Play Free Online Blackjack in 2021

There are several versions of blackjack available at online casinos in Canada. At times, players may have read up about it, but don’t quite understand. There is a way to practice what you have learned. Here on our online guide, our team of experts have collected and made free blackjack games available to everyone. Not having to spend any money on a game that can seem a bit complicated at times is a great bonus.

You have come to the right place as we have created a great guide to free online blackjack. We give you the low down on the most popular variants, strategies and moves to make when playing free blackjack online and hopefully get you ready to graduate to playing for real money very soon.

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Free Blackjack Online: Rules and How To Play

Our team of experts have created great resources and in-depth guides to help you understand blackjack and its variants with ease. When you read up and even learn as you play, all blackjack versions follow the same rules. Each of the variants has slight differences and odds that make them stand out. Let’s learn about these basic rules.

The Rules and Steps To Follow

While there are different rules when it comes to the variants of blackjack, the aim of the game remains the same. You play against the dealer and work toward beating them by looking at your hand of cards. The score you are aiming for is 21, or as close to it as possible without going over it. An Ace in your hand could count as 11 or one, depending on how you would like to use it and cards with faces on them like the Joker, Queen and King count for 10 points of your score. The steps to start playing remain the same for free and real money blackjack.


Step One: Choose Your Game

There are plenty of options available, so take your time and choose the free blackjack variant you want to play. As previously mentioned, with us, there is no need to sign up or log in. Click or tap on the game of your choice and get going immediately.


Step Two: Choose and Place your Wager

Once your bet is placed, you can click or tap to deal the cards. You receive two cards and the dealer receives two as well, however, one of the dealer’s cards will be turned face down. Until the round is complete, the dealer’s score will be a mystery in a standard game of blackjack.


Step Three: Decide What To Do With Your Hand

So, now you have to check what you have and make sure it's close to 21 and no higher. You can change your hand and choose to take another card or you can hold on to the hand you have. These options are called hit or stand, respectively.


Step Four: See What The Dealer Has

The winner is determined by who has the better hand and if you or the dealer are the closest to 21.


Step 5: Play Another Round

The round ends with the reveal and you can then play another round with a new bet. Additionally, with the free online blackjack, you did not bet any real money so you could also try out a different variant if you like.

Why You Should Play Free Online Blackjack

There are many reasons why Canadian players enjoy playing blackjack for free. Most of all, it is a fun way to enjoy an activity that land-based casinos would never offer for free. There is no try before you buy options unless you are lucky enough to find a demo class that some casinos offer.

Blackjack is enjoyed in its various forms all over the world and many have gained their confidence with playing the free version first before placing bets for real money. Free online blackjack can also be enjoyed on your computer, smartphone or tablet. You are sure to make the most out of free online blackjack whichever way you want to enjoy it. Here are some more reasons why free online blackjack can benefit you.

The free blackjack games we have are rigorously tested by our team of experts to ensure it is of the best quality.
You can play instantly without providing any additional information.
Our free games are up to date to match the latest offerings in the online casino landscape.
Play as much as you want without any risk to your bank account.
Play for fun even if you are a bit distracted, you won’t be losing anything.
Learn how to use blackjack strategies practically.
Understand the odds and specific rules of blackjack variants.

Strategies for Free Online Blackjack

Many strategies have been tried and tested when it comes to a game like blackjack. While games like online slots and roulette, where the outcome depends more on luck rather than how you play the game, blackjack is a game that gives the player a chance to use their skill to bring the odds in their favour.

The strategies for blackjack apply to free games as well, so honing your skill while playing for free is a perfect way to prepare you for real money blackjack. If you are a beginner then it will help you gain confidence in the game and your strategy. If you are an avid blackjack player then you may want to test out a new strategy by playing for free.

Receiving a Good Hand

You will need to decide if you want to stand or hit, so knowing when to do so is important. When you have a good hand there would be no need to take another card or if you did take another card and it improves your hand, knowing what a good hand looks like is imperative. You don’t want to make the mistake of taking another card if you are already good to go. Here are some of the best hands to familiarize yourself with.

Hard 20

The aim is to get as close to 21 as possible. Nothing is closer than 20, except for an exact 21, when receiving two cards that each have a value of 10.


Traditional 21

That is the winning number that comes from one card with a value of 10 and an Ace. Remember that an Ace can be used as a 1 or an 11.


Soft 18

A score that is really close to 21 as well and can be used in different ways. It is an even better hand when it comes to some of the blackjack variants.

Making The Right Decision Using Strategy Charts

Besides hit and stand other moves can be made in blackjack as well. At times it is difficult to keep track of them and how they could benefit you while playing. While you won’t be able to use a guide or strategy chart at your local casino, when you are at home it’s a completely different story. Have a look at our strategy charts to help you make the right choice when dealing with the cards you have received.

Hard Totals

Hard Totals

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Soft Totals

Soft Totals

The Ace is flexible and can be used in many ways, keep track of how with this guide.

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Late Surender

Late Surrender

A poor hand may not always be one, knowing when to use surrender or a late surrender is key.

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Pair Splitting

Splitting Pairs

Learn more about when to keep your hand as it is, or split your pair when the time is right.

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Card Counting in Free Blackjack Online

This particular strategy is frowned upon at land-based casinos, but technically not illegal. However, if you are at home then it shouldn’t be an issue, or so you think. Counting cards is made possible by the dealer having a deck that remains consistent in the number of cards and card types in a given deck for the game. However, with online blackjack, real money or free, the game uses a Random Number Generator that in essence is constantly shuffling the deck. This makes it difficult to keep track of the cards that are already in play and what is left. When it comes to free online blackjack it's best to stay away from trying to beat the computer. Live dealer blackjack is possibly the only variant of the game where this strategy can be employed, given that it is the same as sitting at the blackjack table at your local casino.

The Best Blackjack Variants

We have spoken about the fact that there are different versions of blackjack out there and that all follow the basic rule of getting as close to 21 as possible and nothing above. These variants can be played for free as well. Here are some of the most common variants that you will find in our list of free online blackjack and most online casinos. Playing these variants for free can only give you more of an edge when you decide to play for real money prizes.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack
A popular option at online casinos that has a house edge of 0.62%. Where you could lose your entire bet if the dealer has 21 and you decided to double down on your bet after a split.

Blackjack Surrender

Blackjack Surrender

Players are able to give up or surrender their hand if it doesn’t look too promising. You’re probably asking yourself why you should give up your hand and lose your bet completely. There is a silver lining to using surrender, as you receive 50% of your bet placed back into your bankroll.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack

This variant favours the player more than any other variant available. Which also makes it the most popular option for blackjack players. When the dealer has a hand of 17-21 they have no choice but to stand. Players also have the option to surrender their hand for a 50% return in this variant.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch
The ability to switch cards between two hands is what this variant is known for. The dealer will give each player 2 hands of 2 cards each and better combinations can be made by switching cards between these two hands. If the dealer ends up with more than 21 then it ends in a push or a tie.

Perfect Blackjack

Perfect Blackjack

Here, you don’t only play the game but also place a bet on the outcome of the game. You can place side bets and see if you predict the right winner of the round. It goes into even more detail as players are able to bet on the perfect pair, the colour of the pair and even choose to bet on a mixed pair that will come from a winning hand.

Blackjack Jargon

Learning and remembering the terms used in blackjack is very important. It helps you choose the right option for the hand you have received. Let’s have a look at some of the most common words and phrases used in blackjack.


The aim of the game, called out when players or dealers have a hand that has a card with a value of 10 and an Ace.


If you are confident with the hand you have received, then you can choose to double your wager.

Even Money

An insurance bet that pays out 1 to 1. Used when a player has 21 but is not sure of the dealer as the card facing upward is an Ace.

Face Cards

Cards in the deck represented by the Kings, Queens or Jacks in the deck of cards.

First Base

The player that receives their cards before you. This position is the player to your left.

Hard Hand

choosing to take another card in the hopes of strengthening your hand.

Hole Card

The card in the dealer’s hand that remains face down until the player chooses what to do with their hand.


Deciding to stick to the cards that you received and not choosing to add to them.


Deciding to give up the hand you have received and see 50% of your bet returned to you.


Simply put, the card facing up in the dealer’s hand.

Real Money Vs. Free Blackjack Online

When it comes to a comparison between these two types of online blackjack games, neither are perfect. Each of these categories come with their advantages and disadvantages, let’s have a look at some of these.

Real Money Blackjack Online

Live dealer blackjack can be enjoyed when you play for real money
A chance to win real money prizes makes the game more thrilling
Bonuses tailored for Blackjack becomes available to use when depositing and playing the game
Personal information needed as well as registration for an online casino account is required
As much as you can win real money, you can also lose it

Free Blackjack Online

Play instantly wherever you are and have fun
Practice strategies without the risk of losing money
No account registration needed
Most, but not all variants are available
No real money wins no matter how well you play

Getting Started with Real Money Blackjack Online

There is no doubt that playing blackjack for free has its benefits and can be really fun. However, at some point, you will want to level up. After you have tried the different variants of blackjack for free and tested some of the strategies you have read about, it is on to the next step. Real money blackjack online could come with some great promotions and bonuses to maximize your gaming potential. You have had fun playing for free, adding the risk to the equation brings an even better thrill.

The online casinos recommended by our team of experts all have great real money blackjack variants. Most of which are featured in the free blackjack options as well. So, when you hop on to an online casino and choose the variant of blackjack you want to play then you will already be familiar with it. It is time for you to get out there on your own and put your skills to the test.


Not at all. When you find the free blackjack variant you want to play, tap or click on it and enjoy it instantly.

All of our recommended online casinos offer free blackjack games and this guide has a great list of options to choose from.

Yes, other players are only allowed to join when you are playing with a live dealer.

Yes, the free blackjack games have been optimized to run smoothly on a mobile device that runs on Android or iOS.

Yes, there is no need to risk your money if you don’t know how to play the game. So, play free online blackjack for as long as you want until you are ready to move on to placing bets with real money.