites are always looking for new users and to achieve this, these sites offer new players great welcome bonuses that come through as match deposit bonuses or even free bets.

Convenient and Accessible

Bettors can easily access a range of online betting sites from wherever they have secure internet access. Any bettor of legal age won’t have to get up and go to a local bookmaker.

In-Play Wagers

Online betting sites give bettors a chance to track events as they happen and take advantage of the in-play bets that come up as the event progresses.

A Range of Options

Compared to local bookmakers, online sports betting offers bettors a huge variety of events to bet on with markets from a large range of sports as well.


You can start betting from wherever you are located and whenever you want to. There are odds and markets available whenever you are.

Odds for Online Betting Explained

When heading to the sportsbooks it’s good to know what you are looking at before you place your bets. The odds as they’re displayed are expressed to show the probability of a specific outcome happening. The odds are usually presented in three main ways and these determine how much a bettor would win if their bet is a successful one. The best online sports betting sites offer all these types of odds and allow bettors to choose the odds they prefer.

Moneyline Odds

These odds are represented with a positive and negative sign in front of a number. The favourite to win the event will have a negative sign and the underdog will have a positive sign. You will likely win back your stake plus that same amount for an underdog win. If you bet on the favourite and win, then you win back your bet, betting more will give you a bigger win.

Decimal Odds

These types of odds are favoured by South Africans and are easy to understand. All bettors need to do is multiply the stake by the decimal figure presented by the bookmaker. If the decimal odds presented are 2.00 and the stake is R1, then the bettor wins a total of R3, the stake as well as the amount it was multiplied by.

Fractional Odds

This is a popular type of odds used in Ireland and the UK. It is usually used in sports that have more than one contender or team. If the odds are presented as 4/1, then the number on the right is the bettor's stake and the number on the left is the multiplier. In the example, if the bettor stakes R1 then it will be multiplied by 4, which means that the total win will be R4 plus the stake making it a total of R5.

Market and Bet Types

Any good and reputable online sportsbook will have a wide variety of ways to bet on their preferred and favourite sporting events. Along with the markets, different betting types can also be accessed. Here’s a breakdown to make things easier to understand.

Betting Types

Single Bet
Each-Way Bet
Accumulator Bets

Single Bet

Betting on a team or player to win, place the wager and wait for the result of the sporting event. You win a return for your wager on a single line item, the stake will be multiplied based on the type of odds presented by the bookmaker.

Each-Way Bet

If there is an event that has a large number of contenders or competitors then this type of bet might be best. Bettors choose if the competitor will win the event or if they will finish in one of the top positions. It could be the top ten or even the top three, depending on what the bookmaker makes available. In that way, you have a chance of seeing a return for either of the options. The one to win the event will give you a bigger return.

Accumulator Bets

This is a good way of taking your money and spreading your bet across different sporting events. Your betting slip will show each of your bets in succession. If your first bet wins, then the return you get will then increase for the next bet and the one that follows. You could end up with a huge win if all of your bets are successful. However, you won’t see a return if one of your bets is unsuccessful.

Market Types

In-Play Betting
Match Odds

In-Play Betting

These bets and odds are created during the event. While some bets need to be placed before the event starts, these will be added while the event is in play and involve smaller predictions. A bookmaker may want you to bet on whether the star player will score a goal in the first 10 minutes or not, or if the South African Rugby team will score a try in the first half of the game.

Match Odds

A simple market to understand, where you place a wager to see which player or team will win or lose. With this market, you can also place a bet if you think that the two sides will end the event in a draw.


The predicted overall total will be displayed by the online sports betting site. Bettors will then choose to bet if the final combined score will be over the amount displayed, under or if the total will be the exact amount.


The easiest market to engage in and understand. All a bettor needs to do is look at the odds presented for a team or player and bet if that competitor will win.

Calculating Your Winnings

The more bets you place the easier it becomes to calculate what you stand to win. In most cases, you will find that understanding how a single and double wager works, is the basis for any wager that you place. Here is a quick rundown on how to calculate it.

Single Wager

If the odds presented by the sportsbook is 4.0 and you place a wager to the total of R100. If you win your single bet, then you will win a total of R400. Initial Stake multiplied by the odds as a whole number.

Double Wager

Say for example you make an accumulator bet, the second bet will be dependent on the first bet you placed. If the odds of your first bet was 4.0 and the second bet has odds of 2.0 and your initial stake is R100. In your first bet, you win R400 based on the odds of 4.0 then that total is rolled over for your second bet. You now have a stake of R400 which is multiplied by the new odds of 2.0 which results in a total amount of R800 that you win at the end.

Sports Leagues to Bet on in South Africa

There is a lot of passion for sports in South Africa and that also shows in the number of official sports leagues there are. These leagues offer South African bettors an opportunity to support their local and international teams by betting on a wide variety of sports. Here are some of the most popular sports leagues that bettors favour in the country.

Basketball National League

Each season, online sports betting sites carry betting markets for South Africa’s very own Basketball league. There is amazing talent showcased and the local teams have a huge following.

National Basketball Association

This is probably the most well-known basketball league in the world. The popularity of betting on NBA tournaments and events offer a wide variety of odds and markets for bettors in South Africa to choose from.

Africa Cup of Nations (Football)

Every two years, the best teams on the African continent meet and play world-class football matches. South Africa has won the cup in 1996 and strives to do so again very soon. The sporting events that take place in this league leads to a huge amount of interest and betting opportunities for bettors around the world.

Golf Majors

Golf leagues have been popular in South Africa for a long time. Players such as Ernie Els and Gary Player have left an important mark on the country and major tournaments have been played in the country as well. Betting markets and odds are churned out when the four majors are being played.


The Ultimate Fighting Championship and the Extreme Fighting Championship have become very popular over the past few years. There are a wide variety of odds, betting types and betting markets for bettors to choose from whenever these events occur. The fights are heavily marketed and publicized which increases interest and some of the best odds out there. The winning potential is high, especially if a bettor knows a lot about the fighter's stats.

Tennis Grand Slams

The highlights of the sporting calendar wouldn’t be recognizable without the Tennis Grand Slams. Bettors head to the online sports betting sites to find odds and markets for the US Open, the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the French Open. That means that there are tennis odds available almost all year.

SuperSport Rugby Challenge

One of the most beloved sports competitions to take place in the country. As much as South Africans love watching this tournament, they love to bet on it as well. Teams from all over the country and both Namibia and Zimbabwe, take part in this competition.

Horse Racing leagues

Horse races that take place at different tracks in the country are carefully watched and bet on in South Africa. These events take place at Greyville, Scottsville, Kenilworth and Turffontein race tracks. This has been a popular sport to watch and bet on for over 200 years. The races are also a major betting opportunity for bettors around the world.

International Test Series – Cricket

Betting on cricket is probably one of the most popular sporting events in South Africa. Cricket players from South Africa are known across the world and test cricket is considered to be the form of the game to watch and bet on. Test matches usually go on for five days and South Africa competes against countries such as Pakistan, India, England, Australia, West Indies and more. The betting activity around test cricket is a force to be reckoned with.

Currie Cup – Rugby

This goes hand in hand with the SuperSport Rugby Challenge as one of the most popular sports in South Africa. Provincial teams go head to head to find out who the best rugby team in the country is. Betting opportunities sky-rocket in winter and spring when these matches take place.

South African Premier Division

South Africa hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2010, but didn’t need such a major boost to drum up any interest for the game of football or soccer. This tournament gets a lot of attention and the betting opportunities that come with it is a soccer bettor's dream, along with the excitement that the matches bring as well.

The Rugby Championship

The highest form of a rugby tournament that sees the South African Springboks go up against other national teams. The clashes between teams from countries like Argentina, Australia and New Zealand are among the most exciting matches to watch. The players that make up these teams are well-known throughout the world and the betting opportunities that come from these matches are usually unmatched.

English Premier League

The love of soccer doesn’t end at the borders of South Africa. Many football fans love premier league soccer. There is huge support and individual conflict when it comes to premier league teams and people’s allegiances to them. There are usually fantasy sports tournaments played and of course, sports betting odds that get fans excited throughout the tournament.

Sports to Bet on in South Africa

Horse Racing
Great bonuses offered by online sportsbooks
Esports and more

Online Sports Betting Tips

The fun of watching a sporting event should be extended to betting on that sport as well. Gambling, sports betting included, should be a hobby or something that you enjoy in your spare time. If you ever feel overwhelmed, here are a few tips to keep you level-headed when it comes to placing wagers.

Shop Around

Place bets with different online betting sites that suit your needs. No rule says that you have to place all your sports bets with one online betting site. This way, you can also take advantage of several offers or promotions the different sites might have.

Bet What You Are Willing to Lose

Set aside a specific amount of money that will be dedicated to gambling. Do not use the money that you need to place any bets. Try not to use gambling as a way out of a dire situation. Along with budgeting your money, do not try to chase your losses. If you lose, let it go and move on to something that seems more hopeful or take a break and come back another day.

Do Your Research

The more you know about a sports event, the team and the players, the more logical your bets will be. Find out as much as you can about the team and player stats as well as how these teams or players have performed in the past. The more you know the better.

Take A Break

Take a step back, especially if you find yourself placing a bet because you feel like you have no choice. When it stops being fun, take a break and reassess your stance on gambling. If you feel too overwhelmed then try to get hold of useful resources that can be found at the South African Responsible Gambling Foundation along with other helplines and support on offer in the country.

Sports to Bet on in the African Continent

There are tons of sporting events that take place around the world that South Africans love to bet on, but there is also a lot of betting action from sports and tournaments played on the African continent. South African bettors have access to a plethora of sporting events such as golf, rugby, cricket, football and so much more throughout Africa.


Betting on Mobile

Approximately 90% of people in South Africa now own a smartphone, which is important when you think about how betting has gone mobile. Bettors want to have access to the odds and betting markets wherever they go and whenever is convenient. Most online sports betting sites and local sportsbooks have developed dedicated apps to do just that. These apps function with ease on an array of mobile devices from smartphones to tablets. If a reputable bookmaker doesn’t have an app, it's likely that bettors can get direct access to the website by easily using the mobile internet browser on their mobile device.

Online Betting Facts for South Africa

Our team of experts have also gathered a few facts about sports betting in South Africa that may be of interest to you.


Out of every 10 people in the country, at least one South African is a regular bettor. Most bets are placed through games at land-based casinos in the country while sports betting makes up for the rest of the annual gambling turnover in the country.

World Cup

The odds for the next World Cup have already been posted for the South African team to win in 2023. However, the odds can change, but 7.0 is a pretty enticing offer.

$13 billion

A survey from 2020 showed that approximately $13 billion is spent by South Africans on gambling each year.

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Reviewing Online Betting Sites

Here at CasinoTop, we take great care when reviewing online betting sites. There are criteria that the sites need to meet if they want to be part of our recommended online betting sites. If not, then the sites are added to our blacklist. Here are some of the main criteria we use to rate an online betting site.


Bonuses and Promotions

We want to see online betting sites offering new customers exciting and lucrative welcome bonuses. Our team also wants to see the online betting site rewarding its loyal customers with additional or ongoing promotions to keep bettors coming back for more.

Betting on Mobile

If an online betting site has a dedicated app for bettors to use, that is a big plus. However, if the website functions seamlessly on a mobile device, then we know that bettors looking to bet on the go will not be disappointed.

Customer Support and Security

An online betting site needs to show that they are serious about security and ensuring that personal and financial data is kept safe at all times. We also ensure that the customer support team can be reached in various ways and resolve issues efficiently and professionally.

Payment Methods

A reputable online betting site will have a range of accessible payment options to fund an account. We check to see if funds can be deposited with ease and check to see how long it takes to make a withdrawal. Efficient timelines and easy to use payment options play a big role when deciding on which online betting site a bettor wants to use.

Sports, Bet Type and Markets

The most reputable online betting sites offer players a variety of sports and events. There should also be interesting markets as well as a range of betting types to suit the needs of different types of bettors.

Competitive Odds

The best online betting sites will have competitive odds. There are so many betting sites out there, that the sites we recommend need to stand out and offer odds that are on par with the industry average or better. An online betting site also gets extra considerations from us if there are additional features such as news, blogs, betting guides and more.

Final Results

The potential of a great overall gaming experience is ultimately what we are looking for. The factors mentioned above are what makes that possible. It is for that reason that the best online sports betting sites pass the criteria with flying colours before we can confidently recommend them to you.

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South African Taxes on Sports Betting

According to South African law, winnings from gambling will not be taxed. The South African Revenue Service (SARS) considers gambling an act of recreation and you will not be taxed on what you win when placing a bet on your favourite sport. However, if you win regularly and it turns out that gambling becomes your main source of income, then you might be hearing from SARS to discuss that development.

Top South African Online Betting Sites

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Live Streaming

Along with placing your bet online, you want to see how the sporting event turns out. South Africans love betting on and watching the games. Some of the best online betting sites offer live streaming services so that bettors can keep an eye on the events they have wagered on. In some cases, if you do not have a subscription to live stream sports events, then your bet on a particular site will give you access to a live stream of that event.

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Online Sports Betting in South Africa FAQs

Is sports betting legal in South Africa?

Yes. Sports betting has technically been legal for more than 200 years. In the past, bettors could only bet on horse races. However, times have changed and all forms of sports can now be bet on in South Africa. Residents and visitors to the country can visit a retail sportsbook or access one of the reputable online betting sites we recommend.

Do all online sports betting sites offer a bonus?

Yes. If the online betting site is reputable, then you are sure to be offered a bonus if you are a new customer. Registering a new account will grant you a welcome bonus. If you are a loyal customer or receive marketing emails, then you may get special rewards as time goes on and you continually make use of the service.

What is the difference between an online sports betting site and an online sportsbook?

There is no difference. An online sports betting site is an online sportsbook.

Can I bet on my favourite team using my smartphone?

Yes. Most online sports betting sites will have a dedicated app you can download for easy access to the odds on offer. If not, then you should have access to the full website from your mobile device.

Will I get taxed if I win a bet in South Africa?

No. You will not be charged any taxes on gambling winnings, even if it is from sports betting. Gambling is seen as a recreational activity and will not be taxed.

Which sports can I bet on in South Africa?

Nearly all sports taking place around the world can be bet on from South Africa. Find the right online betting site for you, or several of them, and you will find any sport and its odds from major and minor sports events both domestically and internationally.

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