Perfect Pairs Blackjack Online: Tips, Strategies and Casinos

Often referred to as Perfect Blackjack, this is a brilliant addition to the online blackjack market. With loads of additional bets and strategies to try, this variation of the blackjack game is perfect for high rollers as well as newbies. Fast paced and loaded with excitement, it’s certainly become a fast favorite amongst all blackjack lovers. At CasinoTop, we have searched the world wide web to bring you the very best Perfect Pairs blackjack casinos, give you tips and strategies and explain how to play this entertaining game. Read more below to find out how.

The Best Online Casinos for Perfect Blackjack

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How to Play Perfect Blackjack

step would be to find a seat at the table, which won't be hard because at online casinos there’s always a place.


Place A Bet

Now’s when the game really begins. Before being dealt your cards, you'll need to place your bets. It’s advisable that you start small in the beginning, just while you're getting the hang of it. You'll be able to play multiple hands in this version of the game and you'll also be able to place a number of side bets, such as the pair bet.

Place A Bet

Decide On a Move

As soon as all bets have been placed, the dealer will hand out cards from left to right. Each player receives 2 cards including the dealer, unless you've decided to play more than one hand.

Blackjack Hit Cards
Blackjack Stand Card

Complete Your Turn

After the cards have been dealt, you'll then be able to see whether your side bet of pairs has managed to pay off. Going around the table, each player will have to decide whether they want to hit (take another), stick (remain with the cards dealt) or split their hand should they have a pair.

Complete Your Turn

Observe the Dealer’s Turn

Once each player has finished their turn, the dealer will then reveal their face-down card to the table. Remember that the dealer is obligated to hit on anything below 16 but also required to stick on any 17 hand.

The winner is revealed and the winner/winners receive their payout.

Dealer Reveals Card

Perfect Blackjack Rules

As you can imagine, perfect blackjack is very similar to any other blackjack variation with a few added nuances which are all basically side bets, namely pairs of various sorts.

The dealer must always stick on any 17 and draw on 16.
Dealers will offer insurance.
Players are not able to split hands that have already been split and are able to double down after the split.
Only 1 additional card is dealt to a player after splitting Aces.
The dealer is able to peek in if there is a chance of them having blackjack.
Side bets can be placed on pairs, which include a pair of the same number and any suit, a pair of the same color and number. The games namesake, a perfect pair, two identical cards will payout 25:1.

Playing Perfect Pairs Blackjack Free

There are loads of casinos that will allow players the opportunity to play games for free. Check out our list of online sites that offer perfect pairs blackjack. This is a fantastic way to learn the nuances of the game. It gives you better insight into how the game is played, how often you can expect to see pairs and of course, how likely you are to enjoy the game should you be playing for real money.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack vs Other Variants Online

Blackjack Variants Player Win (payout) Player Win (payout) Live Dealer Mobile RTP
European 1/1 3/2 Yes Yes 99.6%
Surrender 1/1 3/2 No Yes 99.65%
Switch 1/1 1/1 No Yes 99.87%
Atlantic City 1/1 3/2 Yes Yes 99.6%
Perfect 1/1 3/2 No Yes 99.58%

Mobile Compatibility

Blackjack Switch on MobileTaking your favorite casino games with you wherever you go was just a dream not so long ago. Thanks to the advancements in technology and not to mention the exceptional skills of the world’s top developers, now everyone with a smartphone, laptop or tablet will have the whole casino world at their fingertips.

Initially, players would have needed to download software that was provided by the casino in order to access the content they had to offer. Even though that may still be the case with quite a few, there are ample online casinos that will allow players the opportunity to play games instantly.

Casino games such as Perfect Pair blackjack are available across a variety of operating systems, including iOS, Android and Microsoft to name the most popular. Ensuring you have a solid internet connection is vital to game quality, as well as a glitch free experience.

Strategy and Tips for Perfect Blackjack


So, it goes without saying that the highest payouts come from betting on pairs of sorts. Thanks to the nature of the game the odds of actually getting a solid pair on the first deal are extremely low. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't give them a go every now and then.

Splitting Aces

Splitting Aces is always a good idea, but it doesn't hurt to keep them together every now and then. Remember that once you've split your aces, you'll only receive one more card on each ace.


Insurance bets are always offered by dealers, but if you speak to any player that frequently plays any variant of blackjack, they'll tell you not to take these insurance bets as the house always has the edge.


Always try free perfect blackjack before playing for real money. This will give you a good idea as to how often you can expect pairs on the first deal, as well as allow you time to test your betting strategy.

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