The Best Baccarat Casinos in 2021

If you’re a big land-based baccarat fan or are looking into playing online, this guide is the perfect page for you. Here, we recommend several of the best online casino sites in Canada that provide premium baccarat titles, various payment methods and are holders of reputable licensing. In addition, we have also shared information on baccarat strategies and everything else you will need to know before you begin.

The Best Baccarat Casinos in 2021

If you’re a big land-based baccarat fan or are looking into playing online, this guide is the perfect page for you. Here, we recommend several of the best online casino sites in Canada that provide premium baccarat titles, various payment methods and are holders of reputable licensing. In addition, we have also shared information on baccarat strategies and everything else you will need to know before you begin.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Baccarat

As one of the most preferred online casino games in Canada, Baccarat boasts an easy and comprehensive method of playing. While things can become a bit complicated as you switch between variants, once you have a general understanding of how to play baccarat you can learn the nuances of different variants with ease. With that being said, take a loo


Step One

As previously mentioned, there are several variants of baccarat available today. The first step is to select which variant you would like to play from punto banco, mini baccarat, baccarat squeeze and speed baccarat. Our expert team has done research and provided you with a list of top-rated online casinos to join.


Step Two

Once you have selected your variant, you will need to decide whether you want to place your wager on the player’s or bank’s hand winning the round. Online variants will simply provide you with two buttons and you can select from there.


Step Three

At the beginning of the game, the dealer and the banker will first be dealt two cards. These cards will be dealt face up so that both players can see. Traditional land-based baccarat games could provide you with a third card but this will be determined by the total of the first two cards you received.


Step Four

In order to receive a third card, your hand will need to have a total in the range of 0-5. Anything higher than this will result in the third card becoming unnecessary and even unfavourable.


Step Five

If the first two cards you were dealt have a total of either 6 or 7, you will not be dealt another card. On the other hand, if the cards you were dealt equal to either 8 or 9, you have won the round.

Before we move on to other aspects of baccarat, keep in mind that it is not impossible to have a hand with zero value. Considering the values assigned to cards in baccarat, faces and tens have a value of zero and since the maximum total allowed in baccarat is 9, anything higher will reduce your total to zero. An example of this is if you receive a 5 and 6. The counting total is 11 but since it exceeds 9, the value of this hand is 1.

Baccarat: A Quick History

Many people don’t know this but baccarat is one of the oldest gambling games in the world. While other games, such as roulette, have become iconic, baccarat has remained consistently popular for thousands of years. To prove this, we have provided a few short historical baccarat facts for your perusal:

Baccarat has been around for so long that there is no clear account of when it was first created. However, historians have managed to piece together that it surfaced in the middle ages and was likely created by Felix Falguiere.

Since the game predates accurate records, it’s exact origins are shrouded in mystery with experts merely guessing. As such, many consider the game to have been developed in the 19th century where it first appeared in records relating to the lives, and pastimes, of French nobles. However, it is believed to have been played long before this account.

As the 19th century was drawing to its conclusion, trade and transportation underwent many advancements. This allowed Europeans to travel across the Atlantic Ocean and visit America for the first time. Naturally, there was a mix of cultures and the game was picked up by inhabitants of America.

While the game was often played in social circles, it only became a constant option at American casinos in the 50s. The rest is, as they say, history. These days, Canadian players can enjoy a wide variety of baccarat games at both land-based casinos and online with baccarat banque, punto banco and live dealer games amongst the most popular choices.

Want to play for free?

There’s nothing wrong with trying baccarat out for free. In fact, we highly recommend this as it allows you an opportunity to learn the ropes with none of the risk. As a popular pastime for many, online operators have made sure to include free games at their casinos such as the ones below:

Recommended Online Casinos

How We Rate the Best Baccarat Casinos

CasinoTop has provided information and advice to gamblers all over the world since 1998. This means that our team of experts has been in the business of reviewing and testing casinos for well over 20 years! In this time, we have developed an extensive and multi-step reviewing processes that allows us to provide you accurate information on the big and small aspects of an online casino site. If you were curious about what we look for in a top baccarat casino, check out some of our vital testing criteria:


Security and Fairness

Here at CasinoTop, we take the safety and security of our Canadian players very seriously and do our best to ensure that there are no underhanded tactics or shady activities taking place. Our expert team conducts thorough research on operators, and their respective backgrounds, as well as on the site itself. We look for state-of-the-art security measures, such as SSL encryptions, and authenticate licenses and certifications to ensure that you are always safe.


Promotions and Bonuses

As one of the most effective marketing tools at casino operators’ disposals’, promotions and bonuses are commonplace and always seem very attractive. However, we dig deep to find out what the value of these bonuses and promotions really are and only recommend casinos that have reasonable terms and conditions attached to their promotions and bonuses. Additionally, we want our Canadian players to get as much value for their money as they can so we check how often casinos offer lucrative deals.


Gaming Catalogue and Quality

Before we recommend an online casino site for baccarat to you, we ensure that you will be privy to many variants of this game, and a plethora of other gaming options too. However, while the quantity of gaming titles should be high, there should never be a deficit in the quality of what is one offer. With that said, we look into each game and ensure that you are being provided with only the best in online gaming.


Mobile Functionality

Gambling is considered to be one of the most dynamic industries in the world today. This is a result of online operators investing time and money in keeping ahead of the times. Before we endorse a casino, we ensure that the site has been altered to render seamlessly to mobile devices. If we are not impressed with what we see, we cannot recommend the site to you and will instead add it to our list of not recommended sites.


Customer Support

Regardless of whether your query, concern or question is big or small, we expect the customer service team at any online casino site to treat every contact with equal importance. This means that the customer service you receive should be delivered timeously and via multiple platforms. In addition to this, representatives from the casino should be helpful, professional and do their best to reduce your effort.


Banking Methods and Payouts

Last, but not least by any means, we have banking methods and payouts. Convenience is a running theme throughout the review process and this applies to banking and cashing our process as well. We expect online casino operators to ensure that they offer a wide variety of Canadian-friendly deposit and withdrawal methods. In addition to this, the casino site should not delay payouts or make the withdrawal process unnecessarily long or complex. If we find anything that we deem avoidance to payout, we are obligated to add this casino site to our blacklist.

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Discover the Best Bonus

When it comes to choosing an online casino site, there are many aspects for new players to consider. One of these factors is the welcome bonus and the terms and conditions attached to it. These days, welcome bonuses can offer you deposit bonuses, free spins and a range of other perks to welcome you to the online casino.

As an advantage that players will have only once with any respective casino site, we encourage our Canadian players to make the most of the offer since it allows you to stretch your bankroll significantly.


Look for online casino bonuses that offer a high amount of bonus credit with low wagering requirements so you can cash out faster.

Bonus Calculator

By working out the value of bonus, you can determine how much you can play with in both your deposit and bonus money.

Depending on the value of your enter as a deposit, you'll see that some casinos will offer you the best bonus based on your first deposit while other casinos may require more than one deposit to receive the offer.


Casinos award bonuses based on the total bankroll figure. You can unlock the same bonus at different casinos, but it depends on whether you are required to make one, two, three or more deposits to receive the best option for you.


The Rules of Baccarat

Now that we have covered how the game is played, where it originated from and what makes a good baccarat casino, let’s take a look at the simple rules that apply to this traditional game. Keep in mind that baccarat is a pure game of chance so the following rules are all you’ll need to know to have an epic gaming session:

The maximum value of your hand can never exceed nine in baccarat. This makes it a single digit game and if your total is ten or more, your hand will be reset to 0.
Unlike other games where the ace has a high value, baccarat has assigned aces the value of 1
Both ten and face cards are equal to zero in baccarat.
Baccarat is played with either a 8-deck or 6-deck card shoe.
The introduction of a third card to either the banker’s or player’s hand will affect the game and result in different stands. For more information on this, look below to see what the bank would do with certain hand values:

Total hand Value of Two or Less

The bank draws a third card

Total Hand Value of Three

The bank draws a Third card. The only exception to this is if the player was dealt a third card with the value of 8.

Total Hand Value of 4

Bank draws a third card. In the event that the player was dealt a third card with the value of 0,1,8 or 9, the bank will opt to stick to its original two cards

Total Hand Value of 5

The bank would take a third card unless the player is dealt a third card with the value of 7,6,5 or 4.

Total Hand Value of 6

The bank would draw a third card. In the event of the player being dealt a 6 or 8 as their third card, the bank will opt not to draw.

Total Hand Value of 7

The bank will not draw a third card and will stick with the two-card hand.

The Most Popular Strategies for Baccarat

If you’re new to playing baccarat and would like to learn how to reduce your losses then strategies can be a huge help. While baccarat is a game of chance, following any of the strategies below can be fun and potentially rewarding. Check them out:


This is one of the simplest strategies to use and us beginner-friendly. The one-sided strategy basically requires you to choose a side to bet on consistently so you can either choose the bank or the player. If your chosen side loses three games consecutively, you should hold off on betting and watch the game until your chosen side has won again.


This strategy is a little more complex and requires you to increase your wager with every hand. The logic behind this is that by increasing your wager, you can cover any potential losses. While this strategy is a popular one, we suggest that you use it with caution. The 1-2-3-4 strategy can devastate your bankroll if you’re on a losing streak and no method can guarantee a win.


Paroli is similar to the 1-2-3-4 in that you will be increasing your wager. The main difference between these two strategies is that the Paroli will only require you to increase your bet if you win. If you win four hands consecutively, you can start the pattern again. Of course, if you lose, don’t increase your wager and use another strategy that will allow you to stretch your remaining bankroll further.

Top Tips for Baccarat

Baccarat is a ton of fun and we know that our Canadian players won’t want it to end. As such, our CasinoTop experts have shared some of their top tips to prolonging your gaming session and stretching your bankroll. Take a look below:

Know the House Commission at Land-based Casinos

If you plan to visit a land-based casino to play baccarat, ensure that the venue you are choosing has a house commission under 5%. This is the standard house commission when playing online and will allow you to have a similar experience.

Don’t Wager on a Tie

Wagering on the tie offers you the worst odds and is why the payout is so high. The house edge on a tie wager is around 14,4%, which makes your chances of success with this wager extremely low compared. We suggest that you resist the temptation of the big payout and save your bankroll so you can enjoy far more games.

Make Use of a Strategy

One of the best ways to stretch your bankroll is to manage it effectively. In this case, we suggest that you make use of one of the strategies that we mentioned above. By using a strategy you can easily account for wins and losses.

Choose to Wager on the Banker

If the tie has the worst chances of you winning then the banker has the best, even if it’s slightly. Betting on the player will give you a 44,6% chance of winning while betting on the banker will give you a 45,8% chance of success.

Baccarat Jargon

Up Card

This term refers to any card that is dealt revealed or facing upwards


This is the tool that land-based casinos use to house the decks that are being used for baccarat. The design allows for cards to be drawn quickly and with ease.


Similar to the Wild West term Mexican standoff, this refers to a situation where the bank and player are on equal footing. This means that the hands are a tie. While we don’t recommend betting on this outcome since it is so rare, the payouts are quite impressive.


This term is used to describe an initial two-card baccarat hand with the value of 8 or 9. The side that was dealt this hand becomes the “natural” or automatic winner and the round is closed.


This term refers to the hand that is competing with the bank or the player. While the odds of winning this bet are not as low as a standoff, your chances are still lower than if you had wagered on the bank.

La Petite

La Petite is a term derived from French which means translates to something small. La Petite is one of the two outcomes of a natural hand and refers to a two-card hand that is initially dealt with the value of 8.

La Grande

This term refers to the bigger of the two outcomes of a natural hand. In other words, it is a two-card baccarat hand that totals 9.

Down Card

This refers to any cards which are dealt face down and is the opposite of an Up Card.

Face Card

In simple terms, face cards are any cards that have faces on them. This means that the Kings, Queens and Jacks of any suite are face cards and hold no value in baccarat.


This is the baccarat term for the dealer or the person responsible for calling the game.


The money that you have set aside and budgeted to spend on gambling activities. When we talk about managing the bankroll we are referring to making smart bets from this overall amount.


This term refers to the hand that the dealer always bets on, the opposite of the punto bet and is called the bank. This bet offers the best chances of winning in baccarat but requires players to pay a house commission of up to 5% of their wager.


This is an action taken by the dealer of the baccarat game, and many other card games, to disrupt the order of the cards in the shoe. While there are very few players who can successfully count cards, this preventative measure is taken to ensure that the game is fair.


The house commission refers to the percentage of a Banco wager that must be paid to the casino for being allowed to bet on the bank. The online percentage is set at 5% while land-based house commissions can range from 4-10%. The lower this percentage is, the better this will be for you.


The aim of baccarat is to receive, or build, a hand that is closest to the value of nine. If you have played blackjack, this objective will seem familiar to you. The maximum value that a hand can reach is 9 and anything that exceeds that will be reset to 0 or will drop it’s ten, unlike in blackjack. For example, If you have a hand with a total of 14, the ten will be dropped and your hand is valued at 4 instead.

Since baccarat is a game of chance, there are no necessary skills required. The only thing that you will need to play baccarat is an understanding of baccarat’s rules and how to place your bets.

Yes, while land-based casinos will burn the shoe to ensure that card counting is impossible, online casino sites make use of cutting-edge technology called Random Number Generators. RNGs shuffle the cards and ensure that results are always random resulting in fair games.

Yes, the vast majority of online casino operators have ensured that they offer free baccarat games to their players. If you are unsure of which casino site to choose for free baccarat, take a look at our list of recommended casinos and take your pick.

The baccarat with the best odds or chance of winning is the bank, or banco, bet. However, the bet with the best potential payout and worst odds is a tie bet. Keep in mind that you will be required to pay the house commission on every banco bet you place.