MasterCard Casino Deposit Method

By far one of the most well known and well-used methods within the gambling community in Canada is the MasterCard. This is a credit card provider, and there are currently over 300 casinos online that accept deposits made with these cards... Show More

MasterCard in short

MasterCard is a very useful card that works with millions of merchants and online stores around the world. There are a lot of different cards out there, so even if you know that you want to obtain one, it can be good to first look into the different versions and find the one that suits your needs. After you have done that, simply contact a bank or other financial institution offering MasterCard to get started. The application process includes some manual steps, where you need to verify your identity as well as go through a credit check if opting for the credit card version of the card, which means you might need to wait a few days or even weeks before you receive the physical card. The application process differs between banks, however, it means that there might be faster processes that are done online which are also available to you.

Important information for US players

We have noticed that the use of MasterCard to fund online casino accounts is difficult for US players due to the current jurisdiction in the country. Therefore we would recommend US players use alternative means of payment for their depositing and withdrawal needs in regards to gambling.

Why you should use MasterCard

Using a MasterCard to fund your casino balance is very easy and does not require many steps. Just go to the cashier of the casino and enter your card details, your deposit amount and finally click submit. The funds should be instantly available to you after that. There is also a very high level of trust connected to MasterCard, meaning that even if the casinos themselves take the most precautions to protect your details, MasterCard themselves will not hesitate to assist you with any queries or issues you might have.

Why this card might not be for you

The card itself might be convenient once you have received it, but the road to actually obtaining one can be a rather tedious one. You have to find a bank that issues these cards, find the right card type for you, fill out a bit of paperwork, provide verification documentation, and then wait for quite some time for the card to arrive at your door. There is also the usual card issue with MasterCard where you will be unable to use the card for withdrawals from your casino account. There are a few exceptions to this depending on the jurisdiction you are playing from, but for the majority of players, an alternative withdrawal method will need to be used should you want to take your winnings out of the casino.