The Best Caribbean Stud Poker Casinos in Canada

When it comes to poker, the variety for you to choose from is wide and exciting. While many players have mastered the common variants, such as Texas Hold’em, there are other variants that boast their own merits. A great example of this is Caribbean Stud Poker. This variant can be quite lucrative as long as you know how to play your cards and that’s exactly what we intend to teach you on this page!

Our Top-Rated Caribbean Stud Poker Sites

Looking for a great online casino site to try this epic variant of poker? Look no further! Our team has you covered with their list of the best online casino sites to play Caribbean Stud Poker at:

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CA$ 1100 Bonus
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Win Rate 97.46%
CA$ 1,600 Bonus
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CA$1000 Bonus
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Win Rate 96.5%

Getting to Know Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud poker is hands down one of the most well-known variants of poker to play against the house. While the origins of this variant remain shrouded in mystery, David Sklansky claimed to have invented it in the 80s although this has not been verified. History aside, Caribbean Stud Poker attracts casual players and professionals alike who can all enjoy the traditional poker elements with a fraction of the effort and thinking involved.

The rules of this variant of poker are very simple, as you will see when we outline them later, and they’re relatively easy to get the hang of. With regards to strategy and skill, Caribbean Stud Poker is not very demanding, allowing you to play very close to optimal with just a few simple pointers. Despite the high house edge of over 5%, Caribbean Stud Poker can be a ton of fun and lucrative too if you know what you’re doing. These are some of the benefits of choosing this variant:

You can simply fold your hand if you don’t think you can win with it
There is no need to worry about being bluffed out a victory since you are only playing against the dealer
You can find online games with demands as low as C$1 for each hand, whereas land-based games are CS10 and above.

Tips for Craps

There is No Shame in Surrendering

There is No Shame in Surrendering

If you were not dealt the best of hands, don’t fret. We recommend that you surrender for the time being and watch how the competition does. This will allow you to develop a strategy and decide how you are going to win the next hand.

If you Can Play with Pairs

If you Can, Play with Pairs

If you’re new to Caribbean Stud Poker and aren’t sure what a good hand looks like exactly, try to always play your hands with a pair. The value of this hand is quite substantial and you will certainly need a hand with some clout before you raise.

No Ace, King Fold

No Ace, King? Fold.

If you do not have an Ace, King hand, fold. The reality of the situation is that the dealer will have a better hand than this nine times out of ten since this is the qualifying hand after all. We recommend folding and trying your luck in the next round.

Look for an Epic Jackpot

Look for an Epic Jackpot

If hitting the jackpot was easy, we’d have far more millionaires walking around. Despite the probability of you winning, you should always try to find a game with a massive progressive jackpot attached to it and wait until it reaches six figures. You never know, you could walk away a whole lot richer from simply choosing the right game.

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

Before you join a Caribbean Stud Poker game, it would be beneficial for you to learn the hands that have value in Poker. If you have ever played any poker variants of high variation, such as Omaha, Texas Hold’em, Five Card Draw or Stud, you are likely to quickly understand what is going on with Caribbean Stud Poker. Hands are ranked from high card, which is the lowest, to royal flush, which is the highest. Similar to other table games, Caribbean Stud is played against the house. Even if there are other players at the table, you are not competing against each other. Having one opponent, the house in this case, makes it easier for you to stay ahead. If the dealer does not have an Ace/King, he does not have a valid hand and you will automatically win, regardless of what you were dealt.

high card image
High Card
one pair image
One Pair
two pair image
Two Pair
three of a kind image
Three of a Kind
straight image
Flush image
full house image
Full House
four of kind image
Four of a Kind
straight flush image
Straight Flush
royal flush image
Royal Flush

However, if the dealer has a qualifying hand you will need to have a better one. If you consider your hand to be unfavourable or cannot imagine winning with it, you are allowed to fold. This game will require two simple bets from all players. The first one is the ante and the second is the call or raise bet. The first bet, or ante, is obligatory for all players to place, even if they end up folding later on. On the other hand, you will only need to place a call bet if you see your hand and are confident enough in your victory.

The first thing you need to do is place your Ante Bet, which is similar to a buy-in and then click the button that will allow the cards to be dealt. You will receive a total of five cards, dealt face up. The dealer will also be dealt cards but you will only be able to see one card. Before you place a call bet, you need to look at the value of your hand and try to gauge whether the dealer has a worse or better hand, based on the revealed cards. If your come seems favourable, you should call and if you don’t think your hand will result in a win, fold instead.

The Best Caribbean Stud Online

Caribbean Stud Poker is a favourite among our Canadian players. As such, the vast majority of those who enjoy this poker variant online will need to ensure that they are being offered the very best gaming experience. As a high stakes game, we recommend that you look for a variant that offers you generous payouts and meets all of your other requirements.
The payout percentage has been defined as the percentage that will be returned to players from a specific amount wagered. For example, if C$100 is wagered on a Caribbean Stud Poker gaming title with an RTP of 97%, this means that for every C$100 wagered on this game, the casino operator will return C$97 to players. The C$3 leftover will be taken by the casino as profit.

Keep in mind that you will not be receiving C$97 back for every C$100. This is just an average amount that has been calculated and factors in hundreds of other players. The RTP percentage indicates what a group of players will receive per every set amount. Also, keep in mind that while most casino operators aim to offer a competitive RTP, there are those that are not going to be very lucrative for you as this percentage varies.

Discover the Best Online Bonuses

If you are keen to try Caribbean Stud Poker and know what you should be looking for in a game, let’s take a look at what you should be looking for when it comes to your bonus. There are hundreds of great online casino sites in Canada that provide you with a plethora of games, great service and many banking options. However, the one aspect that is unique to each operator is the welcome bonus, as well as what it entails.

These bonuses are a great way to stretch your bankroll while you are learning the ropes of this game and can contribute significantly to your winnings. It is important to remember that bonuses and promotions will always come with specific terms and conditions, such as wagering requirements and playthrough stipulations. The bonus, and the terms and conditions, will dictate which games at the online casino will contribute more to your playthrough.

The ideal scenario would be to find an online casino bonus with a bonus that offers significant value and low wagering requirements or playthrough. Take a look at CasinoTop’s bonus finding tool below to get started:

Bonus Calculator

Calculate the best bonuses available online

As some casinos will give the best bonus right on your first deposit, and others might require several deposits to unlock the offer, the casino with the best offer here will change depending on the amount you enter.


As some casinos will give the best bonus right on your first deposit, and others might require several deposits to unlock the offer, the casino with the best offer here will change depending on the amount you enter.

Claim Bonus
Claim Bonus
Claim Bonus

The Best Sites for Caribbean Stud Poker

As a poker fan, it’s easy to get over excited and look forward to trying our Caribbean Stud Poker online for the first time. As a result of its popularity and fame, online casino operators have made sure to include this gaming title in their catalogues. This means that there are hundreds of online casino sites in Canada today that offer this epic game. Unfortunately, the gaming experience can vary greatly from one casino to the next, with some casinos excelling more than others.

The reality of online gambling is that the activity was initially stated to bring online slots to the gambling masses of the world with ease and convenience. Some casino operators have chosen to keep their focus on slots and provide great slot gaming titles. However, table and card games could be left lacking. If your first stop at any casino, or casino site, is the table games then make sure that you will be offered the best.

Here at CasinoTop, our reviewing team is passionate about quality, security and Caribbean Stud Poker. To help you get the service you deserve, we have reviewed hundreds of online casino offerings and have rated them according to the results received from our extensive review process. Only the casino sites that have received exceptional results have made it onto our list or recommended sites while the sites that performed poorly get added to our blacklist.

Strategy for Caribbean Stud Poker

Below you will find some more information on how to go about choosing an online casino to play Craps at. These criteria come from our team of industry experts and have been some of the key aspects used when recommending online casinos as well.

When to Fold and When to Hold

You might think that your odds of winning Caribbean Stud Poker are extremely low when you consider that you will be playing against the banker and can only choose one of two bets. However, this is not the case if you have a strategy in mind that can decrease your chances of losing and increase your chances of winning significantly. The first thing you will learn about Caribbean Stud Poker is that there are times to fold, regardless. This is especially true when you are not dealt A,K, which is considered to be the qualifying hand.

Choosing Multiple Wager Types

With a strategy behind your Ace, King hand you can reduce the house edge by a maximum of 2,3%. In order to cash in on this lucrative experience, there are certain circumstances that should be met. For example, the dealer’s exposed card reveals either an Ace or a King and your hand contains an Ace, King and Queen or Ace, King and Jack we recommend that you call. This is because statistically speaking, even if the dealer has an Ace and a King, your card combination will still emerge victorious. Another scenario could take place where your hand contains an Ace and King and the dealer will reveal any card between 2 and Queen, we suggest you call. Naturally, if the dealer has a card ranging from 2-5 and you have either Ace,King, Queen or Ace, King, Jack you should certainly call.

Caribbean Stud Odds

While the rules and strategies of Caribbean Stud Poker can be considered simple, payouts don’t share the same nature. This is because different online casino sites will offer players different payouts, depending on Return To Player Percentages. Keep in mind that ante, or beginning bets, are always paid out 1:1 and call bets will be unpaid if the dealer’s hand does not contain an Ace or a King. With that being said, take a look at the general payouts for Caribbean Stud Poker hands below:

Your Hand Payout
Royal Flush 100:1
Full House 7:1
Four-of-a-Kind 20:1
Straight Flush 50:1
2 Pair 2:1
Three-of-a-kind 3:1
High Card 1:1
Pair 1:1

A Brief History of Caribbean Stud

Compared to other casino games, such as roulette, baccarat and craps, Caribbean Stud Poker is still in its infancy since it was only introduced to the gambling masses recently. Despite this, Caribbean stud poker has managed to keep up with the traditional games at land-based and online casino sites easily and has a few achievements under its belt:

It’s no secret that land-based casino operators see tons of action with their slot and specialty game offerings. Caribbean Stud Poker was introduced to combat this. Many poker players preferred social games over the casino or were accustomed to poker rooms, which meant that even the poker enthusiasts were not joining casino games. This was until Caribbean Stud Poker was introduced.

Officially, James Suttle has taken credit for inventing the game but this is still up for debate. According to many sources, Suttle did not create the game but rather learned the rules from another poker player in the 80s. Others have shared that they enjoyed Caribbean Stud Poker on an Aruban cruise ship long before Suttle is said to have invented it. Suttle did, however, coin the game when he sold the concept to a casino Aruba, owned by Danny Jones.
A Nevada-based distribution company, called Mikohn Gaming, offered Danny Jones a handsome sum for distribution rights for Caribbean Stud Poker.

These days, you no longer have to visit land-based casinos and venues to enjoy this high stake game. Caribbean Stud Poker is now available at hundreds of online casino sites in Canada.


Traditional poker variants, such as Texas hold’em and Omaha, involve playing against other players at the table to build the strongest hand. However, in Caribbean Stud Poker, players are up against the dealer even if there are other players at the table.

The ante bet can be considered an admission fee for your Caribbean Stud Poker experience. This ante bet or admission fee is required before cards will be dealt and is often decided by the casino operator or dealer at land-based and online casino sites.

It is recommended that you fold if the hand you are dealt does not have a Ace or King in it. Additionally, if you look at your hand and compare it to the dealer’s exposed card, you are at liberty to fold if you think you don’t stand the best chance of success.

Yes, similar to all of the other online casino games that require dealing and results, Caribbean Stud Poker gaming developers have made sure to build Random Number Generators into the game. These RNGs ensure that the results achieved through dealing are always random and cannot be predicted.

There are several online casino sites that provide exceptional service and experience for Caribbean Stud Poker gaming titles. Take a look at our top-rated online casino sites in Canada above to take your pick and get the fun going!

Caribbean Stud Poker Terminology


The ante can be considered an admission bet since all players are required to place this wager before the game begins. If you do not place this bet you will not receive a hand.

Ante Box

The ante box is not a physical container but is instead a space marked on the Caribbean Stud Poker table layout where players place their wagers.


Call or raising refers to the bet that a player makes when he/she is confident that their hand will be better than the dealers.

Calling the Deal

This term comes from traditional poker’s concept of “calling the bluff” but in Caribbean stud it means calling or raising your bet since the dealer will not be bluffing.


This is the qualifying hand for Caribbean Stud Poker. If you are dealt a hand with either of these cards, or the combination you can consider calling. If not, you should fold.


This refers to the casino employee that you are up against and operated the Caribbean Stud Poker game. This term is also used for many other casino games.

Drop Slot

Caribbean Stud Poker has a progressive jackpot attached to it and the drop slot refers to the space allocated to feeding the beast on the table. All side bets count towards the progressive jackpot.

Garbage Hand

As its name implies, a garbage hand is one that should be folded or discarded as it does not contain Ace-King. The only time that this hand could potentially result in a win is if the dealer is also dealt a non-qualifying hand.


A flush hand is the minimum hand required to receive a payout from the progressive jackpot amount and is made up of five cards from the same suit.

House Edge

The house edge refers to the advantage that casino operators have over players, represented as a percentage. The house edge percentage for Caribbean Stud poker is around 5%, or slightly more, and is considered to be within normal range.


A casino gambling term used to refer to the casino venue and it’s related operator.

Pay Table

The Pay table provides players with necessary information relating to their payouts. The value of each hand will be displayed here and you will be able to check how much you should be walking away with.


This is the activity of discarding your hand or forfeiting your hand after you have looked at it. The action of folding allows players to consider their options and even cut losses to save their bankrolls for another game.

Progressive Jackpot

A progressive jackpot refers to a large prize pot that is treated as a separate payout from the main game completely., To be eligible for Caribbean Stud Poker’s progressive jackpot prize you have to place your bet in the drop slot once placing a side wager. Progressive jackpots are only paid out to players who hold higher-ranking hands. So, in this case, a flush or better.


Push is the casino term for a tie. In this instance, neither the dealer or the player have an advantage over each other and the player's original call bet will be returned to them.


Raises are the bets that players make after they have viewed their hand and are also referred to as call bets. The bet placed for a call must be 2x the original , or ante, bet.

Royal Flush

Similar to other poker games, the royal flush hand is the most valuable. It is made up of an Ace, King, Jack, Queen and ten from the same suit. If you receive this hand and have placed a side bet, you would be eligible to receive the entire progressive jackpot amount.

Straight Flush

A straight flush hand is only second best to a royal flush and is made up of five consecutive cards, all from the same suit. If you manage to get all the face cards and a ten, this straight flush would actually be a royal flush and could result in you walking away much richer.

Side Bet

The site bet is the wager that players place to stand a chance to win the progressive jackpot prize and contribute to it. This wager is usually worth C$1 but can be increased if you would like.